Manage everything for you on one platform with a flexible and all-round way

Under the construction of full-scale function and flexible customize, Tracup helps users improve their efficiency by collaborating on everything with your team in a full-scale way.

Build your task management that can be customized for every need

Build your tasks in multiple ways

For a higher efficiency, Tracup supports create tasks with multiple channels including convenient and fast ways to create their tasks based on their needs.

Create tasks at the bottom right corner
Create tasks at any tasks view
Create tasks by dragging and dropping documents/files to task view
Create tasks by sending email
Create tasks by importing files/documents
Create tasks by Tracup API

Task Drafts

Save task as “draft” and continue to edit later.

Set Task Information

Set task information,figure out the current status, as well as staying on track with other team members and collaborate on everything with your team.

Better Task Description

In the task description, type “/” to select various editing options to help you make a description with a more vivid picture of the task information, thus team members can better understand of task content.

Text format: such as bold, italic and underlined
List: add ordered list, unordered list and checklist
Media content: insert picture, web page bookmark
External content: add specific link from external service, such as Youtube

Customizable Tasks

Add custom field, custom task status, custom task type and customize your task for any scenario

Custom Field of Task

Multiple custom filed such as text, number and date

Status of Custom Field

Customize add task status and formulate your workflow

Task Type of Custom Field

Custom task type to make a distinction


Each complex task is further broken down into sub-task, which can streamline and figure out the task components

Task collaboration and management with professional and comprehensive attitude

Customize task view for any need

Tracup supports rank tasks in multiple task views and display different task information through different task view, which can be applied into different task scenario

List View

Display tasks as list view, so as to adjust list information and order

Board View

Display distribution of tasks for a better drag-and-drop of task group

Gantt Chart

Emphasize timeline and dependencies of tasks

Table View

In order to adjust task information, you can adjust information and width on display

Calendar View

Display the task list in the form of a calendar, reflecting the time planning information of the task

Task Screening

Customize the addition of multiple filters in any task view, thus allowing you to filter out tasks that meet the add conditions. For direct filtering at next time, Tracup supports saving commonly used filter sets and synchronizing saved filter sets to other team members

Comment and Reply

In order to achieve constant communication between work tasks real-time, notes, comments including suggestion and ideas may be added to any task; or responses to demands, suggestions and problem, etc.

Task Attachment

For a sufficient explanation of task demands, Drag-and-drop and locally upload files, multi-format attachments such as the image addition are supported to documents, as well as supporting single-click download and online preview.

Initiate project based on standardized template

Tracup provide standard template for any needs, thus helping users initiate project rapidly to achieve a better goal

Custom Task Status
Custom Task Type
Task Custom Fields
Component Configuration of Project

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Schedule

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has officially kicked off. How much time does it take to get ready for such a big event?

There will be 32 teams participating in the 2022 FIFA World cup.

It takes months to prepare for a major sporting event. From training sessions to travel arrangements, it requires a lot of effort and resources. In addition, the logistics involved in hosting such a large event can be overwhelming.

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NYC Cleaning Service

This template will mainly improve the tracking process for whether professional cleaning agency or an individual user. With this amazing template, users could mark any special area in need or create space for completed work.

We all know that cleaning is a large and complicated work for anybody. Use this template to list all possible cleaning areas, including your bedroom, bathroom, entry, kitchen, living room and etc. Detailed to your mirros, range hood, rug, and more.

What you need to do, either as a service provider or do it by yourself, once you finished a part, click the checkbox shown in this template. In this way, you won't mess up with anything that have cleaned or miss a dirty part.

Good luck on a huge cleaning event!

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Executive Project Status Report

You may stay informed about the projects you manage or sponsor with the use of an Executive Project Status report. The tool's objective is to make sure that you can quickly and easily access crucial project details like cost, timeframes, and project status.

This makes it particularly useful when you are juggling several projects at once. Now that you are aware of what an Executive Project Status Report is, let's look at making a template in Tracup for you!

We hope that this template gives you a quick and simple method to assess the many projects you have in the works. To fully utilize and customize this template, be sure to experiment with Tracup's views and configurable features.

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Example Project Plan

A project plan is a group of formal papers that describes the execution and control phases of the project. The plan takes into account risk management, resource management, and communications in addition to addressing scope, cost, and schedule baselines.

There are many things to consider and keep in mind while working on a project. You might use Tracup's Example Project Plan template to plan, track, and manage the tasks assigned to your team so that they can do them effectively and on time.

Working on a big project while making sure that everything is complete, everyone is on time, and deliverables are given on time may be challenging. Tracup designed the Example Project Plan template to help you complete all of these duties while ensuring the success of your project.

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Company Deployment Plan

A deployment strategy is a process that enables team members to comprehend security measures, backup plans, and the specific duties of each member in order to make sure that a software product is ready for distribution.

When creating deployment plans, staff members aim to provide clients with a flawless deployment experience. During development, for instance, keep track of the tasks that each employee is charged with completing to assist ensure that the new software is error-free.

There are fewer software issues because everyone is aware of who to contact with any inquiries about the task.

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Content Calendar Management

Planning long-term content is a common technique in many marketing strategies. If you're utilizing content marketing to increase your online presence, being organized is crucial.

You can easily set up a procedure for creating content, plan when and how it will be distributed, and routinely share content to stay on your course work with this Content Plan List.

Regardless matter whether your team is producing material for a blog, social media, or even an editorial, a content calendar helps you keep track of your team's workflows and monitor publishing dates. A content calendar is used by marketers to plan out their future content creation.

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Effort Impact Matrix

The Project Management Office (PMO) of the company can use this Tracup Effort Influence Matrix template to prioritize corporate activities or projects based on the effort needed and the impact on the organization's goals.

Assessing a course of action's impact frequently involves determining if it can successfully achieve a certain project goal. An impact effort matrix can be used to analyze the relative impact and effort of various acts to discover which ones have the best chance of being successful.

To illustrate how efforts differ in terms of these two important factors, utilize an effort impact matrix. It provides a framework that teams may use to make objective, well-informed decisions about their next moves.

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Change Management Simple Plan

The outcome of a company's response to a major transition or change might be made or broken.

Filling in the gaps and adding more information to the areas that are already designated in this template will allow you to get started right away and will speed up the completion of your change management plan.

An evaluation of the impact of the projected change on the project's budget, schedule, scope, resources, and stakeholders forms the basis of a project change management plan, which specifies and explains the process to manage the change.

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All Hands Meeting

Company-wide meetings are essential to maintaining open lines of communication and ensuring that everyone is aware of and on track with individual and team goals. There is space to exchange information, promote cooperation, clarity, and alignment, and make announcements about upcoming agendas.

There is space to exchange information, promote cooperation, clarity, and alignment, and make announcements about upcoming agendas.
A regular corporate gathering when all stakeholders, executives, and workers get together to address the most critical issues impacting the whole business is an all-hands meeting, also known as a town hall.

It is essential to maintain structured meeting minutes since doing so makes it simpler to keep track of all the all-hands meeting agendas and their specifics. This template makes it simple to manage, monitor, and organize meeting-related information.

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Management of Implementation

Enjoy your stay at the Implementation Template! Here, you can keep track of your services for current clients and find pertinent information to easily onboard new ones!

You can ask your contacts to submit new projects or engagements by publishing the form that is linked to that list. The manager can then utilize that list to go over any new correspondence, make sure all the pertinent information is prepared, and send it off to the right place.

You now have a location where each internal team member may organize their work, service by service. To group all work items by person, you can even build a folder-level view!

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Student Progress Management

This template will help teachers of all stripes keep tabs on their pupils' progress, behavior, and other factors over time. It is a place to start, to provide you with concepts and a fundamental framework. We invite you to make it your own by editing and changing it.

The place to create a system that works for YOU is Tracup. This article has some useful information, which you may access using the page list on the left.

Since teachers serve as the students' lighthouses and schools serve as their cradles, it is imperative for all students, teachers, and even schools to have a clear understanding of each student's progress and course performance.

This template is created for you to handle all your student affairs, so please feel free to use it!

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Apartment Hunting List

Creating a list of possible flats is quite straightforward. Although you would think that each apartment is distinct and that you can keep them all separate in your mind, the truth is that once you've visited a few flats, all apartments tend to blur together.

You can record all the information about the apartments you look at in this list. But making a list will make it easier for you to stay organized and truly recollect which information relates to which house.

Time is a vital resource for everyone, therefore keeping your apartment search systematic will save you time. In general, you want to steer away of viewing too many apartments when shopping for one, especially if they don't fulfill your expectations. To help you focus your search, think about making a list of the key features you want to find in your next home.

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Film Budget Management

A film budget is a document that summarizes the costs associated with filmmaking. It covers the wages paid to actors, wardrobe, meals served on set, site costs, and licenses for filming. The film budget includes everything from pre-production to post-production.

The probability that your movie will succeed in terms of both quality and income improves with a well-planned movie budget. Mainly if you're working on micro-budget short films, the quantity of money you have isn't necessarily important; what counts is how you budget and use your resources.

Filmmakers like you can plan out their finances to avoid financial loss by using a film budget template, which provides detailed information about your film production costs.

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Holiday Plan List

To be able to plan out things in your business, such as the calendar of events and monthly capacity, holidays must be taken into account. You can manage these special days off with the aid of this Tracup template.

Organizations utilize holiday planners to keep track of employee absences, including who is going and for how long, as well as the type of vacation they are taking. For whatever size or kind of business, keeping a tight eye on who enters, who exits, and for how long is essential.

Checking in on your employees is a need in every workplace, and granting them time off is required by law. With the tracking, planning, and monitoring of staff holidays, this template is meant to assist you.

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Job Search Plan

Your job search information is organized using a job search template, sometimes known as a job tracker spreadsheet. It contains information on the jobs you're applying for, the ones you're interested in, the firms you applied to, your contact information, the dates and places of your interviews, the individuals you spoke to, and typical interview questions.

With the help of this template, you will have more time and better organization of your thoughts. You no longer need to commit information to memory only to forget it later because of the job search template.

Finding job information doesn't require you to sift through emails and documents. Here is everything you require to begin your job search.

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Moving Checklist Management

Moving to a new location is a significant life decision, and getting ready for your new home involves a number of tasks. A moving checklist is a list of the things you must do before moving to a new location.

A checklist for your previous residence, the transfer, and the actual move-in are all included. Dividing up your activities into smaller chunks and finishing them one at a time.

Using this template, you can adapt and practice this method. You can use the sample jobs in this template as a reference. Add more chores that relate to your relocation, way of life, and general situation.

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Volunteer Work Management

You are quite familiar with the procedure for setting up volunteers because you organize volunteers. You know how crucial volunteers are to reaching your goals, whether you work for a nonprofit, school, or faith-based organization, so having a successful volunteer placement process is essential.

Since each volunteer has their own specialties and each job requires a different set of skills, this template was made to assist you in better managing the work of your volunteers so that you can give them the appropriate amount of work.

This template is intended to help you manage your work more effectively, and you can define, add to, or rewrite it in accordance with the particular tasks carried out by your department.

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Syllabus Planning Management

Teachers of all stripes can use this template to set up their lesson planning in Tracup. It is intended for group lesson preparation using a common syllabus or curriculum.

(We also offer a template for planning lessons for each class!) It is a place to start, to provide you with concepts and a fundamental framework. We invite you to make it your own by editing and changing it.

The place to create a system that works for YOU is Tracup. This article has some useful information, which you may access using the page list on the left. We hope that by using this template you will become more engaged in your work, helping you to organize your various tasks and teaching content

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Volunteer Schedule Management

Do you need some help? To efficiently process and manage your volunteers for your future event, use this volunteer schedule template! Being a volunteer organizer, you are well aware of the process for setting up volunteers.

Having effective volunteer scheduling procedures is essential whether you work for a nonprofit, school, or faith-based organization since you are aware of how significant volunteers are to achieving your goals.

In order to participate in a planned outreach campaign or volunteer activity, Tracup stated that all of your volunteers must be in sync. This list template will be of great assistance to you in making sure that your activity is in line with the number of your volunteers as well as their responsibilities and tasks.

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Wedding Preparation Management

A Wedding Preparation checklist is a list of everything that must be done in order to make your wedding day the best day of your life. Whether you're a planner, the maid of honor, the bride-to-be, or the groom-to-be, it's crucial to keep track of everything that is happening in the run-up to the big day.

A Wedding Preparation checklist, like any other checklist, helps you stay grounded. It provides you with an overview of the state of the planning. keeping you on top of what needs to be done first on your long list of tasks, allowing you to get the best beauty slumber the night before the wedding.

The ring has been put on, the question has been posed, and now what? We are aware that you don't know where to begin or how to do so with everything that is going on.

Just take a deep breath and then check out this pre-made Wedding Preparation Management template from Tracup, which you can then personalize for your ideal wedding!

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Run of Show Management

There are four folders in this Run of Show Space Template. Almost every occasion could benefit from this tool. It's a way to make the data that is necessary for managing the operation simpler. Getting prepared and having everything planned out ahead of time, is incredibly beneficial.

The ideal way to handle numerous clients or events. and the Run of Show template's advantage is comparing venue and price ranges. Benefits of using the Run of Show template comparing prices and locations
Effective venue comparison is key for your event.

Make use of the template to maintain effective communication. Also, make sure to record everything. like So that you can use it as a reference at the subsequent event, and keep a record of the donors, sponsors, and speakers. and Make plans well in advance, such as using this template to organize everything and get everyone ready. Include more notes, deadlines, and other information.

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Smart Goal Action Plan

Use the Tracup SMART Goal Action Plan List template to make sure your SMART goals are completed. This is a template for a SMART Goal Action Plan List.

It emphasizes the significance of the issue by providing a sense of direction, inspiration, and clear focus. The advantages of a SMART Goal Action Plan include providing direction, assisting with the establishment of objectives, and taking into account both your strong and weak aspects.

Additionally, it serves as a source of inspiration for you and aids in the achievement of your objective. It enhances your performance and highlights your areas for development.

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Fundamental Root Cause

There are four folders in this Run of Show Space Template. Almost every occasion could benefit from this tool. It's a way to make the data that is necessary for managing the operation simpler. Getting prepared and having everything planned out ahead of time, is incredibly beneficial.

The ideal way to handle numerous clients or events. and the Run of Show template's advantage is comparing venue and price ranges. Benefits of using the Run of Show template comparing prices and locations
Effective venue comparison is key for your event.

Dealing with the root cause will help you solve the issue. Root cause analysis is a methodical process for identifying the "root causes" of problems or events and developing a plan for resolving them (RCA).

The core tenet of RCA is that proactive issue-solving, as opposed to merely "putting out fires," is crucial to effective management. This template has advantages like Identifying barriers and the underlying causes of problems is crucial in order to come up with long-term remedies.

Create a practical approach to problem-solving utilizing the agency's current data, Identify the requirements for current and future organizational improvement. Make repeatable, step-by-step procedures that allow for the verification of one procedure's results by another.

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Restaurant Inventory Management

This is a sample restaurant inventory list. Restaurant inventory management helps establishments keep the right stock levels of items and food in order to serve every customer and avoid spoilage and waste. Long-term profitability for restaurants is largely dependent on effective inventory management.

Use the Tracup Restaurant Inventory Template to make sure your business succeeds. You can manage the food inventory in your establishment with the help of a restaurant inventory. Fish, meat, sweets and desserts, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and bakeries are some of the different categories that food can be categorized under. These groups can also have additional values.

Use this template in Tracup right away to monitor your restaurant's inventory efficiently and prosper. This design is fairly straightforward and easily customized to meet your needs.

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Personal Development Plan

This is a template for a personal development plan list.
An individual can become more intentional about their growth by using a personal development plan as a strategic road map to help them build their talents.

Determine your advantages and disadvantages. Examine each and consider how to keep focusing on your strengths and addressing your deficiencies. Your thoughts and ideas can be better organized and put into action with the aid of a personal development plan.

Most people use tables to keep track of their progress, but this template has three fun, useful, and efficient views that will help you stay on track and help you grow into the best version of yourself!

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Marketing Campaign Calendar

Running multi-channel marketing campaigns might be very nerve-wracking. This marketing campaign calendar template aims to help you keep organized in managing marketing campaigns across channels.

The online template visualizes all your marketing campaigns by grouping them by status. It enables you to determine the marketing type and marketing channel. In this way, it makes sure that cross-channel marketing campaigns stay aligned.

In addition, you can stay on top of the marketing campaign’s timeline with the assistance of this template. Use it to manage your work efficiently and effectively.

