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Are you in a startup? If so, you need to use project management software to track your progress and manage communication. This is the best free project management tool to consider when starting a business.

Startups face unique challenges that require unique solutions. This is where project management comes in handy. A good project management software can help you organize your work, schedule meetings, track progress, and more.

Using a popular free project management tool like Github is a great way to get started. Github is known for its open-source development environment and Git repository hosting. You can use it to easily store your projects and share files with colleagues.

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You’ve been working on your project for weeks and have finally reached the point where you’re ready to submit it. However, there are still some things missing.

GitHub is a provider of internet hosting for software development and version control using Git. It offers the distributed version control and source code management functionality of Git, plus its features. It provides access control and several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, continuous integration, and wikis for every project.

Many programmers will encounter such a problem during the development process. Different GitHub links will be sent to you through chat tools. This link may be an issue or a pr, and of course, it may be a code snippet.

After the messages are piled up, you may also forget what each link does, and you can only click on them one by one. This is inconvenient and certainly not efficient. Is there any way to avoid this embarrassment?

Of course, there is a way to avoid this. Tracup‘s task box will tell you what’s behind the GitHub link.

To make the GitHub link visible to Tracup, you can display the main content of the GitHub link through the slash function in the task edit box of Tracup. How exactly does it work? Let’s see it together!

All the following operations are done based on Tracup’s slash function.

1. Show your partner information about a GitHub project

You can paste the link of the project directly into the input box, and it can be parsed very quickly. In the task box, you can see the project name, logo, project introduction, number of stars, and development language.

2. Display GitHub issue information

Of course, you can also paste the link of the issue into the GitHub input box, and the title and issue label will come into view. You can directly jump to the corresponding issue by clicking the issue label.

Alt text

3. Display pull request (pr) information

After the pr link is pasted into Tracup, you can visually see the title and number of the pull request, and you can jump directly by clicking the number.

4 . Display code information

Display code information
You want to share a piece of code with your friend, do you still show him a link?
Try Tracup now, you can directly display the GitHub code in the task details of Tracup, and even highlight some codes, which is convenient for you and your friends to communicate more intuitively.

Alt text

5. Gist code display

Developers often use Gist to document their code snippets, but Gist is not just for geeks and coders, everyone can use it. If you’ve heard of web apps like Pastebin or Pastie, you’ll see that they are similar to Gist, but Gist is more elegant than them. Starting today, you can paste the link of the gist in Tracup, and Tracup will list the code file name and file type so that you can click to jump to the code details page.

Tracup is a collaborative workspace of agile tools, issue-tracking software, work planning solution, and task management focused on knowledge workers and digital developers, to integrate the most popular productivity tools like Github, Figma, Zoom, Slack, etc.

Tracup brims with agile project management tools that boost team efficiency, including task management, file sharing, project reporting, and workflow tracking. Lag time brought on by slow communication is eliminated by having access to task discussions, status, progress, and reasoning in one place. Additionally, it offers automatic workflow alternatives to satisfy a user’s preferred working methods. Several Kanban board views, including list, card, sheet, Gantt chart, and calendar view, are used to organize data.

Assisting businesses in real-time project planning, administration, tracking, and automation, Tracup is an online workflow execution platform that has incorporated the most well-liked productivity applications, including Github, Figma, Zoom, Slack, etc. The platform’s various recognizable templates make it easy to use, especially for beginners. The amount of time it takes to train staff on a new software system is decreased when a product may be used straight away.

  • Unlimited users can use the free lifetime plan forever.
  • For teams of any size, a fixed low-cost BUSINESS plan is available for USD899 per year per team (less than $75 per month and no longer increasing with users).
  • Features specially designed for developers (e.g, bug tracking, development status)
  • Establish and maintain product roadmaps
  • Responsive Reporting
  • Wide range of features
  • Customizable
  • Teams’ comprehensive tools
  • Flexible design intuitive learning

Free IT templates can be productivity hubs

Templates reduce time by providing standardized project templates and quickly developing projects for customers based on the mainstream procedure in many industries’ specialized scenarios. Using Tracup as an example, when you visit the project template center, users can examine pre-made templates in various categories or configure ready-to-use templates suitable for users.

Users can access the project template center from their workspace as well as the settings menu located behind their avatar. There are pre-made templates accessible for common tasks such as sales management, OKR administration, and CRM project management. Custom fields increase the number of columns that can be displayed in list views, boards, files, and wikis.

The following are some very typical IT templates:

  • Project Management Template
    The template helps the R&D department of the Internet team to achieve agile development collaboration management.

  • Bug Tracking Template
    Use this bug-tracking template to keep track of, prioritize, and fix issues.

  • Feature Building Template
    This is a template that you can classify all features into different categories and assign them to different members.

  • Software & System Deployment Template
    This template would help you to manage all software & system-related works. Use it to create a comfortable working zone for every team member.

  • Software Implementation Template
    This template would help you manage all possible requests in 6 categories and 4 different types.

  • Web Production Template
    Use this template to streamline your online design process and keep your designers and developers on the same page, even if they are using different technologies.

  • Product Version Release Template
    This template was made to help the R&D department organize the release and management of products clearly and efficiently.

GitHub has made it easy to collaborate on projects by adding issues, pull requests, labels, milestones and merge requests. Hit Tracup to get it right away.

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