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Marketing Career Development

For those working in marketing, it’s crucial to know where they’re going. If you’re having trouble developing a marketing career plan, try this customizable marketing career development template.

The template offers a sample guide on how to encourage marketing employees to pursue their personal development goals. It lists roles available to marketing employees and the core competencies required for each role.

Both marketing managers and employees can use it to improve their skills in marketing and achieve their professional development goals. Start your journey now.

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Customer's Demand Feedback

Customer needs and requirements are not always the same thing. In fact, they often differ from one another. So, what do you do when you have two different sets of information? You must decide which set of information is more important.

When gathering data about your customers, you must first understand their needs and then determine how they want to experience them.

To gather data about your customers, start by understanding their needs and then determining how they want to experience those needs.

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Market Competitive Analysis

The market competitive analysis aims to give you an overall overview of where your product or service stands in the market by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of competitors. Therefore, it’s important to conduct a market competitive analysis.

This market competitive analysis template assists you in determining how relevant your product is to existing and future competitors. In addition, it allows you to assess the competitors’ strengths and shortcomings by viewing the growth rate, market share, and other indicators.

In this way, you can recognize the gaps in the market that you can make use of. Now start your market competitive analysis in a collaborative and effective manner.

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Marketing Strategy Action Plan

A marketing strategy action plan generally includes what needs to be done to expand your business through marketing. It is often used by companies to work out and carry out marketing strategies.

The easy-to-use marketing strategy action plan template is designed to help you create an effective plan, track a marketing campaign’s progress, and achieve your goals. It enables you to document the expected objectives and achieved results.

According to the real-time results, necessary adjustments for your marketing strategies can be made along the way. Moreover, this template allows you to better cooperate with various teams in your company.

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Superior Social Media

Social media is one of today’s most effective ways to build a brand, grow an audience, and connect with millions. But if you don't know where to start, this guide will help you plan and organize your content based off platform, publish status, or even insight.

Social media is one way to reach out to people, but it doesn't always work. That's why we've created a step by step guide to help you create the best social media strategy.

This social media post template also provides custom fields in each view, allowing you to add organizational details such as content category, assignee, draft link, etc! In addition, you will get custom status to help everyone stay on the same page while tracking the progress of each post.

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Marketing Sprint Plan

You need to know what it means before planning a marketing sprint. To put it simply, a marketing sprint is to break down a big and complex campaign into more practicable pieces and achieve success in a shorter period of time.

This customizable template is designed specifically to help plan your marketing sprint. It enables you to confirm the tasks and objectives of your marketing campaign.

With the assistance of the marketing sprint plan template, your next marketing sprint plan will be more reasonable and practicable, enabling a successful marketing campaign in a few days.

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Non-Profit Activity Planning

Non-Profit Activity Planning is a great way to stay organized and on top of things. It helps you keep track of everything you need to do and lets you know when you’re done.

Non-Profit Activity Planning makes it easy to see what needs to be done next. You can even set up reminders so you never forget about something important. It gives you the ability to organize your life better. It helps you stay focused and on task.

This comprehensive list gives organizers with all the assistance needed for tracking, verifying, ensuring that all assignments are completed and taken care of. It also includes a list of resources that can be used by event organizers to help them keep track of tasks and ensure that everything goes as planned.

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Macro Flow Chart

In process improvement, a Macro Flow Chart is a tool that summarizes the inputs and outputs of one or more processes in table form.It stands for suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers which form the columns of the table.

It was in use at least as early as the Total Quality Management programs of the late 1980s and continues to be used today in Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, and business process management.

To emphasize putting the needs of the customer foremost, the tool is sometimes called COPIS and the process information is filled in starting with the customer and working upstream to the supplier.

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SEO List Management

Make sure your website has a strong foundation by using these five essential elements.Check out our list of the best free tools to help you analyze your site. Find out what keywords you should be targeting to increase traffic to your site.

Get an overview of Google's algorithm updates and how they affect your site. Learn about the latest changes to Google's mobile ranking factors. Discover how to improve your site's performance in Google's webmaster tools.

It is designed to remove the stress from creating content for your site or blog. A must-have tool for anyone serious about building an online business through their website or blog.

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Process and Procedures

This is a template for a process and procedure list. Are you ready to implement processes at your business? The steps you must take to develop a living process document are highlighted in this process and procedure template.

To determine how the processes will interact with one another, you can also use the whiteboard. Procedure and Procedure provides a thorough breakdown of how to carry out a process from start to finish. Tracup provides a template for a list of the Process and Procedures.

You can maintain all of your company's established processes and procedures using this template. This helps to maintain organized documentation and efficient operations.

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Post-Activity Opportunities

This Post-Activity Opportunities template is one of the easiest ways to evaluate attendees' and employees' satisfaction, or lack thereof, during an event.

Use this template to measure results from your event and provide you with valuable feedback on what worked, what did not and what you can do better next time.This Post-Activity Opportunities template is one of the most effective ways to attendees' satisfaction during an event.

A Post-Activity Opportunities template is an online survey tool that allows you to create custom surveys quickly and easily. Use this tool to collect valuable insights about your event and improve your next one.

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Legal Client Management

Organize all of your clients' cases in one spot where you can keep track of them. With Tracup, it's simple to communicate, set deadlines, outline expectations, and update clients on your progress. With the help of this template, crucial information will never be overlooked!

This template gives you a brief overview of the contacts and clients at your company. View the transactions, bills, and matters that they have in common. To ensure that no follow-up, detail, or conversation is overlooked, keep client information structured. additionally, you may keep track of a client's previous correspondence with your business via email, phone, and in-person meetings.

You can have information in custom contact data fields that are necessary for your company's processes. Your ability to meet and surpass your contacts' expectations will improve the more you are aware of them.

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Promotion Plan Form

Create an event calendar that allows you to store information about upcoming promotions, events, and other important dates.

Embed a calendar widget onto your website so visitors can see when your next sale is coming up.

It can influence consumption, stimulate demand, and expand the market. At the beginning of the launch of a new product, customers are concerned about its performance, use, and function, I did not know the characteristics of the product.

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Legal Project Assignment

A tool for allocating responsibilities called Legal Project Assignment List provides an effective overview of the legal tasks' workflow and the accompanying assignees.

A project assignment is a tool used to manage the tasks assigned to a team inside a company or organization. The quality of the work is raised, and this application makes it simple to keep track of the chores necessary for bigger projects.

Using this template in Tracup will make it simple for you to remain on top of your cases. You may monitor, track, and assign jobs with this tool all in one location. Utilize this Tracup template to stay on top of your workload and win cases! This application efficiently lists the parties you have been designated to represent you in court.

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Employee Workload Management

Effective workload management benefits both employers and employees. For one thing, it helps increase work efficiency; for another thing, it avoids overloading employees. This employee workload management template guides you to better manage the workload of employees.

In this template, you can add all the tasks that need to be done in your team and group them by status at first. Then, you can determine each task’s assignee, deadline, priority, estimated completion time, and other factors related to these tasks.

In this way, you can make the best use of managed workload to make your team more efficient. Use this guide to manage the workload for your employees now.

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Learning and Development Project

You can fill the gap between project management and instructional design with learning and development. This gives you a fundamental foundation for creating online courses that will help you increase student success rates and course effectiveness.

Learning and Development provide a crucial framework for designing educational programs that can help raise course completion and effectiveness rates. Enhancing a person's capabilities, knowledge, and skills results in better performance at work and is a rigorous process.

You may combine project management with an instructional design using this Tracup template. It assists you in creating and monitoring effective e-learning programs for your staff.

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Go-to-Market Strategy Plan

A go-to-market (GTM) strategy is defined as a step-by-step plan before a new product or service is successfully launched. It is crucial for any business to create an effective GTM strategy. Try this go-to-market strategy plan template, and you will find it easy to use.

The template provides you with a sample framework of how to create a GTM strategy plan. It allows you to cooperate with your teams and align across groups to work toward common business objectives.

It enables you to identify different GTM strategies based on the business type such as B2B or B2C. Moreover, you can map out all the GTM plans, set the deadline, and add descriptions or comments if necessary.

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Real Estate Closing Checklist

This is a Real Estate Closing Checklist List template. It is your duty as the buyer's or seller's agent to provide a real estate closing checklist that details the duties that must be fulfilled as well as a thorough schedule of occasions in order to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

It outlines all the expenses that must be covered, the information that must be provided, and the disclosures that must be signed before the title may be transferred.

It ensures a smooth closing and keeps you on track as a property manager.
You can download a Real Estate Closing Checklist List template from Tracup. The template gives you access to various views, including lists and table view.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is a commonly-used strategy to promote your product or service. It should be noted that the email content must be appealing and engaging as much as possible. Here’s our easy-to-edit email marketing strategy template from which you can draw support.

This pre-built template enables you to effectively collaborate with your marketing team. You can assign a team member to undertake a task and set the due date.

Moreover, it allows you to conduct email marketing segmentation by further defining the target audience. With its assistance, you can track email marketing performance by viewing the open rate, clickthrough rate, and opt-out rate.

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Content Marketing Planning

It has been demonstrated that content marketing has fantastic effects on businesses. An effective content marketing plan will help you generate more leads and inspire your marketing strategy. This content marketing planning template is ready for you to create a feasible plan to conduct content marketing.

The ready-to-use template aims to help you track and organize all of your content ideas. It allows you to identify the content orientation, which helps ensure that your content won’t stray from the point.

In addition, you can assess how much effort you put to improve yourself next time. It enables you to post and publish content more consistently.

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Marketing Content Management

It’s not easy to create marketing content and manage it through multiple channels such as websites, blogs, and social media, but this template makes it simple. You may use the template as your one-stop shop for everything related to content management since it will walk you through setting up and using your new custom template.

Start by assigning a team member to undertake a task. This template allows you to understand the primary marketing goal that the content aims to achieve. It also gives you a view of the difference between budget and actual expenditure.

Moreover, with the help of this template, your team will be able to manage work across multiple channels, efficiently receive and handle requests for new content, and comment on each other’s work.

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Patient Management

How can we make sure that patients are treated effectively and doctors can do their jobs efficiently when doctors are getting busier and busier? Every patient wants to receive the most professional care from the doctor, and we believe that every doctor wants to do his or her best to help as many patients as possible.

You are given a form by Tracup that enables you to categorize various patients, assign them to a doctor for various diseases, and keep track of their medicine and therapy.

This enables resource consolidation and facilitates improved patient-physician communication. We allow you to create forms that are specific to your hospital and to customize the content as needed.

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Social Media Promotion of Brand

Our Social Media Promotion of Brand Template makes scheduling easy by allowing you to create a visual representation of your entire social media calendar. Use this tool to plan out your social media strategy and see what works best for your brand. Create an effective social media calendar using our free template.

Social Media Promotion of Brand is an easy-to-use tool that can simplify your planning and scheduling of social media content.

Here, you can add your content ideas, content types, publishing schedule, publishing platform, and the option of collaboration with the whole team.

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Marketing Campaign Analysis Report

An effective marketing campaign analysis report helps you develop a better marketing strategy to achieve business success. If it is nerve-wracking for you to analyze marketing campaigns, this sample marketing campaign analysis report template might be a good choice.

This template visualizes all your marketing campaign performance data. You can easily see and track the campaign’s target audience, budget, clicks, CPC, CPM, CPA, and more.

Based on the analysis findings, you can have a clear understanding of the successes and failures of marketing campaigns. Edit and customize this template according to your requirements.

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Marketing Campaign Outline

Are you still overwhelmed with managing and tracking a lot of marketing campaigns at once? This marketing campaign outline template is ready to help you. It is a very useful place to develop and organize marketing campaigns from beginning to end.

You can see a list of all your upcoming and ongoing marketing campaigns. It summarizes all the campaigns in one place, including assigned teams, social media types, campaign types, and campaign channels. That helps find the best channels to achieve your goals.

The customizable template enables you to see the overall progress of each marketing campaign. Utilize it now to organize all your marketing requirements and make successful marketing campaigns.

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Work To Finish

Using this Work To Finish template, you can easily and effectively organize your task list! Use this tool to correctly plan your daily tasks and annual master plan, and lay a good foundation for a productive year.

Create a job list that meets your needs. This template can be adjusted to the preferred time frame, set priorities, designate comments as notes, and describe your task flow.

Everyone has their own work to-do list to ensure that they are all recorded and not left out before being delivered.

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Travel Agency Management

Travel Tracker is an easy way to track everything about your travels. Use it to keep track of all your trips and expenses.

This Travel Agency Management template can manage and sell tourism products, and it can also coordinate between tourists and tourism supply enterprises. In this way, tourism activities can be carried out according to the plan. At the same time, it has the functions of distributing economic benefits and providing information.

Do you ever wonder where your next vacation will be? With Travel Tracker, you'll never miss out on another trip again!

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User Persona Management

A user persona profile helps you understand who your customers are and what they want from your business. Use this template to build one for yourself.

User Personas Management is an essential tool for marketers who want to understand their customers better. They allow us to create a more realistic picture of our target audience.

User personas Management is a great way to identify your potential customers. You can also use them to develop a strategy for your next marketing campaign. Create a user persona profile to help you understand your customer base and develop a more effective strategy for your business.

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Urban Construction Planning

Kick off your urban planning projects with a structure that works! Manage all of them across locations from request to completion - directly inside your workspace! Use custom fields to keep track of project phases and locations to see your projects on a map!

Get organized with this step-by-step tutorial on how to create a visual schedule using a traditional calendar. Sync your tasks to Google Calendar so you never miss an important deadline again! Set up a view so that when you open your calendar, you see only the information you need.

Group your task columns by status, assignee, priority, tag, or due date, and choose the order of these groups. Use our Board view to create a Board as part of your ideation process!

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Brand Promotion Plan

A brand promotion plan aims to make your brand more impressive and attractive to increase leads and customer engagement. You can plan and organize your branding promotion ideas here in this template.

The easy-to-use brand promotion plan template enables you to make a schedule for your promotion events. You can assign the right member to undertake a specific task, set the timeline, and record promotion objectives.

In addition, communication within your team will be made clearer and simpler, which ensures the latest updates are informed timely. Use it to successfully promote your brand now.

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A/B Content Testing

A/B testing, also referred to as split testing, is often used to compare and measure the performance of two versions of a new ad, web page, and other content to learn which one works better. It’s an excellent content marketing strategy.

If you find it hard to conduct A/B testing, this A/B content testing template will give you a hand. This template gives you a visible view of testing initiatives and helps keep track of the testing process and results.

In addition, you can set the testing timeline and priorities in this template and record the different conversion rates of the two versions. With its help, you will be more organized in conducting content testing programs.

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Social Media Ads Management

Social media is an important channel for advertising. Yet, it might be overwhelming to manage multiple social media ad accounts since there are a lot of details to take into account, such as timelines, requirements, and expenses.

Try our social media ads management template, and it will make your workflow streamlined. The ready-to-use template is a fantastic tool to track both the advertising pipeline and clients.

It allows you to manage your ads of different types on multiple social media platforms in one place. Moreover, you can add a summary of the ads if necessary. That makes your work more efficient.

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Quarterly Business Checking

A business owner should always conduct an annual evaluation of his or her business. This is important because it helps them determine if they're making progress toward achieving their goals.

Evaluating your business is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It's also one of the easiest ways to improve your business.

An annual evaluation of your business is necessary so you can see where you stand against your competitors. You can then take action accordingly.

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Real Estate Settlement List

A real estate closing checklist should include items such as title insurance, escrow instructions, property inspection, appraisal, loan documents, etc.

A comprehensive calendar of events should include dates for inspections, appraisals, closings, etc.

You may also wish to include an itemized list of services provided by your company. Make sure to provide a link back to your website so that potential buyers can view more information about your business. Your clients will appreciate knowing what they can expect during the process.

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Test Runs Management

A test run is a necessary procedure before the software is launched. Too many test runs may overwhelm a test manager. Therefore, the test runs management template here is ready to help you better manage multiple test runs in one place at the same time.

In this template, you can name your test runs accordingly, add all the test cases, and assign the member to execute them. It also allows you to document and analyze the test results.

Moreover, it is noted that one test can be executed several times for different purposes. By the way, it is recommended that you had better use this template together with our test scenarios and cases management template.

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The Management of Restaurant Cost

This The Management of Restaurant Cost Template helps you create an accurate costing system for your restaurant or food service business. It includes templates for each type of menu item and allows you to easily add new items as they come up.

Use this template to accurately calculate the cost of each dish on your menu. You'll also learn how to update costs when prices change quickly.

The Management of Restaurant Cost Template makes calculating the cost of each dish easy and accurate. Create a new recipe by selecting from one of the pre-built templates or start from scratch using our blank template.

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Technology Needs Assessment

It is necessary for a company or organization to carry out a technology needs analysis or assessment to recognize the IT-related gaps between the current state and the targeted state. This technology needs assessment template here is ready to help you to make it.

The template makes it simple to view tasks by status and prioritize tasks, so you can always stay ahead of your deadlines. In addition, it assists you in identifying those who need training and which kind of training is better.

It allows you to adopt a proactive approach to potential problems to guarantee product quality. Use this customizable template to analyze your business’ IT requirements right now!

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Test Scenarios & Cases Management

Test scenarios and test cases represent two essential aspects of software testing, especially in today’s agile development environment. Therefore, the test scenarios and cases management template here is designed specifically to help verify that the software is working well for use.

This template is an easy-to-use tool for software testers. It allows you to check all the test scenarios and cases by status and focus on more urgent tasks. In addition, you can add comments and expected results if necessary.

In this way, this template assists you in assessing the functionality and performance of the software as a whole. Use it to create test scenarios and cases from the point of view of your users.

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Team Communication and Meeting

A communication matrix template helps teams communicate better by making sure everyone knows what they're supposed to be working on.

Use this team communication and meeting template to create a comprehensive communication strategy. This will be used for projects or regular meetings to maximize information sharing and improve team productivity!

We've created a template to help you organize your team's communications so you can keep track of who needs to know what.

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Technical Requirement Analysis

Create an effective technical requirements assessment, which is conducive to assessing your team's technical foundation and the current state of business requirements.

Identify the current and future technology needs of your team and formulate strategies for how you will acquire, use and manage computer technology.

It is possible for your team's technical department to find available technical solutions by evaluating the expansion of software or the change of requirements. This template provides a scope of use and a space for employees to evaluate your current technical situation.

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Security Requirements Traceability Matrix

Are you trying to find a tool to examine whether your software or product meets the fundamental security requirements? Use our security requirements traceability matrix template to map all the security requirements with the test cases.

This template enables you to trace the software tests in order that the software contains all functionality through test cases as per the business requirements. You can add necessary descriptions or comments, record the test process, and track task progress.

In this way, the security risks that your clients may encounter will be minimized by identifying possible problems during testing. Create your security requirements traceability matrix for your software.

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Quality Control Inspection Checklist

For any enterprise pursuing the goal of quality over quantity, our quality control inspection checklist template is an ideal choice. That’s because it provides an example of inspections to help you make it.

This template aims to assist you in reducing the expenses of your inspections by using quality control protocols. You can group all the products or services by status for ease of browsing and track the project progress until the project is finished.

In addition, you can add all the criteria that your products or services should focus on while being inspected, such as colors, weight, and other specific needs. Use this template to start your quality control inspection now.

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New User Request Tracker

Are you still overwhelmed with tracking countless new user requests? Try our new user request tracker template, and you will find it easy to use.

This user-friendly template makes the request procedure simpler and more convenient. With its assistance, all the new user requests for account creation, access, and other relevant actions in your company can be tracked and organized in one place, which makes your work more efficient.

The template assists you in collecting a new user’s basic information required to create a new account or allow access, including user roles and purpose. Start your journey now!

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Class Notes Management

You may arrange your lecture, discussion, and reading notes using the Class Notes Management template. You've got three choices. Like, Make a list of all of the assignments you have for each subject that are due each term or semester, and construct a new page in the document for each set of notes.

In this case, we have built a List to hold all of your notes for this academic term.
To indicate whether the notes come from a lecture, section, reading, or study group. Create tasks for everything that is due after editing the dropdown Custom Field to reflect the courses you are taking to use this template.

You may increase the quality of your life and productivity at work by using this template to handle information more effectively. Additionally, we provide you access to an independent and flexible content change feature so you may process this form as needed.

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Activity Processes and Procedures

A living process document is an essential tool for any business. It helps you keep track of what needs to be done and when.

This process and process template emphasizes the tasks that need to be completed to create dynamic process documents! You can also use the whiteboard to figure out how the processes will connect with each other.

Use this template to help you develop a living process document for your business.Create a living process document for each department in your business.

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Fleet Management

A company's transportation fleet is kept lucrative thanks to the challenging tasks involved in fleet management. Operating expenses are reduced, drivers are safe, and customers are delighted when a fleet is effectively managed.

Fleet management tasks require a strong administrative and analytical basis as well as in-depth knowledge of the automotive sector. Track the details of your fleet of vehicles using a template that looks good and can be tailored to fit the branding of your business.

Each sheet is cleanly designed with a bold font and printed on premium card stock paper for quick data entry. It is simple to organize and find the information you require using the tabs.

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Effective Moves Management

The purpose of establishing a procedure called move management is to outline the actions that fundraisers can take at different stages of the life cycle of the donor relationship.

In non-profit organizations, spreadsheets and policies are made for employees and volunteers. At each stage, the results are monitored, and the donors are one step closer to giving.

The moves management template can help you expand the range of potential donors and build relationships with current sponsors.

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Order and Inventory Management

The Order and Inventory Management can check the work progress and saturation of each inventory management employee through the Kanban function, and grasp the inventory management situation in real time.

And according to the whole inventory and order situation, reasonable arrangement of the following work tasks.

This helps the company make a master plan for inventory management, including a daily, weekly, and monthly plan, and then categorize customer orders in order of priority.

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Legal Case Tracking

To keep track of all your upcoming and ongoing cases, contacts, legal paperwork, and billing requirements use this project template. Because every law practice is different, Tracup may be tailored to meet your needs.

Only a sampling of how Law Firms could use Tracup is provided by this template. To track of all your new and existing cases, contacts, legal paperwork, and invoicing requirements use this project template.

The Lists and tasks in this template reflect certain duties in various areas, but feel free to rename them as necessary! The objective is to arrange and schedule your postings.

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Feedback Form Management

A feedback form is a survey used to gather data on your customers' interactions with your company. It is one of the best techniques to gauge client satisfaction and reach out to your target market.

Putting all of your customer feedback in one place can make it easier for you to follow up with consumers, discover areas for improvement, and celebrate successes with your staff.

To enhance the working environment for your team members and to enhance overall operations, you may also solicit input from them. This template enables you to collect feedback easily. Click on the Feedback Form View, then drag and drop more fields into the form to add more to it. You may add additional fields and change their settings to suit your tastes.

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IT Support Request

In an age of information technology, it is crucial for a business or organization to offer IT support to customers in a timely manner. Our IT support request template is designed specifically to assist you in keeping track of IT support requests.

The template serves as a secure online document that records your clients' support requests on the network, account, hardware, and other IT-related problems. This way, you can examine and organize them more efficiently and effectively.

What’s more, this customizable template allows you to choose the department from which the request comes and pick the solution type. That feature helps you improve the user experience.

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Getting Things Done

The Getting Things Done technique users should use is this template. To learn more about how each List functions, please browse the pages to the right. This is only the beginning.

You can add and modify custom fields, contexts, and lists in any way you choose! In Tracup, contexts function by collecting everything with that context added. In this template, we have defined contexts as custom fields, however, you are welcome to experiment with tags and remove the custom field if that works better for you.

Afterward, the contexts are accessible as views at the Folder or Space level (whichever includes all of your projects), capturing all tasks and limiting the display to those belonging to that specific context.

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Customer Issue Tracker

You may encounter diverse issues and challenges reported both by customers and staff every day. It is hard to keep detailed information on each issue when you are busy operating other businesses.

However, no need to be nervous about it. The organization's issues and the resolution steps are all displayed in this simple but powerful issue tracker template. Each issue should be given priority, assigned to important team members, and then marked as resolved.

Additionally, you can manage problems with your team in real-time while tracking progress thanks to Tracup's Customer Issue Tracker Template. Check out our free issue tracker template!

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Premortem Project Management

Before a project begins, a team gathers for a Premortem meeting to brainstorm potential reasons for possible failures. The group then works backward to develop a strategy to avoid probable setbacks and improve the likelihood of success.

Researchers in the fields of behavioral psychology and neuroscience advise using this method as a particularly effective means of overcoming cognitive bias and lowering project risk. But managers are often confused about what to do in Premortem analysis.

Tracup Premortem Project Management Template provides a novel tool for leaders to manage projects predictably. It involves step-by-step instructions in four stages to assist you in a perfect Premortem meeting.

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IT Incident Tracker

This template is perfect for IT teams to manage and track IT-related incidents such as software, hardware, and network incidents. It helps you record an occurrence resulting from the operation of an IT system in a timely manner.

The easy-to-edit IT incident tracker template is a great time saver for organizing all the incident reports. It provides a sample for developing incident reports and allows you to examine them from any place at any time.

Moreover, the template helps you identify the category and complexity of an incident, which helps increase work efficiency. Use this secure online template to record and manage incident reports for your IT team.

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Help Desk Ticket

The greatest challenge for anyone in charge of a help desk is tracking SLAs. The manager must be knowledgeable about SLAs, customer contacts, and brief resolutions. It is simple to generate, delete, manage, and track tickets using this template help desk manager.

This template is available if you want a simple approach to keeping track of concerns and delivering immediate customer support. Your company will be able to track tickets everyday with the aid of this template.

Tracup Help Desk Ticket Template integrates multiple sections where you can categorize the problem and instructions on how to fix it. Tracking tickets is the most crucial part of running a support desk, sign up for free now!

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Customer Satisfaction Survey List

Businesses' success often depends on their satisfied, happy consumers. They're what makes your expansion into a flywheel instead of a funnel. Managers are eager to create enjoyable experiences for customers. To achieve this goal, you must genuinely comprehend who they are and what they think of you.

Surveys of customer satisfaction give businesses the opportunity to strategically improve their products, enhance user experience, and provide exactly what the market wants. Our Customer Satisfaction Survey List provides the best example for service-based companies in which not only customer feedback is collected, their feelings and knowledge of concern are tracked as well.

Use Tracup's Customer Satisfaction Survey template to make sure your business is aware of what clients think of your assistance, services, and brand.

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Training Rollout Plan

A good training rollout plan helps you manage a great deal of incoming training efficiently and facilitate the implementation of training. Therefore, our training rollout plan template is intended to provide you with a well-designed example that guides you to manage all the training plans.

This easy-to-edit template allows you to prepare for the incoming training plans by examining which plans are still not yet started and to manage ongoing training projects. In addition, you can prioritize the tasks and set a timeline for each task, so you won’t lose track of any training plans.

With the assistance of this template, your training courses will go smoothly and achieve complete success, which will further lead your employees toward growth. Now, create a training schedule for your employees here.

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Order Tracking Process

Order Track allows you to monitor the status of each order from shipment to delivery. It also helps you manage your warehouse efficiently.

With Order Track, you can keep an eye on the progress of each order. You'll know when they're shipped, delivered, or returned.

Order Tracker makes tracking orders easy by providing real-time updates on their status. It also gives you access to important information about each order.

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IT Security Control

As is known, IT security refers to a strategy that protects various organizational assets from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access, and IT security controls refer to protective measures taken to avoid any risks to threaten cyber security. If you’re trying to find a tool to keep your organization’s assets safe and sound, this IT security control template is ready to help.

The customizable template assists you in working out safeguards for your organization’s data, applications, network, and other assets based on the CIS security control standards. You can prioritize each task, and identify its security function and controls.

With its assistance, you can have all the safeguards under your control and ensure cyber security in your organization. Start customizing your IT security controls now.

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Political Campaign Schedule

You should not be afraid to ask for help when you are running an election campaign. This article gives you some tips on how to do so effectively.

In order to win elections, you must have a clear plan of action. This article shows you how to create one.

If you are planning to run for office, you should know what kind of campaign you are going to run. This article helps you understand what type of campaign you should run.

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Technical Skills Matrix

A technical skills matrix is a great way to aid in reflecting an individual’s proficiency against tech-related skills. Based on this principle, this template is designed to help you recognize which team members are competent to perform a specific job.

The customizable technical skills matrix gives you a direct view of how proficient your employees’ technical skills are through the skill rating. In addition, you can input the average rating of each member’s technical skills, which helps you identify the skill gaps and determine the overall development needs.

With its assistance, the resources within your organization will also get utilized more efficiently. Start using this template to improve talent management for your organization now!

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Lean Business Schedule

Lean Business Schedule is an easy-to-follow framework that helps companies plan their growth while keeping costs low. It’s a proven method for optimizing operations and increasing profits.

A lean business model is a flexible way to manage a company. Learn more about the benefits of lean business planning!

Lean Business Schedule is a process that helps businesses optimize their operations and increase profitability. Read on to discover why it works so well!

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Remote Team Requests

Are you still struggling with a constant flow of requests from your remote teams? Try our remote team requests template, and you will find it so easy to manage and keep track of those requests in one place at the same time.

This ready-to-use template allows you to invite remote workers or teams to edit texts. It gives you a clear view of each task’s creation time and due date. In this way, you won’t miss any requests.

Moreover, you can directly assign a team member to keep track of these requests and add comments on requests if necessary. That makes your work more efficient and effective.

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Membership List with Photos

A membership directory is a great tool for organizations to keep track of their members. Learn more about this useful service!

A membership directory is an online database where groups can store information about their members. Learn more!

A membership directory is used by many organizations as a way to organize their members. Learn more here!

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Sales Weekly Report List

A weekly sales report is a tool used by businesses and individuals to track sales progress and important KPIs, including, but not limited to, lead-to-opportunity ratio, customer conversion ratio, sales volume by channel, and total sales per week.

Tracup Sales Weekly Report List works to help organize and manage employees' workflow and sales pipeline. For employees, you can prepare a report for your boss at the end of the week by simply entering amounts into the customizable fields within the sales activity tracking template for specific days.

This readily available template for a weekly sales activity report can be used by a salesperson to monitor their weekly sales activity against a sales goal. Sign up for Tracup and try now!

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Sales KPI Performance

Sales KPI aids in tracking all sales indicators from various perspectives. The KPIs provide a methodical way to track and enhance sales performance, spot opportunities, and prospects, and boost revenue creation.

Tracup's Sales KPI Tracker Template contains quantifiable measures that assess sales staff performance and salary. It includes both weekly and monthly trackers involving key performance evaluation indicators such as total sales revenue and the number of sales.

Apply this template to improve your work efficiency and save every billable minute at the end of each month. To enhance and boost better performance in the sales department, try this template for free.

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Procurement Intakes Requests

Companies with mass procurement needs are seeking an online, simple and powerful tool to structure their purchasing lists. Tracup now provides the free Procurement Template to solve this problem. It is the most useful, flexible and user-friendly online printable sheet.

Apply Tracup to monitor every step of your procurement process! Get ahead of important contract discussions by accepting pricing suggestions from suppliers and taking intake requests from your stakeholders. This template allows you to keep track of expenditures and savings as well as classify your purchasing items.

Procurement Intakes Requests Template fully involves all demands of internal and external procurement plans for sales department.

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Pro forma Predictions

Since profits in sales department often involve complicated statistics, you need a customized table or list to organize all these data to streamline your work. It is also annoying to report the predictions for next year's revenue, but such calculations will be easier with our template.

Pro forma forecasts concentrate on anticipating and predicting future financial patterns as well as how potential unforeseen events can impact the company. Thankfully, you can complete it effectively by using the Tracup Pro Forma template.

Tracup Pro Forma template not only offers prediction statement example, but also the specific data of every link of sales. To improve your performance, Tracup's powerful template is now available.

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Sales Price List

Designed for product providers and service-based companies, the Sales Price List Template from Tracup displays all columns you need about sales price, investment amount, and product category.

Professionally created price lists and menus are no longer prohibitively expensive. With the help of Tracup price list templates, you can create favorable price lists and menus that enhance your company's offerings and boost sales.

You can quickly print and distribute your file with the assistance of our user-friendly custom fields. You can also choose what you want to change and have it changed right away whenever you wish to edit prices or other items.

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Activity Registration Form

Get ready for an exciting event by preparing the necessary details about the event and its participants using this activity registration form template!

Use this form to collect important data from potential attendees of your next event! You can also use this form to invite people to join your team or group! It is easy to fill out this form. Just follow the instructions given!

Make sure to include all the required fields so that there won't be any errors while submitting the form! Once you have filled out the form, click on the submit button to send it to the organizers! Your form will be sent to them immediately! They will then contact you to confirm if they received your form!

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Work Scheduling Matrix

A work scheduling matrix is an effective tool for organizing all kinds of tasks and projects. You can view every project or task that needs to be finished by a specific date or deadline. That is why this template is designed.

The work scheduling matrix template allows you to prioritize the tasks to be completed. In this way, you won’t lose track of any project before its deadline.

In addition, you can assign a task to a team member, and the team member will be more encouraged to finish their task by the due date. With its help, it will be much more convenient to track and check the progress of each project.

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Effective Facility Administration

Facility Administration software helps you manage your business by keeping track of everything from budgets to equipment. It also allows you to keep up with your employees' schedules and contact information.

You'll love using this easy-to-use software because it makes managing your business so much easier. Plus, it's completely free!

Manage your entire facility with this powerful software. Create a database of your facilities, add photos, and organize your data in one place.

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Skills Gap Analysis 

A skills gap analysis works well in helping identify training needs for individuals, teams, and organizations. Our skills gap analysis template here is designed for this reason.

The easy-to-use template can not only help you analyze your employees’ skill performance but also allow you to throw out suggestions for encouraging their professional growth. It gives you a visible view of employees’ skills gap between the actual state and the target state.

What’s more, the analysis findings are greatly helpful to recognize your team member’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on the findings, you can set precise and practicable goals for the member’s career development.

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Effective Problem Management

The issue is a risk that wasn't mitigated and happened. This is why managing issues is very important in an organization and projects.

This effective problem management template is equipped with views, custom fields, and filters to help Project Managers or Operations Managers address issues effectively.

Management is a document that tries to identify and record any problems that occur during the project. It supports the project manager to track sudden problems and prioritize how to solve them.

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Candidate Skills Mapping

Are you trying to find a tool to determine the candidates’ skill levels? Our candidate skills mapping template is highly recommended for you.

As is known to all, skills mapping is a useful tool to help figure out candidates’ skill levels to ensure better recruitment quality. That is how this template works to assist in managing and tracking all candidates’ skill levels.

The template offers sample questions that candidates can answer to rate their skills, and you can collect their answers by sharing this template. In this way, better hiring quality can be achieved for your team. Start your journey right now!

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Clients Payment History

Wondered how to track every payment of every client? Feeling befuddled when asked to show a historical record? Cannot collect all bills and checks in one simple sheet? Tracup's Clients Payment History Template works to solve your problem.

We have you covered if you are managing all of your payment transactions. You can easily handle both your personal and business payment transactions with the help of this Tracup Clients Payment History Template. You'll be able to document all of your financial transactions and be prepared if someone requests verification or a payment record.

Tracup improves traditional payment forms by upgrading into a clear, flexible and agile list to meet all your demands in client payment tracking and management.

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Work Incident Report

It is critical to document work-related incidents to ensure workplace safety because any workplace accidents may have a detrimental impact on a company. Our work incident report template is designed specifically to help you collect and analyze all the incidents that occurred at the workplace to prevent the occurrence of the same incident.

This template gives you a visible view of all the work-related incidents. You can classify all the incidents into different types and briefly describe each incident. That helps you better analyze each incident report by identifying the root cause.

Moreover, you can input the feasible corrective action to respond to that workplace incident. In this way, you can reduce the occurrence of the same incident at the workplace to keep your employees safe and sound.

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Employee Communication Place

This template's structure supports project communication in a consistent and clear environment. It outlines the communication process through different methods, on different types of work items.

The Employee Communication Place Template will help you create a safe and effective place for internal communication within your organization.

Set a Start and Due date at the List level to stay on track. Assign a method and frequent tasks that need to be executed in the project. Here is where the project communication plan will be drafted - this is where you will find out how to communicate effectively with your team.

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Project Resource Planning

It is crucial for a company or organization to allocate project resources within the team or department in a reasonable manner. This template is designed specifically to help achieve the reasonable allocation of project resources within the organization.

This easy-to-use template makes it simpler to track and distribute resources by allowing you to clearly view the difference between the allocated budget and actual expenditure. Moreover, you can set the timeline for each task and add the resource notes if necessary.

With the assistance of this project resource planning template, your team can achieve more efficient and effective utilization of resources. Start using this template right now.

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Cross Functional Project Schedule

Cross-functional project schedule streamlines the administration of complicated projects, lowering the possibility of expensive execution mistakes and raising the likelihood of success.

The cross-functional project schedule is the process of managing a complex project utilizing a single high-level, integrated plan in tandem with numerous specific functional plans.

The high-level plan is strategic, long-term, and often held by a project management office (PMO). The functional plans are in-depth, focus on deliverables, and are directly owned by the functions.

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Purchase and Build Analysis

The Purchase and Build Analysis is a decision management tool used by companies to determine whether they should manufacture their own products or purchase them from external providers.

In this template, we'll walk through the process of using The Purchase and Build Analysis to help you decide if manufacturing your product internally or buying it from an external supplier is best for your business.

It is a decision-making tool that seeks to offer the best and most efficient solution for complicated problems and technological requirements.

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Employee Payroll Report

An employee payroll report template is an important document that helps you manage each employee’s payroll more efficiently and effectively. Our template here is highly recommended for you if you’re trying to find a useful tool to better manage the employees’ payroll.

This template allows you to collect detailed information about your employees’ payments, including the annual salary, monthly salary, hourly rate, overtime pay, reimbursement, payroll taxes, etc. It makes it simple to manage a number of employees’ payrolls at the same time.

Moreover, this template enables you to track payroll processing and customize the pay period according to your needs. Use this sample employee payroll report template to create one for yourself or your company.

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Business Process Documentation

Are you still confused about how to create processes and procedures in your company or organization? This business process documentation template is ready to help you.

This easy-to-edit template allows you to clearly understand how a process is carried out from start to finish and further improve the next process and procedure. You can assign a team member to undertake the task, set the timeline, and prioritize your tasks.

This template makes it simple to track and document every business process and procedure. It also helps guarantee consistency across teams and departments. Create your business process documentation right now.

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Management of Company Event

This template will support employers who are looking to put on a special company event for their employees as a way to build team spirit and camaraderie.

This event uses the examples of a wings-eating challenge based on the show Hot Wings. Management of Company Event template can be used for any type of special event.

Management of the Company Event template includes a full-color logo and a link back to your website. This template is fully customizable so you can change the colors and text to.

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Corporate Succession Schedule

This corporate succession schedule template will help you identify who has the skills and potential to take on these new roles and what the staffing requirements will be in the future.

This list assesses each succession candidate’s personal development needs. It includes the training activities they have already taken and the ones they need to go through to ensure key competencies and skills necessary for business continuity as well as their readiness to meet future business needs.

This corporate succession schedule model is designed to help you plan for the future by identifying the people who have the ability and potential to fill these positions.

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Remote Employee Onboarding

In today’s world, many companies have a great number of employees working remotely. How to onboard new employees remotely becomes a new challenging problem. Therefore, we have designed an easy-to-use template to help you train your new remote teams efficiently.

This template shows a great sample for onboarding new staff remotely. In this template, you can group all the tasks by status, assign a team member to undertake a task, and prioritize your tasks.

With the help of this remote employee onboarding template, your remote teams will adjust themselves and perform their roles in a better and faster manner. Lead your new remote team to career success with our template right now.

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Leave Request Management

Are you still overwhelmed with dealing with such many leave requests every day? Try our leave request management template, and you will find it amazing to work.

In this template, you can group all the leave requests by status, assign a team member to be responsible for an employee’s leave request and record the leave date and update the leave status in real-time. In addition, you can input the tasks to be taken over while the employee is on leave. In this way, the tasks still can go smoothly as scheduled.

This template provides you with an overview of all the leave requests to help you optimize the leave management workflow. It allows you to manage and track employees’ leave requests in a well-organized manner.

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Donations Contributed Management

This is used to keep track of the amounts and donor information for various types of charitable donations. Developing record forms will help ensure that you are prepared for anything regarding donations and is an important part of the overall business continuity development of giving.

To maintain compliance and provide effect, managing donor funds involves best practice systems and processes. You may satisfy the needs of any donor by developing a solid organizational strategy.

Track important funders and related initiatives in one place. aggregate data on the effectiveness of each program and overall fundraising Automatically assign team members to follow up with funders using contact lists.

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Event Budget Management

Budget, when utilized properly, empowers you rather than restricts you. Our event planning and budgeting template can help you save time and money whether you're organizing a large event or a few small social gatherings.

With the help of our sophisticated template, you can delegate responsibilities to team members in relation to events, establish and monitor budget categories for every event, and arrange vendor bills.

It might be beneficial to manage each sort of event and understand the target audience for that event、verify each action item and make sure everyone on the team is responsible. Understand the costs associated with the service and booking.

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Order Payment Form

A customer pays for his or her purchase using a credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or other methods. Online stores accept payments from consumers through different methods such as Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal accounts, etc.

When a customer makes a purchase on an eCommerce website, he or she must provide some form of identification. In order to verify the identity of the user, the merchant may ask for additional information like name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

Once the transaction has been verified, the merchant sends a confirmation message to the customer’s email address. After receiving the confirmation message, the customer completes the transaction and receives the product.

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Likert Scale Survey

A Likert scale survey is an effective and efficient tool to collect information from respondents about their opinions on a topic or a product. If you want to know how much your employees across all departments agree or disagree with a given subject or question, our Likert scale survey template is here ready to help.

This template offers you a Likert scale survey example that you can directly use or modify according to your needs. You can add respondents’ contact information and departments, so you can better analyze the opinions of employees according to different departments.

This easy-to-use template makes it simpler and clearer to conduct a survey of employees in the entire company. Create an online Likert scale you can access from anywhere now.

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Consulting Service Management

The organization uses a platform called the Directory Template internally to track and manage all employee data centrally. The template may collect numerous information on the company's workers, such as their names, email addresses, roles, personal interests, start dates, biographies, paid time off, and more.

The user of this template can track an employee's employment status as well as save employee data. This provides a quick summary of the various departments and the geographical assignments of the staff.

No of their position, the template in Tracup strives to assist you in gathering and storing a tonne of data about your personnel. You may use it as a database to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your staff within the business.

Regardless of an employee's status, the list view shows all of their data. It is organized by Status to make it easier for you to keep track of and evaluate each employee. The custom fields provide details about each employee's status, role, abilities, and other attributes. However, you should click on each employee's task card if you want to make notes or attach files.

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Business Calendar Memo

An informal business document or note used in office or business activities to record and exchange internal affairs in written form. It not only can be used to explain procedures, and instructions but also to Issue notices, and make requests for information and action. It can respond to a request and help people remind things, etc.

A business calendar is essential for keeping track of important dates and events. It helps you plan ahead and stay organized.

Business calendars help you keep track of important dates and organize your life. Use this accessible template to create a stylish calendar that looks great on your desk.

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Daily Management Report

The daily management report template is designed to help your managers organize daily tasks more efficiently. You can utilize this simple and helpful template to customize your management report by your own needs.

In this template, you can group the daily tasks by status and assign a team member or a manager to be responsible for the task. And for each task, you can make a report summary and choose the issue type
, impact level as well as departments.

Thanks to these features, you can identify what aspects are to be improved and take corresponding measures. Start creating your today’s management report now.

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Contingency Plan Management

This is a course of action that your business would take in the event of an unanticipated event or circumstance. Setting up contingency plans will help to ensure that your business is ready for anything and is an essential part of your overall business continuity strategy.

In an emergency, it provides vital information that your management team can use to help things quickly return to normal. A contingency plan speeds up the recovery process, conserves resources, and helps protect people and property.
An insurance policy for oneself would be equivalent to not having a contingency plan or never carrying out risk analysis and mitigation procedures.

When management is aware of an incident plan beforehand, they can react to the unexpected more quickly and minimize downtime. This typically helps to protect your financial security while also avoiding injury to staff and property damage.

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Cookie Order Form

An order form for cookies records transactions between a customer and a vendor. The seller finds it useful to maintain tabs on and record any cookie orders that their clients have made.

It increases your internet presence while making it easier for more people to find and buy your products. increases consumer communication, enhances transparency, and lowers the rate of human error, all of which increase customer happiness. The information acquired is quite helpful and can provide you with crucial insights you can use to improve your business's marketing and sales strategies.

This Tracup Cookie Order Form is a useful resource for customers and sellers. Any cookie transaction must include it because it can aid in preventing misunderstandings and conflicts between parties!

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Commission Calculate Sheet

Keeping track of the commission numbers becomes challenging when you got a large number of sales staff. Manager often finds it easy to lose data and other information when calculating stuff salary and accessing their performance.

No matter how complex your compensation system is, Tracup‘s commission sheet template makes it simple to figure out the commissions for your sales staff. No matter what you need in sales management such as commission rate, total sales, sold units and other figures, this template offers you an all-in-one tracker.

It's simple and easy to total up all those numbers with Tracup's Commission Calculate Sheet Template. Why don't you give it a try?

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Commission Info Tracking

Since commissions accounts for a sizble portion of salesperson's salary, it's crucial to track commissions accurately and precisely. However, many find this work complex and challenging for it's easy to lost exact track of numerous sales data.

For effective commissions tracking, a lot of sales management professionals employ Tracup's commission tracking template. Commission Info template from Tracup provides more accurate payouts, bigger transparency, streamlined workflow, and enhanced insights of your business.

To collect more specific and detailed information for salespersons' salary accounting,this free simplified and professional tool reaches a helping hand to you!

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Product Vision Board

A Product Vision Board is an effective way to visualize your product and its purpose. It helps you understand what makes your product different from others.

In order to create a successful product vision board, you must first have a clear idea about your product. You should also know who your customers are and why they would buy your product.

A Product Vision Board allows you to see your product as if you were already using it. It gives you a visual representation of your product and helps you determine whether or not it has potential. Use this presentation-ready product vision board template to gain support for your project. Create a compelling vision board to attract potential investors or partners.

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Audits of Corporate Accounts

With Tracup you can easily organize, categorize, and streamline your Audit Planning once again. Never lose track of your audit process again with our easy-to-use app that will help you to stay organized and on top of all your budget and time-saving measures.

In addition to examining accounts and statements in the usual sense, enterprise audit also includes evaluating the production, operation, and management of the enterprise, and putting forward positive and reasonable audit suggestions in time.

Audits of the Corporate Accounts Template also can help to improve the operation and management, and maintain the economic benefits and the interests of the unit.

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Concept Definition Map

A concept definition map is an effective tool to visually define ideas and concepts. It helps you to clearly explain the connections between key concepts. If you’re trying to come up with and organize new concepts, our concept definition map template is highly recommended for you.

In this template, you can group different tasks by status so that you can stay on top of the task progress. Moreover, you can set the start date and due date, and identify each task's complexity level, impact level, and task effort.

With its help, you can have an overview of crucial and complex concepts and track the task progress. That makes your work more efficient and effective.

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All Staffs Meeting Organization

All Staffs Meeting Organization Template is an important way to keep employees informed and engaged. They're also a great opportunity to bring new ideas to light, discuss company goals, and build team spirit.

All Staffs Meeting Organization is a meeting where all stakeholders, leaders, and employees get together to discuss the most crucial issues affecting the entire organization.

It is also known as a 'town hall' or 'stakeholders meeting' because of the wide variety of formats used by companies for such meetings.

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E-learning Course Development

An effective e-learning course is crucial to achieving higher learning rates. Yet, there are a lot of things to consider when developing an e-learning course. Our template here is ready to use for you to complete the development project plan of an e-learning course.

This template offers you an overview of developing an e-learning course, which will save you a lot of time. It also enables you to track each task’s complexity level and completion progress.

In this way, this e-learning course development template helps you manage development projects and finish them faster. Start your journey right now!

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Job Safety Analysis

A job safety analysis works well in helping find possible risks or hazards and work out countermeasures for them before the job begins. If you’re now thinking about how to write a job safety analysis, this job safety analysis template here is highly recommended for you.

This template allows you to assign a team member to be responsible for the job safety analysis. Moreover, you can set the priority and deadline, classify the job risk level, and work out countermeasures. Additional notes can also be added if necessary.

With its help, you can think about and list down any possible safety hazards that might occur while conducting a job. Thus, you can make countermeasures for them to guarantee people’s safety in advance.

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Advance Software Projects Management

Help enterprises to effectively adjust the related management of various activities and resources in the software project, which runs through the whole life cycle from the establishment of the project to its final completion.

Through software login, interaction and query analysis, let the project participants know and master the specific situation of each link of the project in time. Grasp the progress of the software project, control the cost of the software project, and maximize the benefits of the software project.

Have a unique software idea but don't know where to start? Try our easy-to-use template and view template that has stored for you!

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User Positioning Label

User Positioning Label is an important tool when creating content for your website or app. They help you identify who your users are and what they're looking for on your site.

A user positioning label is a fictionalized version of your ideal or present consumer. In order to boost your product marketing, personas can be formed by speaking with people and segmenting them.

Constructing personas will help you ask the right questions and answer those questions in line with the users you are designing for. In this article, we'll show you how to build a user persona profile using Google Analytics data.

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Interview Management & Report

An interview report summarizes the conversation between the interviewers and interviewees in written form, which helps produce a clear view of the candidates’ performance. Our template here provides you with a good sample of the interview summary report.

In this template, you can group interviewees by status, record their basic information such as positions and departments, and track the overall interview assessment. Moreover, this template allows you to write narrative reports related to interviews and upload relevant interview files.

In this way, the interview management process will be made more efficient. Use this interview management and report template to create your interview reports right now.

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Value Risk Assessment

An effective and technical way to understand what you should prioritize in your new idea list is by knowing how much these features are worth and the degree of risk associated with their implementation.

In order to do so, we must first know how much each feature is worth and the degree of its risk. Once we have done that, we can then decide whether or not to implement them. Finally, we can choose between implementing one feature over another.

This template allows you to list all of your ideas and their information per the custom field presented.

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Construction Management

Manage your construction projects in Tracup by keeping all of your resources in one location. One of the most crucial resources for each construction team is a set of construction project management templates.

Using a pre-made template to plan your construction projects can help you to streamline every step of the process, from pre-sales and concept to construction and final delivery.

When addressing the numerous steps required to plan and deliver capital projects, attorneys may encounter difficulties. In order to support the project objectives of our clients, Interface Consulting offers a collection of front-end planning solutions. Our project audits and assessments, overseen by professionals with specialized training and years of experience in the field.

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Change Order Form for Renovations

Create forms to streamline task creation and gather data! Share your plan with anyone, and the data you collect will be used to automatically create a task.

To seek adjustments for a construction project and track each request's approval, utilize a change order form. Construction companies use this form to update several parts of their development, including the workforce, materials, budget, completion dates, and terms and conditions that need to be modified for a specific project.

The building or construction of a structure involves many different parties. To make sure everything is in order, it's crucial to manage your change orders and monitor the status of each request.

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Business Continuity Plan

A strategy called a business continuity plan aids firms in establishing risk management procedures that enable them to survive unexpected business occurrences.

An organized, thorough business continuity strategy can keep things going smoothly and effectively when there is an unforeseen disruption to your company.

The tasks and activities of the team should be the main focus. These can be tasks that are given to a specific person or to the entire team or department. Practices ought to continue since it is believed that they contribute to the stability of the team. This can take the form of any type of resource that aids the team in remaining stable in the face of unpredictable business occurrences.

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Conference Management

Do you have any plans to host a conference for your business? You must be mulling over a bazillion questions right now! What location will host the conference? The sponsor will be who? What is the projected budget? Those invited who? Will the main visitor be present?

And so forth! A conference's planning and running is not an easy process. However, you can easily arrange a great conference with a lot of preparation, some effort, and the proper people! Conferences are essential for many types of organizations, including businesses, institutions, and start-ups.

A number of features to facilitate the smooth planning and execution of your conference and event Your life will be made easier with EventX's event management solution! Create a personalized badge app for the event check-in form.

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Consultant Time Tracking

Time tracking is crucial for businesses especially those pay their staff on a time-based salary. Use this template for a consultant time tracker to assist your company keep records of the hours your consultants work with clients.

Tracup automates tracking time for consulting services helps to invoice clients, generate revenue and estimated time. This template works to meet all your demands of consultant tracking management.

To measure every billable and non-billable minute accurately, Tracup Consultant Time and Salary Tracking Template is designed to provide a professional and agile system for you. It will make it easier to get paid and receive revenue for each consulting minute.

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Consulting Project Plan

Do you find consulting project management a complicated process to do? Still writing down every trivial procedure of your consultancy plan? Feeling hard to analyze and predict the growth of your business?

To ensure that you achieve each target, Tracup's consulting project plan template is intended to assist you in organizing, tracking, and forecasting the future business of your company. The Gantt chart and list included in these simple templates make it easier than ever to manage your job by defining deadlines and estimating workload.

Eager to enhance your work efficiency and streamline your consultation workflow? Want to make sure every detail of consultancy work going well? Come and use Tracup template to have a brand new work experience.

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Customer Service Blueprint

When providing a service to a consumer, it can be challenging to identify precisely where things could be done better or where they are going wrong. Which represents the business's essential services to customers? What are the expected start date and due date of service?

Tracup offers useful, multi-layered and comprehensive Customer Service Blueprints template to assist you in the whole customer service management. It will automate the records of your frontstage and backstage actions as well as the strengths and shortcomings of current services.

Want to pursue more customers and improve their experience rapidly? Use Tracup Customer Service Blueprints template to well achieve your goals.

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Account Planning Tracker

Account planning is essential in keeping existing clients and developing favorable relationships with them. It is the process of detailing key information about a potential customer or current client, such as their contacts, their business content, monthly revenue, and expanding your relationship with them.

Maintaining current clients and generating new clients are both essential components of effective account management. This template from Tracup provides a practical way to keep track of all of your accounts, notes, and follow-ups on one site.

With a variety of filters available, you can concentrate on different accounts according to their monthly earning, priority and other key elements. Account Planning Tracker Template lists out the most crucial information in client management.

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Business Directory Listing

Connecting with numerous businesses in a particular location could be challenging if you have no way of doing so. Tracup‘s free Business Directory Listings can be tailored to meet your needs, whether you need to gather customer information, filter clients through different categories or have an overview of your business landscape.

With a range of customizable fields including locations, industries, and key products, Tracup is devoted to providing the most powerful and complete one-site business yellow pages. It will be the most helpful, effective and best online digital yellow pages system for your client's management.

Tracup 's free Business Directory will allow you to quickly discover more about a business and get in touch with them soon. Try one of our free templates for online business directory right away!

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Employee Daily Report

An employee daily report is an important tool for managers to track their employees’ daily activities and achievements. It helps them know what the employees have done at the end of the day. Our template here is a perfect choice for you who are responsible for the employees’ daily work reports.

This template includes information about a summary of finished tasks, backlogs, and other relevant details. It shows you how to write an employee daily report.

This template allows you to monitor your employees’ daily progress and performance from anywhere without having to meet with each team member personally. In this way, it makes your work more efficient and effective.

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Internal Employment Form

An internal employment form is an essential tool for any company looking to hire the right candidates to fill open positions within the organization. Our template here provides a good sample of an internal employment form that helps you hire from within.

This template allows you to gather information about potential candidates from within, which takes less time compared to external recruitment. You can assign a team member to organize the internal employment, group candidates into different types, and add the applicants’ basic information about employment.

With the help of our internal employment form template, you can easily collect data from within and hire or promote the right employee into a new position.

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List of Product Requirements

This template is used as part of a collaborative product development process between enterprise organizers and managers.

Documentation of all development decisions allows you to identify previous weaknesses, reformulate requirements to meet customer requirements, and continue to build on the release plan.

Different requirements for products can not only meet the user's functional and aesthetic needs but also make the user safe, convenient, and simple operation. But also in accord with the purchasing power of buyers.

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Employee Performance Evaluation

An employee performance evaluation is a commonly-used way to review, comment on and give feedback about employees’ work performance. Our employee performance evaluation template is here to help you conduct an employee performance evaluation.

In this template, you can record the total working hours of each employee and the number of finished tasks and track how well they perform in teamwork or communication. It enables you to have a clear view of employees’ overall performance.

In this way, it helps you better utilize the evaluation’s findings to identify employees’ strengths and shortcomings to encourage employee development.

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Typical Sample Rollout Plan

You can now create your own rollout schedule for your projects. This template is highly customizable so you can easily adjust the timeline of your project as per your needs.

Assignees and Time Tracking features can help you assess how much time has been spent on each task and what remains to be done.

Create your own rollout schedule for any project using this tool. It’s easy to customize and edit.

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Employee Feedback Log

An employee feedback log is an effective and efficient tool to assist the HR team in understanding what the employees think about the company or organization. It’s also a good idea to improve the corporate culture. Our employee feedback log template is an ideal choice for you to write your own feedback log.

This template allows you to learn about what the employees think about your company culture, relationship, management efficiency, etc. This way, you can monitor employee satisfaction in real-time.

Moreover, this template can also serve as an employee satisfaction survey tool. You can use it to track employee happiness and strive to improve employee satisfaction.

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Information Transfer Matrix

Information Transfer Matrix is an important tool for managing and systematizing the communication or messaging channels within the organization.

It helps the user to align the brand positioning and messages. The information Transfer Matrix guides the users and the entire team on the communication channels that should be used across the organization

Both The backbone of the organization’s communication and the success of introducing new products or features need to depend on this matrix.

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Sales Team Meeting

Attempting to close more sales? Utilize this template to hold effective sales meetings. Looking for advice and suggestions on how to plan the ideal sales meeting? We have your back! Running effective sales team meetings will be made easier with the aid of this template.

This is a fantastic template to start your discussion because salespeople frequently focus on outcomes. It offers everyone a clear understanding of the team's performance and whether or not sales goals are being accomplished. Your weekly sales meeting instantly benefits your personnel by outlining measurements and KPIs at the outset. It demonstrates to the team where they stand and where their goals should be.

Even while celebrating accomplishments is wonderful, closing deals is not always simple. Your sales staff may encounter difficulties from time to time depending on the goods or services your business offers, the duration of the sales cycle, and a variety of other circumstances. Understanding the issues and assisting your team in solving them depends on this section of your sales meeting agenda.

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Simple Kanban Board

A flexible Kanban board can be a perfect solution if you've been considering creating a system to help you visualize your work and progress. Tracup has already created a Simple Kanban board template that is focused on workflow transparency and visibility.

Simply organize your work into columns, progress it through phases, streamline workflows, keep a close eye on working progress, and make even the back-end work visible. A Kanban board leads to a more direct and visualized timetable for even complex workflow.

By arranging several cards, you can build your own workflow Kanban with Tracup template and get a brief overview of what you are going to do today.

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Attendance Sheet

Stop wasting time on manual time cards. Switch to an effective template from now. Student Attendance Sheet that is Free to use. Every teacher should utilize the free student attendance template to track and record their students' attendance in the classroom. Excellent template for tutors, parents, teachers, and homeschoolers.

Stop wasting time on manual time cards. Switch to an effective template from now. Student Attendance Sheet that is Free to use. Every teacher should utilize the free student attendance template to track and record their students' attendance in the classroom. Excellent template for tutors, parents, teachers, and homeschoolers.

You can provide the student's name, the date, and the Monday through Friday workweek days. Make as many copies as you require for your classroom on tape. It is a tedious task for teachers to keep track of students' attendance and corresponding courses. Then this form can help teachers save a lot of time and manage students' attendance effectively.

Keeping attendance records is beneficial for a number of reasons. It is simple to keep track of attendance at gatherings, activities, and seminars. With the help of this template, you can track attendance without completing a mount of work.

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Attorney Time Tracking

Software that counts the number of hours attorneys work each week is known as "time tracking" software for attorneys. More significantly, it helps lawyers work more productively. It can assist partners enhance their procedures for better outcomes and make a firm's revenue statements more understandable.

A thorough time-tracking system is crucial for attorneys. Accountability is necessary for both client relationships and business profitability. Traditional manual methods, however, place a heavy burden on your time and introduce significant billing inaccuracies.

That is precisely the reason we created Timely, the first time tracking tool that will automatically record all of the time you spend working in the background. It is the simplest method for managing your billable time because it is an automatic tool.

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Change Management Checklist

The most important tasks and deliverables for projects in the planning and implementation phases are listed in Tracup's Change Management Checklist. Tracup's checklist for change management serves as a jumping-off point for initiatives in the planning and execution stages.

Change management and monitoring are vital processes that must be carefully managed. How can you determine whether your change management plan is set up for success? How can you track your change items orderly and effectively?

To assist you in organizing your strategy for change management, use this checklist template for free.

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Blockchain Ecosystem

The network of all blockchain network users who share a common business strategy and set of goals is known as the ecosystem. The ecosystem includes various forms of governance, including Individual participation. ownership of data. Criteria for entry and exit. Your solution is a template created specifically for building websites!

You will benefit from the best website templates if you can create a structure and a plan to manage the creation of your website. Categorizing the blockchain projects and progress you want to manage through Tracup's template to categorize is the ideal situation to plan and oversee the creation of your website.

This template will assist you in better running your blockchain projects and monitoring the progress of your goals. In addition to custom field options, this template also includes tags to easily categorize tasks, as well as several different custom statuses to help you easily monitor the progress of your research

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Building Web Pages

Your solution is a template created exclusively for building websites! You'll benefit from the best website template if you can Establish a structure and plan for managing the creation of your website.

Execute website development, design, and content workflows. Compare the schedules, stakeholders, and progress of your website with
The Building Webpages Template from Tracup is the ideal tool for planning and overseeing the creation of your website.

This template will assist you in organizing the creation of your website, managing the design and development processes, and monitoring your progress toward your website's objectives. In addition to custom field options, this web builder template also includes tags to easily categorize tasks and some different custom statuses to help you easily monitor the progress of your studies!

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Agile Project Management with Scrum

Scrum is an Agile framework used by many companies around the world. It helps teams work more efficiently and deliver better software faster.

In this template, we’ll show you how to implement Scrum using Microsoft Project. This project management tool has been designed specifically for agile development projects.

You can use it to manage tasks, track progress, and plan releases. We’ve created a free Scrum template that you can download and customize as needed. Use this template to create a new project.

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Participant Application Form

A participant application form is a required document for participants to attend an activity or event. If you are struggling with how to better manage those applications, our participant application form template is here to help you.

This template is an essential tool for managing your participants for an event. In this template, you can group applicants by status and add their basic information, such as the companies they work for, job titles, contact information, etc.

With its help, you can easily collect data about participants for an event and keep track of their status. Just customize the form template to collect the information about your participants right now.

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Product Inventory Management

The whole process of product inventory can quickly get chaotic for most sales managers. Stock, prices, units ordered and sold, manufacturers you're working with, and a lot more need to be tracked. If you don't have everything arranged, it's likely to lose track of important tasks and get confused.

The Inventory Management template from Tracup can help you keep track of everything down to the last detail without any effort. Additionally, sharing the complete board with your team will make it easy for everyone to stay updated at all times.

Tracup's template of product inventory keeps an eye on the best-sold products, records accurate stock data, and organizes your inventory in the most scientific way!

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Website Transfer Project

This project plan is designed for companies who wish to migrate their websites to a new platform. It includes detailed instructions on migrating content, including images, videos, and other media files.

This project is an excellent way to organize and manage your migration activities. Website Transfer Project is ideal for companies who have already transfered their sites to another platform.

This project plan is a great tool for companies who wish to automate their migration process.

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Sales Invoice Management Tracker

You are probably well aware of how annoying administrative work can be. Check out Tracup's invoice management template if you have numerous clients and a variety of services or goods to offer.

This customizable template can be modified to meet any demands or requirements you may have. With the help of this easy yet effective invoice management template, you can monitor invoice progress, improve your marketing strategy, and optimize your invoicing system.

Tracup sincerely help you with all your sales invoice tasks. You will have everything in one site, including sales invoices and bills, crucial data, and track on how the bills are handled.

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Employee Development Plan

An effective employee development plan helps inspire the growth of both staff and business. This template is highly recommended for you, who are trying to make development plans for your employees to improve their work.

This ready-to-use template offers you an example of making the employee career development plan. You can group your employees by status, add action plans, and set the assessment date.

In addition, this template allows you to record the assessment result and add comments to encourage employees. Utilize this template to create your own employee development plan and inspire employees to greatness right now.

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Agile Project Management

Any project can be planned, carried out, and tracked.
Simple work delegation and priority setting for your team. Establish a timeline, milestones, and dependencies for the project, and manage all of your team's work in one location.

The system that your team will actually enjoy using integrates teamwork across departments and teams to see how your work is coming along. To ensure a smoother execution, keep everyone in line with a platform they will enjoy using.

In this rapidly changing environment, agile firms clearly have an advantage. The time to market is shortened. They raise the caliber of the goods. They give customers more value. However, in order to enable true agility, you need a tool that is adaptable, simple to use and incorporates both tried-and-true methods.

Come on, Tracup. For cross-functional teams (and teams of teams) aiming for better, continuous product development, it is the contemporary Agile planning software.

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Graphic Design Planning

It uses vision as a means of communication and expression. It creates and combines symbols, pictures, and words in a variety of ways to make visual representations to convey ideas or messages.

Certain media convey a certain emotion and information to the audience and attract the audience to consume it.

Graphic Design Works can suddenly give consumers a very strong sense of commodity personality, visual impact, and achieve the perfect effect.

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Rebranding Plan of the Event

Rebranding is an essential step for businesses to grow their brand awareness. This free template will help you create a strong brand presence for your business.

This is where you could see if the company is on track or not. Notice that there are dependencies, the red and yellow small circles beside the task name. Dependencies would help the tasks to be accomplished in an organized and timely manner. The ones with the red circle need to be completed first before proceeding with the next task.

Get started today by creating a custom logo, website, social media profiles, brochures, and more!

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Story Content Outline

A good story has many components. Start by identifying what makes your story unique. Once you have identified your main character, think about his or her personality traits.

Create a list of obstacles that your character must overcome. These could include family issues, financial problems, or even an illness. Think about your setting. Where does your story take place?

Now, start creating your plot. You should always begin with a problem, then work backward to solve it. Finally, write down your ending. It doesn't matter if you're not sure where your story will end up. Just know that you'll figure it out as you go along.

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Volunteer Registration Management

A great volunteer registration management system helps an organization manage its volunteer registration activities more efficiently. Our volunteer registration management template is a system designed to help you centralize volunteer data and manage volunteer registration.

It is a free volunteer management tool that allows you to track the status of volunteers in your organization. You can start by assigning a team member for managing one or more volunteers. In addition, you can set the current status of volunteers, add the basic information of volunteers, and record the date when volunteers start to serve.

Registration is made easier with the help of this template. Start your online volunteer registration management right now.

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Board Skills Assessment Matrix

A skills assessment matrix is an effective and efficient tool for assessing the skills of a board member. It assists you in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each board member. If you’re trying to find the right talent to fill in the board’s vacant positions, our board skills assessment matrix template is ideal for you.

This template shows you a sample board matrix. Absolutely, you can add other skills that your board requires and choose whether the member possesses the skills.

This template enables you to form a clear view of which skills each board member has. This way, you can easily build the right and effective board.

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Construction Project Roadmap

This construction project roadmap template offers an advanced view of all of your running construction projects. It enables you to easily find your project information and organize a number of construction projects at the same time.

With the help of our template, you’ll never have to worry about missing deadlines because it includes each construction project’s timeline. It gives you an example project roadmap that helps you conduct construction project management and planning. Absolutely, you can create a roadmap for your own construction projects as needed in this template.

This template allows you to track every project in real-time so you can easily manage multiple projects at the same time. Not only can it save time but also improve your work efficiency.

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Nonprofit Donor CRM

A great donor CRM template is key to the success of any nonprofit organization: from donors’ contact information and donation amount to donation frequency and donation programs. Our nonprofit donor CRM template here is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations manage donor lists to improve donor relations.

This template serves as a cloud-based CRM for nonprofits. It can be used as both a tracker of active donors of your nonprofit organization and as a database for those possible donors. You can add each donor’s contact information, donation details, etc. This way, you won’t lose contact with any donor and never worry about data duplication again.

This template provides nonprofit organizations with CRM solutions to donor-related problems. Use it to improve your donor relation right now. Stop all the inefficient work or manual tracking!

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Heuristic Assessment Issues

Heuristic Assessment is a technique where professionals utilize general guidelines to assess the usability of user Interfaces during independent walkthroughs and indicate problems.

A product's usability can be improved by design teams at an early stage of development with the aid of evaluators' usage of well-established heuristics.

Our Simple, Heuristic Assessment Template includes every tool and view necessary to help designers.

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Nonprofit Grant Management

Grant management refers to a process through which nonprofit organizers can allocate and manage the fund received. If you are struggling with grant-related work, our ready-to-use nonprofit grant management template is highly recommended for you.

It is a great online tool that helps you manage the whole grant channel from possibilities to grants receiving. You can utilize this template to assign each task to a team member, track the status of each grant process, and record amounts requested as well as amounts received.

Start your journey to success with this template right now and make your grant workflow more efficient.

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Production Tracking Process

Production Tracking helps you track all stages of multimedia projects from pre-production to post-production.

It allows you to create a folder for each project and add documents to it. You can also share folders with other users and groups.

Add files to a list and share them with others. With the help of this tool, you can easily keep track of all your work. Use the built-in calendar to schedule tasks and meetings.

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Effective Interior Design

Create an interior design project management tool to organize your projects and keep everyone on the same page.

Get organized by creating a space where you can store your files, photos, and other documents related to your work.

Keep everything together in one place so you can easily access information about each project.

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Nonprofit Donation Tracker

A nonprofit organization deserves better. That’s why we design such a goodwill donation tracker that automates the management of donation data. Now, you can use our nonprofit donation tracker template to keep track of which donor gave what amount to which program in an easier way to stay on top of charity money.

You can add donors’ basic information, donation dates, donation amounts, donation programs, and others in this template. In addition, you can record the donation type of the donors, such as cheques, cash, and telegraphic transfer. It will help you save time.

This template allows you to gather and track donation data from anywhere in the world. Create a free online donation tracker for your nonprofit organization right now.

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Life Bucket List

An individual's list of adventurous things to do before they "kick the bucket" is known as their bucket list. Our free Bucket List Template can assist you in achieving your wacky objectives, whether you have 10 or 50 things to complete before you pass away.

Simply fill up this online spreadsheet with information about what you want to do and where you want to travel. Once you've completed it, you may access your completed Bucket List Template from any device, even if there is no internet connection. This makes it ideal for activities like hot air ballooning, elephant watching, and hiking.

Who said it can't be enjoyable to plan ahead? You can categorize your goals using this bucket list template's color-coded labels. You'll be able to rate each item on your list out of five stars once you're ready to check them off, which will help you remember all the fun you had. Life is short, so make the most of it by making a bucket list using our template, whether you're a thrill seeker or a chill seeker.

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Login Page Management

The landing page is a separate web page that focuses on your mission and goals and takes it as the direction of an organization.

It simplifies the tedious process based on what you initially see when you enter the site, making the results clearer and more reliable.

The design of the login page must be beautiful and all design elements searched should fit the style of the site to meet the needs of the user.

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Apartment Search Comparison

Looking for an efficient office tool? Want to quickly and efficiently filter out the right housing information? Tracup will provide you with an unprecedented experience to help you better manage your information.

Our forms help you keep track of rent, location, appliances, and more when you're looking at multiple properties. Don't get bogged down in the specifics or feel overburdened by all the factors you need to take into account. Instead, arrange your ideas and keep track of the specifics from one apartment to the next using a spreadsheet. You'll be better able to make decisions later on if you do this.

You can use the sample apartment search spreadsheet on this page. It will also help you consider the aspects that are most significant to you and explain some of the benefits of using an apartment search spreadsheet.

With this form your life will become more organized, helping you manage a wide range of information at the same time and helping you make good decisions.

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Sales Lead List

You wouldn't believe how simple it is for a lead to get lost. Additionally, since leads are the lifeblood of sales department, it would be extravagant to allow even one to be lost. When your lead volume starts to increase, you'll need to compile a list of leads. The Sales Lead List template by Tracup can provide you with a useful tool to attract more potential leads.

Through using our Sales Lead List template, you can collect all of your leads into one list, keep a detailed record of the latest person who contacts you, and sort and filter leads with countries, companies, sources and other factors.

This Lead List template brings sales workers the closest monitoring of leads' contacts progress.

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Comparative Matrix Analysis

In order to compare restaurants, we first need to understand what makes them different. We then create a comparison matrix to organize our findings.

To help you decide where to eat on your next trip to different cities, we created a comparison matrix to analyze the top 10 restaurants based on their location, price, food quality, and service.

When you're looking for a new place to dine, you'll want to know if they have good reviews, great food, and affordable prices. Use this comparison matrix to narrow down your choices!

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Donors' Activities Tracker

This donors’ activities tracker template is a top donor management tool specially designed for a nonprofit organization to track the donors’ activities and interactions. It is helpful to build better connections with donors.

With the help of this template, you never have to worry about losing contact with a donor again. You can record all the communications you’ve made with the donors of your organization in this template, including activity type, activity status, and activity date.

This template is a simple and quick way to stay on top of all the interactions with donors in one place. In this way, it ensures there is a sound relationship between your nonprofit organization and donors.

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Establish Brand Feature Guidance

A brand style guide is an essential tool for creating consistent brand messaging across all channels.

In this template, we'll show you how to create your very own brand style guide.

A brand style guide helps you establish a set of guidelines for developing your brand’s visual identity.

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Project Brainstorming Session

Have you found that the brainstorming in your team is disorganized and lacks focus? How do you get to a point where everyone on the team can share their ideas? How do you collect all of them and track their progress? Want to make all the stuff easier? Using Tracup eye-catching Project Brainstorming template!

This template will inspire everyone on the team to be creative and lateral-thinking, to come up with innovative ideas, and to offer their viewpoints from all perspectives rather than being afraid to speak up. As for managers or leaders, it allows a quick and complete collection of ideas and advice.

Tracup Project Brainstorming Session Template gives teams a perfect platform to innovate! Apply this template to your personal workspace and start brainstorming!

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Finances Bill Tracker

The greatest method to understand how you're spending your money, find unforeseen hidden costs, and maximize your revenue is to keep track of your accounts.

Thanks to Tracup's Finances Tracker template, tracking where your money comes from and where it goes has never been so simpler. Keeping accounts might initially seem tiresome and time-consuming, but this template will offer you a simplified model of quick bookkeeping every day!

Learning about your daily income and expenses with Tracup's template enables you to keep a balance of payments and spend money reasonably.

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Workout Routine Planner

Are you always thinking " I'll start working out tomorrow" but never do? Are you a fan of fitfluencers on Instagram or Youtube and watching their exercise videos while lounging in bed and munching on popcorn?

It's time for you to get up and make your own workout plan! Fill in Tracup's free workout planner template, you will soon get a personal-designed exercise timetable for yourself. Keeping fit as influencers suddenly become so easy to follow.

The Covid-19 pandemic still hits the world, why don't you start working out with our template to improve your immune system and be healthier?

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Receivables Accounts List

You can keep track of what your clients owe you in a standardized, straightforward format with the aid of an accounts receivable template. The process of collecting those receivables is also referred to as account receivable.

This might involve setting credit policies for your business, billing clients for goods provided or services performed, keeping structured records of accounts receivable, etc.

Your small business might eventually outgrow using a straightforward template spreadsheet to manage your accounts receivable. When that happens, you can spend money on a comprehensive accounting software program that generates receivable aging reports and automates and streamlines your accounts receivable process.

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Client Work Management

You may build a strong client onboarding and management system with the aid of our Client Work Management template, which will eventually lead to higher client retention rates.

Fear not if you're having issues with customer retention or losing clients throughout the onboarding process! In addition to defining and organizing your client onboarding, Tracup's Client Work Management template will help you create a client management system that will wow both your clients and your team.

Parts two and three of our free training for agency owners, consultants, and service providers use this template. You may use it to help with developing a clear, structured system for onboarding clients and managing work, maintaining a client's goals, tasks, and projects in a single location.

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Support Ticket System

If you don't have a well-established system in place, receiving a lot of support tickets regularly might quickly become overwhelming for you and your staff. You can easily, effectively, and rapidly manage all of your support tickets in one location using Tracup's Support Ticket System template.

Fortunately, you'll be able to follow up on any concerns your customer support staff raises thanks to our Support Ticket System template.

The template includes a request, suggestion, and email of new activities. Additionally, you may arrange all of your tickets into multiple tabs and filter, classify, and sort your things based on Support Status or Ticket Type.

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Contact Networking Management

Our contact networking management template is designed to help you achieve professional success by allowing you to track all of the valuable contacts you've had.

It is an easy-to-use tool that helps you stay on top of your connections with these contacts and determine the right time when you should contact them.

You can keep all your contacts in this template and group them by industry to maintain and grow your professional network. In this way, you won’t lose contact information and can make the best use of the contact resources you have obtained. What's more, it drives you closer to your career.

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Design of Building Structure

Architectural Design Project Management Software helps you efficiently plan, organize, and control the entire process from concept through completion. It includes project management tools, workflow automation, and collaboration features to help you stay on schedule and meet deadlines.

With Architectural Design Project Management software, you can easily create and assign tasks, track progress, and communicate with clients and team members.

And because it integrates with other popular apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and more, you can keep everything organized and up to date.

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Creative Presentation Requirements Planning

Setting clear goals before embarking on a creative activity requires planning. This type of project can be managed using our template.

The core purpose of requirements planning is to make adequate preparation before requirements development. From a business perspective, quickly locate the location of the project.

Stand in the project management perspective, clear project construction objectives, tasks, content, etc.

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Resource Library Management

This resource library management template is a useful resource-sharing tool to manage your student organization’s resources, which helps display the information in a visually appealing way. It’s perfect for those who want to create an online resource library for student organizations.

This template is designed to help make the best use of your organization’s resources. You can add the resources to different groups according to their types, assign a person to update each resource, and roughly describe what the resources are about.

In this way, it is convenient for viewers to access the resources they want. Use this template to design a resource library to share the resources of your student organization right now.

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Construction Subcontractor Tracker

You might have had trouble managing all the subcontractors that are working on your construction projects. Using our construction subcontractor tracker template, you can easily keep track of all the subcontractors.

This template is an essential construction management tool for both large and small projects. You can group all of your subcontractors into service subcontractors, structural subcontractors, and others. Just enter their names, telephone, email, type, etc. to create a new subcontractor database.

In this way, you can easily track all of your subcontractors and view them from anywhere. Get started right now.

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Publication Submissions & Review

You’re able to manage the whole publication workflow from submission and review to publication by using this user-friendly publication submission and review template. It is an efficient publication process management system that helps you track everything related to your publications.

This template makes it simple for you to manage your publication process, in which you can add multiple editors and their decisions and view the results. It can be customized in accordance with the real journal publication timeline.

In addition, you can upload the relevant files and add the author’s contact information as well as biography. Thus, it is convenient for you to keep in contact with them when needed.

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Effective Design Sprint Table

Design Sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers.

The card-based process allows you to change and test your way to the best possible outcome by creating, then eliminating design choices.

This comprehensive, easy-to-use template will guide you through every stage of the design sprint.

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Film Production Budget Table

Film budget template gives detailed information about your film production cost and helps filmmakers like you plan out your finances to prevent loss in the end.

Film budget is the basis and important reference of film investment, and the premise of film management and market operation.

High-quality film budget is the guarantee of film shooting, production and distribution, as well as the guarantee of investors' interests.

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General Contractor Solution

This general contractor solution template makes it easier than ever to organize and track your construction projects. It is an essential constructor project management system that helps you do general building plans and track construction projects.

Not only can this template keep you organized in managing a construction project, but also help you keep track of timelines for each project. Moreover, you can stay on top of all the tasks in each stage of a construction project, from project information, tasks, RFIs, and submittals, to punch lists.

With our general contractor solution template, you’ll be able to track your construction projects from anywhere. It’s the perfect tool for busy general contractors who need to stay organized and focused. Get started right now.

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Client Sales Process

Is there a secret recipe for increasing deal closing and referral success rates? It's nice to know that all effective marketing offering professional tried-and-true, clearly laid-out client sales procedures consistently results in the required results.

If increasing revenue possibilities is your aim, you might want to start laying a rock-solid foundation for your sales process as well.

You'll have a flexible pipeline that is already set up to assist you in gathering and analyzing sales data, finding potential clients, qualifying leads, identifying prospects' needs, etc.

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Construction Project Management

This template is highly recommended for you if you’re struggling with managing all the minor details related to your construction project. This customizable construction project management template can help simplify your work by offering an easy way to track the progress and deadlines of each project from construction and quality control to completion.

It’s a handy tool for organizing all the details of your construction project. You can add projects in accordance with the status where they stand and view the main phase of a unit.

This template helps you stay organized, so you won’t miss deadlines or lose track of important information about construction projects. It will save a ton of time, and you can focus on other important things.

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Accounts Payable Checklist

For novice or experienced small company owners, this free accounting template and bookkeeping spreadsheet are simple to use and comprehend. Our staff has expertise in managing donations, grant accounting, and more. To ensure the success of your social company, contact Purpose Forward.

A pre-made accounting statement that you can download and modify to meet your company's needs is known as an accounting template. These templates typically come with pre-populated fields or have a number of columns that have labels; all you need to do is fill in the blanks with your own financial data.

Take control of your sales data, earnings, invoices, projected revenue, and more. Keep track of your accounts payable and receivable to avoid chasing down past-due payments.

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Marketing Agency Client

Finding the appropriate toolset to manage the duties, accounts, campaigns, strategies, channels, etc. for your various marketing clients will be a struggle.

Tracup's Marketing Agency Client template will provide you with a client database, file-sharing system, team communication platform, and task management tool all in one location if you're searching for a robust yet intuitive, seamless, and feature-rich platform to handle all client operations.

Never worry about clutter again by organizing client data with 20 customizable features including links, attachments, dates, and members.

With the Marketing Agency Client template, you can manage your clients like a pro and design the ideal workflow for ongoing tasks, KPIs, and plans.

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Action Program Plans

An action plan is an effective tool for managing your projects and keeping your focus on your goals.

In this template, we'll show you how to create one for yourself. There are many ways to approach creating an action plan; here are three different approaches to help you decide what works best for you.

You may be wondering if there’s anything special about creating an action plan. We’ll explain why it’s so important to do so.

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Draw on the Wisdom of the Masses

Drawing on the Wisdom of the Masses is an important tool for solving complex problems. It helps teams come up with creative solutions and identify potential issues before they happen.

Use this template to create a list of ideas or questions about a topic. You'll be surprised by what comes out when you start writing!

A great way to generate new ideas is to brainstorm. This template makes it easy to do so. Just fill in the blanks and let your creativity flow!

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Guidelines for the Brand

A brand guideline is an essential document for any business. It helps define what makes your brand unique and memorable.

In this article, we'll show you how to create a brand guideline for your business. You'll learn about the different types of brands, as well as how to write a brand guideline.

Whether you're starting a new business or rebranding an existing one, creating a brand guideline is an important step in establishing a strong identity.

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Class Assignment Tracking

This class assignment tracking template is right for you if you’re looking for a simple solution to keep track of your class assignments. It will help you manage your class assignment in a more efficient way so that you can spend more time studying and won’t miss any s single assignment.

It is a ready-to-use online assignment tracker for students that ensures you are always able to complete all of your class assignments on time for all of your courses.

You can add the classmates with whom you study together, prioritize the assignments, select the status to know where you’re going, estimate the time of completion, etc. Now, get started by adding each of your class assignments to this template.

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Research Project Portfolio

This template is intended to help you design a secure, customizable space for all of your research projects and stay on top of their concrete progress. You can efficiently manage your research project portfolio if you utilize this template thoughtfully.

Using the research project portfolio template, you can assign each minor project to a member of your team, set priorities for each research project, and track the research progress to make proper adjustments.

In this way, you can manage all of your research projects from the initial research ideas to the finished products in one template and will not leave any single project unfinished.

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Single Research Project

This template makes it easy for students to plan their own research projects from start to finish. It is an essential tool for those who want to complete a research project, which helps organize brilliant ideas and write a clear research project.

Whatever your type of research project is, you need to start it by defining your research question. The single research project template divides a single research project into outline, research, writing, and editing, enabling you to arrange your project in order and track your research progress in each stage. Use this template to create your own research project right now!

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Research Source Management

It might be challenging to keep track of all the documents you’ve found from various sources when you’re working on a research project.

This research source management template is here to help you keep organized and make sure you remember every source document, so you can quickly locate the one you need when conducting a literature review.

It is an easy-to-use tool that helps you track source documents so that you won’t lose track of any important research sources. With this template, you can highlight relevant sources and summarize the source documents you’ve read, which will help save a lot of time when you cite the references later.

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Student Organization Budget

A budget refers to an estimate of revenue and expenses in a certain period. A well-designed budget for a student organization can help the organization stay on budget. Our student organization budget template was created specifically for a student organization.

This template makes it simple for you to run a successful student organization. It is a fantastic budgeting tool for student organizations, which helps you plan the budgets of your student organization from events and clothing to food and beverage.

Of course, you can customize the areas where your organization needs to spend. In addition, you can record the difference between the budget and the actual, so you can create a better budget for your student organization next time.

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High-Stadard Marketing Budget

By keeping track of your expenses and budget allocation, you can use our marketing budget template to quickly comprehend your budget breakdown.

Our intuitive budget tracking template helps you easily track your marketing expenses across multiple channels. Easily compare different types of marketing strategies, tools, or even different budgets within your organization.

Make it easy for anyone to request a budget from you. Track spend according to your own custom categories, or compare against others to ensure you're spending wisely.

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Game Virtual Party Ongoing

Plan a comprehensive online watch party for the Big Game so that you may take in the important event with friends and family in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

By quickly setting up customised automations, you can put monotonous labor behind you. Send emails right away as deadlines approach and get instant alerts when work is finished so you can concentrate on the important things.

Based on how actual teams utilize the campaign tracking template, the suggested integrations are shown below.

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Apparel Design Management

Facilitate your apparel development process from idea to production in one place! Keep track of your designs with a List view, or jump over to the Board view for an interactive visual representation of your apparel.

Designing apparel has never been easier! With our new app, you can create your own custom designs and share them with others.

Create your own unique designs using our app, then export them as PDFs or JPGs for printing on fabric.

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Employee Scheduling

With the help of our Employee Scheduling template, you can streamline HR operations, generate custom work plans for each employee, and keep track of their vacation and sick days.

Having an employment schedule is a good concept, but handling data on paper or creating Excel spreadsheets is not (especially if you have more than 50 people on your team).

The good news is that using Tracup's Employee Scheduling template can significantly boost your company's productivity and save you a tonne of time.

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Employee Database Management

The documentation of an employee's data, basic information, and many work-related details is done by human resource group professionals using employee database excel templates.

Keeping a record of all your employees' information can be a time-consuming task, whether you're an HR professional or a small business owner juggling many responsibilities.

Our employee database template provides one location to keep track of all employee information, including emails and dates of can be useful for a single location for storing all employee data, quicker access to pertinent data, Managing personnel by group or division, and streamlining HR procedures.

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Project Plan Essentials

Working in a service-based industry can imply that you have a lot of obstacles to face all the time. It pays to put out a thorough project plan, whether you're juggling deadlines, striking arrangements with outside parties, or simply trying to keep clients informed as much as possible.

This duty becomes much more crucial in professions that are client-focused because every choice you make about your individual project as well as the overall caliber of your team's work can have a direct impact on your client's business. Fortunately, Tracup and this particular project-focused template will show you the way to easier projects, a better workflow, and content clients.

If you need a tonne of information quickly, the Table View is a fantastic little analytical tool. You can view everything that needs to get done on that particular day, as well as who is responsible for what chores, when those tasks are due, which tasks are active and in what stage of completion, and any other information you may have jotted down. When you need to see a lot of information at once, it is ideal.

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Job Application Index

There is no turning back once a job posting is published. Applications may begin to trickle in almost immediately, and if HR and recruiting teams are handling multiple job positions, keeping track of everyone who applied may rapidly become daunting.

Fortunately, there are great tools available today to make the process of applying for jobs easier, and Infinity is one of them!

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, our Job Application template can be customized to your specific needs and made as easy or as complex as you like. The template includes a database of every job applicant with all the necessary data.

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Meeting Planner Arrangement

You must always go through a checklist of tasks while arranging an event to ensure that everything will go according to plan on the day of the event. From the promotion of the event to the finer points like renting the facility, placing a catering order, and arranging for speakers.

The Meetup Organization template will provide you with a straightforward Kanban board to keep track of all these details, in contrast to our other template that focuses on event organization.

This template, which is divided into sections for various aspects of event planning, will assist you and your team in getting a clear picture of tasks and task assignments.

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Lifetime Deals Tracker

Are you purchasing mass lifetime-deal products? Find it hard to track all of them? Forget which one is refundable? Don't know how to manage paid tools and APPs?

Tracup offers FREE lifetime deals (LTD) tracker template to help you get an overview of your purchase, organize subscriptions by categories, and compare refundable paid tools by prices. This template is for LTD-addicted over there to find out the most efficient, helpful and cheapest products.

With Tracup lifetime deals tracker template, you won't miss any proficient appsumo deals and purchase them at low during Black Friday!

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Daily Meetings Calendar

The last thing a freelancer or business owner wants to do is skip a crucial meeting that could result in their next big job.

Whether it's a meeting with a hot lead, your accountant, or a business partner, keep all of your sessions in one cohesive calendar that will help you manage all of your events for the month.

The Daily Meetings Calendar template from Infinity is relatively straightforward but includes all the features you need to stay organized. Save any pertinent information, including names, addresses, times, dates of meetings, and any other information you require.

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Game Office Questionnaire Survey

Coworkers have the option to use this template to forecast the outcome of the game for a chance to win the title of The Game Fortune Teller.

Starting everything with a graphic board. To create the workflows of your dreams, drag & drop more than 30 different column kinds. Keep everything in the context of your real project, workflow, or process, from due dates to status columns.

By quickly setting up customised automations, you can put monotonous labor behind you. Send emails right away as deadlines approach and get instant alerts when work is finished so you can concentrate on the important things.

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Student Attendance Tracker Template

With our Student Attendance Tracker template, you will quickly and easily keep track of attendance for courses, activities, and other events, enhancing your online education projects.

This visual employee attendance tracker template will allow you to track the attendance of each of your employees at a glance. Use this attendance sheet in Trucup to create a professional-looking employee attendance record. This is an accessible template.

We set up options and content to help you record attendance in a short period, while you can also record attendance by month or year. More convenient for your student management and teaching arrangements

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OKR Template

To assist you in achieving your goals, the OKR (Objectives & Key Results) template is built on a goal-setting framework. You can prioritize tasks and work more effectively towards your goals by dividing each aim down into initiatives and using key results to monitor your progress.

You can allocate initiatives to team members, set deadlines, rank activities in order of importance, monitor progress, and assess the achievement of each goal using Infinity's OKR template.

We use cookies to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services.

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My Freelance Business

A solid business plan can be a terrific starting point if you're interested in going freelance. You may be ready for everything by making a plan for your freelance business, which will also make it more adaptable and durable. A freelance business plan, like a conventional one, makes you examine your company's viability in great detail. You can use the strategies it outlines to increase your clientele and revenue.

To stay motivated, productive, and organized as a freelancer handling several clients, you need all the assistance you can get. The My Freelance Business template from Infinity will assist you in keeping track of various activities and clients as well as crucial metrics that will show you what you're doing well and what needs to be improved.

When working as an independent contractor for another company, use a sample freelance contract. Set the parameters of the job, be clear about them, and receive payment into our shrewd new multi-currency company account.

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Company Swot Analysis

A SWOT analysis template, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is one of the most popular strategic planning templates.
SWOT analysis may hold the key to revealing deeper facets of your company's strategy. Additionally, it can be applied to any circumstance that calls for strategic planning, such as project management, organizational change, market study, and so forth.

The Company SWOT Analysis template from Trucup can assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. It can be useful whenever you require something to boost your creativity when it comes to business planning so that you can generate fresh concepts that address any obstacles in your path.

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Course Planning

The sharing of knowledge is something we appreciate much. You may arrange your courses, easily design your syllabus, and even share the entire board with your students with the aid of our course planning template.

It must be chosen by anybody who wants to become more organized, from private language teachers to college professors. Some of them provide templates that will assist you in keeping everything about your course organized.

Use this free course scheduling template to keep track of classes, instructors, lecture venues, contact details, and more. Others have insightful queries that will help you pull together all the information that is needed to get a course online.

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College Alumni Database

This template is highly recommended for you if you are an alumni relation manager who is struggling with managing the alumni network of your college. It is a helpful tool that helps you keep track of and contact your alumni to broaden your network and build better alumni connections.

With our college alumni database template, you can sort alumni by graduation year so as to easily track and manage the alumni data. In addition, you can collect all the necessary information about the alumni that you want to know, such as their current company, job title, and address. It will make your work simpler and more efficient.

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HR Requirements

Keep track of each submitted request or inquiry and track it from incoming to completed in real-time as our boards are updated across all devices.

Your entire HR team can also stay up to date on the most recent version of any file and share documents, images, and feedback with everyone involved in real time.

Your HR team can manage all incoming requests, as well as completed tasks and projects, in one centralized workflow with our user-friendly HR requests template.

HR needs vary depending on the type of organization and its needs. In general, HR services continue to include recruiting and interviewing candidates, managing employee onboarding and orientation, handling employment records, administering benefits, managing employee data, dealing with payroll, counseling, and other responsibilities after this template. Some reference services are listed below.

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Exam Preparation Schedule

This template is highly recommended for you if you are plagued by how to organize your incoming exams. It is an effective way to help you record the number of days left to study and keep track of the study status of each examination subject.

With the exam preparation schedule template, you can also plan your study hours spent in each subject's module according to its difficulty level.

This template allows you to clearly evaluate your current schedule and make timely adjustments before the exams come. With its help, you can prepare for the exams in a more efficient way and get higher grades.

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Academic Requirement Tracking

Are you still confused about the gap between your academic accomplishments and academic requirements? This template helps you keep track of how many academic requirements you meet and ensure that you can obtain the degree on time.

It offers you a visible sight of the importance of each academic requirement. In this way, you can know what you have accomplished and what remains to be finished.

With the convenient academic requirement tracking template, you will move closer toward your degree step by step until you receive credits enough to obtain the degree.

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RSVP Plan Process

Planning and operations template for events optimizes your creative planning processes with integrations and a visual flow that works for you.

Manage and plan all your events in one organized workspace. Assign tasks, track statuses, and oversee deadlines in this event plan template.

Sync all event operation managers, event staff, and stakeholders on your events by creating smart calendars with progress tracking and deadline reminders.

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IT Management System

Control all of your IT activities from a single collaborative workspace. Streamline your business procedures to make sure that communication is simple and straightforward.

We've created a comprehensive guide to IT operations management, including everything you need to know about managing IT operations effectively.

IT operations management is the backbone of any successful business strategy, but it requires constant attention and maintenance. Get up to speed with this guide!

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Enhanced Member Database

The enhanced member database template allows you to store and access information about all the members of your student organization, including their names, positions, contact information, and the frequency of events they have attended. The information can be really helpful when you're looking to organize activities.

In addition, you can see the distribution of members per grade in the organization, which helps you simplify and improve the organization's member management. It serves as a helpful member directory, enabling you to track all active members in your organization.

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Enhanced Event Schedule

If you’re an event organizer of your student organization, you might have been at a loss once when planning a series of events at the same time. It’s important for you to stay on top of the schedule of each event and make sure that everything goes as scheduled. And this template is highly recommended for you.

With our enhanced event schedule template, you can assign a task to someone, specify the event and priority, set a date for the event, and record the budget as well as actual expenses. This will give you a better experience.

This template serves as an ultimate event checklist, which allows you to further divide each event into more specific tasks. In this way, you are able to easily keep track of all the events of your student organization.

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Paid Marketing Campaign

Paid marketing should be a part of your overall marketing strategy when promoting a good, service, or brand. If managed properly, it can be a big stimulant to your overall growth in addition to helping to increase brand and product recognition.

A solid and adaptable campaign plan is essential if you want to deliver it on time and within your budget, but campaigns like this frequently have a tonne of details to navigate.

This is the reason we developed this paid marketing campaign template. It provides you with a foundation upon which to build and is sufficiently adaptable to hold all the data you'll need to track throughout your marketing plan.

Additionally, it has a variety of features that have been specially created to help make your next project the best one yet.

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Content Production

If you want to attract new clients, you must create a solid marketing strategy, and a key component of that strategy is how you handle the content. No matter how much content you produce or for whom, without a clear strategy and a set schedule, it's simple for it to be lost in the mix. Your material must be eye-catching, resonate with your target market, and forge a connection between them and your company or product in addition to having a timeframe.

This template will provide you with all of the tools you need to create significant content and successfully advertise it. It's a tall order to consistently do this, so that's where it comes in.

This template will help you create a long-term action plan, which is ideal for content that is a focal point of your overall marketing strategy. Additionally, this enables you to take into account the deadlines for freelancers and other parties.

You can start by plotting these dates on the calendar to give yourself a solid foundation from which to work. This will give you an idea of how much time you have available, how much time you can devote to specific projects, and how flexible you can be with your spending requirements.

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Habit Tracker

It can be pretty difficult to change your habits, especially undesirable ones, if you lack discipline or motivation. But even breaking those negative behaviors will be much simpler with Infinity's Habit Tracker design.

Start making changes in one area of your life, and the others will soon follow. If you stop repeatedly hitting snooze before getting out of bed, you'll also stop procrastinating.

With something as straightforward and practical as a habit tracker, you may establish new, constructive habits or maintain the good ones that inevitably fade away as your life grows busier. Make daily routines easy to follow, maintain good habits, find the motivation to continue, and reach all of your goals by using this habit tracker!

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Contact List

It is very important to maintain good communication with many clients who may have similar problems or may ask questions that have never come up before. You must organize this information regularly, in order to solve all possible unexpected situations.
This template will help you organize all your customer information very well and will also help you summarize all the questions that have been asked and the ones that might be asked. When you are faced with a new question, you can search here to find a template that has been prepared before.
You can use this template with your team and exchange information with each other, which will improve the efficiency of your work as a whole and avoid duplication of mistakes.

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Boxed Employee Lifecycle

When something important happens in an employee's life, the team leader submits a request to understand and value the lifecycle of each employee.

Manage processes more efficiently, from receiving new requests from employees to meeting their needs, managing the entire process in one visible place.

Human resource managers can better understand and maximize the well-being of their employees, so as to improve wellness programs and effectively solve company-wide problems.

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Event Programming Across Corporation

Internal event management is a critical component of any business' operations. But managing an internal event requires a lot of time and effort. With this template, you'll be able to plan and manage any internal meeting or conference.

This template helps you plan and manage any type of internal event, including conferences, meetings, workshops, and more.

Track the workflow and get an overall report on all the most important metrics.
Manage activities for your organization and effectively supervise employees.

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Volunteering Application Management

It may be a challenge for you to manage the volunteering application when receiving a number of applications for the volunteering program. It is necessary to view and analyze the basic conditions of new applicants. This template here is right for you.

The volunteering application management template helps you get a grasp of the basic information of applicants for volunteering. You can choose the right volunteers for your project.

With this ready-to-use template, you can easily organize your volunteer applications, identify those who are available to serve as a volunteer, and manage volunteering resources.

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Work Schedule Arrangement

Work Calendar Template for Teams - Schedule work for your team this month, next month, and even next year. Add due dates and timelines so everyone on the project knows exactly when they have to complete their tasks.

Have your most productive week ever with this work calendar template. Keep track of your team's progress with this shared calendar.

See who's working on what and when to ensure everything stays on track. Integrate this template with Google calendar to stay organized.

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Order Blank Template

Your legal team can handle all incoming orders and tickets in one, consolidated procedure by utilizing our legal order blank template.

Visualize your data in any way that makes sense to you, from high-level dashboards to Kanban boards, and colorful timelines, so that you can feel confident making data-driven decisions each time and being certain that you're meeting the deadlines for all orders.

As our boards are updated in real-time on all devices, keep track of each order you receive d, and follow it in real-time.

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Recruitment Plan Template of HR Playbook Example

Our HR Playbook Example's Recruitment Plan Template includes a step-by-step guide to help you define your ideal candidate, create a comprehensive job description, develop interview processes, and optimize recruitment initiatives for your team.

This template will help you and your team recruit the right professionals more efficiently.
You can set up every part of the recruitment process and the list of candidates in this template. You can sort them by different positions, and if they pass one step they can move on to the next.

This template will also help you keep track of all the changes that occur in the interview recruitment process and has a clean and easy-to-understand interface. You can use the template with your colleagues and it will always synchronize the progress of the work you have done together, presenting all changes.

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Application Status Tracking

This template helps you keep track of each application's status. It is an easy way to manage and organize the candidate pool of volunteering applicants for your project.

This template acts as a database for volunteering applicants in which you can see their application status. For those who haven't yet been contacted, the assignee can easily find their contact information to follow up.

Improve your volunteering application tracking process with the application status tracking template, which makes your work faster and simpler.

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PR Campaign

For PR people, the most important thing is to grasp the time, but there are so many public opinion messages that need to be paid attention to and handled quickly, Tracup can help you organize the large amount of public opinion messages in time.
Tracup can also help you organize the media you need to contact, the launches you need to follow up on, etc. Time is of the essence, so set a deadline and let it remind you in advance.
You and your team can see everyone's work progress in Tracup, which helps you save time wasted by duplicating work. If you don't know whether your colleagues have already done it or not, you can search for it first!

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Enhanced Dues Management

This template is utilized to enhance the tracking and management of chapter dues, allowing you to keep track of the dues of chapter members in time.

This template makes it simple to see all of your members in a glimpse and identify a member's payment schedule. With its help, you can follow up on the concrete payment plans of members and promptly make the response to problems related to dues.

The enhanced dues management template provides you with a more detailed table. In this table, the payment plan of every member is well in control, making your organization's dues well-managed.

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Creative Requests

Since a successful project is dependent on continuous improvement of customer requirements, it is important to collect a lot of customer feedback and respond to them timely.

Tracup can help you and your team collect and analyze a large amount of feedback from users efficiently. You can use the varities of forums to organize the processes in requirements improvement and categorize the different requirements clearly.

Tracup can also be used to better serve teamwork. As different employees will be responsible for different tasks in the requirements improvement work, so let's work together using Tracup templates, where everyone's updated progress will be presented in full!

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Managing Organization Dues

This simple template helps you track and handle the organization's dues, which will save you a ton of time. It offers you a simple but clear view of each member's payment process.

Using this template, you can follow up on the members' payment status and payment deadline so that you won't be thrown into chaos in the end. You can view each member's payment process clearly and make the right response to it.

It is a simple and easy solution to those problems arising from too many dues, and you can set it up in just a few steps. It takes less time to help you manage the dues.

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Executive Board Management

This template helps the executive board manage and follow up on tasks, projects, and other agendas of the board. All members of the executive board can be well-informed about the board's agenda and make appropriate responses promptly.

The executive board management template serves as a platform where the members are able to discuss weekly ideas. It makes the ideas and plans better.

For each task, this template allows you to add the task progress, task status, due date, notes, etc. In this way, you can manage the executive board and keep track of its agendas.

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Event Preparation

In our daily lives, we may be involved in planning many events such as birthday parties, promotion parties, moving parties, holiday events, group trips, and so on.

Does it bother you that these events require a lot of preparation and many guests to be invited? This is where you can use Tracup to help you plan it all out clearly.

As the overall event organizer, you can use Tracup to list everything that needs to be ready before the event starts. As an event participant, you can use Tracup with other friends and make it a place for you to exchange ideas.

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Job Interview and Onboarding

Optimize the recruitment process and select the best talents. Employers can effectively manage skills at all levels by using the latest candidate tracking system, showing all candidates' latest statuses.

Introduce the company to applicants, the job responsibilities, and the first two weeks of orientation courses.

The relevant information of new employees will be automatically recorded in the employee roster to provide a reference for the human resources department and it will improve work efficiency.

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The Weekly President's Update

As the president of a student organization, you take the tiller of the organization's development. It's important for you to communicate key messages precisely, and the weekly president's update template is right for you.

This ready-made template is a good way to help display the whole collection of your weekly updates in one place. With the help of this template, all the members are well-informed about all forthcoming events and tasks.

All action plans of the president appear in this template, which is more convenient for both the president and the members. It also helps the members know what you care about in a shorter period thanks to its fast distribution.

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New Employees to Join

All information from the introduction of each new employee to the entire work schedule is stored in a unified platform for effective management and supervision.

Clarify the responsibilities of each employee and track the work progress, so that team members and leaders can timely gain information and promote effective communication.

Effectively manage recruitment activities and streamline onboarding processes through visualized data.

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Content Schedule

Content creation is a tough and proud business that requires the creator to give it as much attention as possible.
But creators have a lot to deal with besides creating, such as they need to keep an eye on deadlines for different projects, they need to modify formats to suit different requirements and they need to edit their video footage over and over again. All these tedious things can affect their creative state and make them exhausted.
Tracup is a tool that helps you to focus more on the creation itself, where you can choose the templates that will help you manage all the clutter and things that need to be dealt with in time.

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Social Media Managemant

If you are an influencer or you wish to manage your different social media accounts better, Tracup can help you achieve this objective more efficiently.
Are you facing any anxious situations? There are many social platforms that you need to keep updating. Your followers are constantly urging you to update quickly. Sometimes you tend to get stuck in a creative bottleneck, but sometimes you have a lot of good ideas but struggle to remember them.
These difficulties will be solved with the help of Tracup, where you can use extensive forms to list your future update plans. You can also put all your collected materials into Tracup for your daily creations! You can modify your creations to suit the different social platforms!

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Personal Tasks

You can rapidly set up the same tasks over and over again by using task templates, which make it simple to standardize jobs in your project. As a result, you may build recurring processes and save time by not needing to create the same task from scratch each time.

You can specify relative due dates for tasks using task templates. Our templates can be made in such a way that the tasks that come from them have due dates that are any number of days in the future from the time the template was made.

You can designate a task as waiting on another task by adding dependencies to task templates. Teams using collaborative workflows will benefit from being able to easily see which tasks they are awaiting so that they can plan their start times for those tasks.

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Job Application Blank

Organize and record job application near me forms in one location for a more efficient recruiting process.

Create an application form template for you to use when sending out job applications. It includes all the necessary information about your company and its employees.

Application form template makes it easy for you to manage your entire recruitment process. You can also customize the template by adding your own logo or changing the colors.

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Personal Goals

Achieving your goals is the key to success in both business and life. The happy you can be, the faster and better you can reach new heights. Because of this, setting and achieving goals has become a crucial component of modern living.

These goal templates and goal worksheets might assist you in being more organized and laser-focused on your main objectives if you're seeking a straightforward and effective tool for goal creation. You can attain new short-term and long-term goals by making steady progress with the help of the personal goals template.

Anyone who wants to accomplish more can use both the weekly goals template and the monthly goals template as effective tools for setting goals. Learn about the goal-setting worksheets and templates available for download.

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Kanban Software Designing

Kanban is a visual management system that helps you organize tasks and projects.

You can see what needs to be done next, who has completed their work, and when something should be shipped or released.

It is also a method of managing workflows that allows you to focus on one thing at a time. It helps you stay organized and focused while working on multiple projects simultaneously.

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Offers and Deals

View our templates, designed with responsiveness and simple customization in mind. Please choose an appropriate template to start altering, or create a template with your branding using our drag-and-drop editor.

We have created this template specifically for customers that require settlement amounts. Utilizing this form will enable you to complete the task quickly.

The content is thoughtfully separated into several templates, each with various categories, allowing you to establish several merchant names while also customizing your revenue amount. You can use this template to make a strong presentation.

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Individual Tasks

Life is full of many trivial tasks that need to be solved, some things need to be repeated periodically, some things are easy to forget, and some things need to be done before the deadline.
Tracup can help you collect all the things you tend to forget, for example, you can use it every night before going to bed to record what you need to do the next day, and the next morning, it can remind you of today's to-do list in time, so you can organize your time wisely and start the new day with clarity.
Tracup can also help you categorize your disorganized tasks. For example, you can use tables to keep track of repetitive tasks that need to be done regularly, and Gantt charts to track the progress of long tasks. You can also share with your family the weekly family cleaning that needs to be done together, so they can anticipate the proper organization of family matters in advance.

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Product Features and Release Plans

It is a new tool that helps you create beautiful websites faster. It's free, open source, and built by web designers for web users.

Develop product features and agile release plans. Manage upcoming product features by priority. Make everyone better familiar with products. Assign tasks to the responsible person. Save time and improve team efficiency. Our roadmap will help you plan better.

It will give you everything that you need. You can even customize them later if needed.

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Pre-onboarding Customer Principles

The use of this template can allow you to efficiently complete many of the tasks you must perform before an employee starts working at your company.

You may differentiate yourself from the competition and increase customer retention with a smooth onboarding process that swiftly acclimates new customers to your product or service.

However, creating a successful onboarding process requires time and effort, both of which are sometimes in limited supply while managing existing clients on a daily basis.

With the help of these free customer onboarding templates and checklists, you can hasten the process leading to customer success. It can serve many functions, including checking employees into their new jobs, providing them with initial orientation materials, reviewing their contracts, and so forth. Try this pre-onboarding customer template to improve your work efficiency.

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Recruitment Database

This template helps your organization track the rushes of new member recruitment in the midst of a rush.

The recruitment workflow will be further improved with a database in which you can find the rush status of every member.

The recruitment process will be made faster and simpler with the help of this template. Use this template to improve your recruitment process.

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Market Strategy Plan

When you generate a brand new marketing idea, you can use Tracup to document it and list the steps of how it can be achieved and what you need to do at each step.

You can use the rich tables, Gantt charts and other forms in Tracup to get a macro grasp of your marketing strategy in practice, keep adding new collected information to it, and keep all the fragmented information systemized. Tracup can make your ideas more organized.

In addition to personal use, Tracup can also help you and your colleagues collaborate on new marketing plans. You can see other people's new ideas, new modifications, etc. online, and Tracup will help you aggregate all the seemingly cluttered information and ultimately achieve your plans efficiently.

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Website Project Plan

Use this template to collect client feedback, design plans, team opinions and other important stuff for your web building or rebuilding.

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Risk Assessment

Use this template to determine possible risks, make assumptions to potential problems, and list exsiting issues.

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Bugs Queue

Easily plan, track, and manage your scrum iterations while accelerating the delivery of superior products.

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Customer Requests Service Template

Customer Request refers to the interaction (phone conversation, in-person visit, or letter) during which the customer provides enough details to carry out the service order.

Customer Request Service (CRS) is a type of service-oriented architecture (SOA) that enables customers to make requests to a service provider, who can then provide the requested service on demand. Customers can use CRS to get to various services quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. It also eliminates the need for customers to set up their own service infrastructure because they can use the infrastructure and resources of an existing service provider.

Customers can access services through CRS in a convenient, cost-effective, and secure manner.

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Creative Processes

In order to find the precise information you want at any given time, you may utilize a variety of views and filters. Feel free to modify this board to suit the requirements and working methods of your team.

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SEO Management

Take control of every aspect of your SEO campaign. Together with your team, you can plan, monitor, communicate, and work on projects all the way through.

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Customer Onboarding Process

Customer onboarding typically consists of five steps: customer data collection, customer onboarding review, customer activation, customer onboarding follow-up, and customer onboarding optimization.

Customers provide all necessary information to establish a business relationship during the data collection step. Customer onboarding professionals assess the data during the review step to ensure that it is accurate and that there are no issues that need to be addressed. The activation step entails configuring access to the product or service as well as any other onboarding tasks that must be completed before customers can actively engage with the product. The next step is to check in with customers to ensure that they are satisfied with their experience and that they received all of the assistance they required.

The optimization step involves taking steps to improve the onboarding process so that customers have a smooth experience when interacting with the product or service.

Manage every step of the onboarding process for your clients, from the initial meeting through client installation and training. Gain insight into how the onboarding is going, keep track of the time spent, and align everyone within on the situation.

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Supporting Sales Information

Do you need a template to help you with your sales supporting information? If that's the case, you've come to the correct spot!

Sales literature Designs, drawings, and graphic components that are inspired by the top designers worldwide. Interested in more ideas?

This template may be used to design effective presentations that emphasize your product and encourage your audience to purchase it.

Developing strong sales support is an important component of promoting your goods. They may assist you in closing more sales by giving essential product information that clients can utilize to make an educated decision.

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Real Estate CRM

Create Your Database Using Tested Tools. Take Care of Your Sphere. Gain repeat business and referrals Increase Productivity & Your Sales Potential With Our Best In Class CRM.

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Search Ad Campaign

Use this template to manage a well-organized search Ad campaign from beginning to the end.

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Editorial Calendar

Utilize a simple Editorial Calendar template to manage all of your social media material completely, tracking it all in one location.

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Sales Enablement: Scorecard & Review

This Scorecard is intended to highlight the enablement team's comments for new representatives over months 1-6!

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Business Goals

With the help of Tracup's business goals template, you can transform your organization's mission statement into a workable strategy that aids in the accomplishment of your company's goals.

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Podcast Planning

Use this template to start a podcast and stay on track with the entire creative process, allowing you to efficiently monitor, track, and complete each episode.

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Public Relations Planning

Using a PR planning template in Tracup, you may transfer your overall PR strategy into observable benchmarks and objectives, then further deconstruct them into doable activities that aid in achieving those objectives.

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Customer Projects

Welcome to your Customer Projects! Here you can store and manage all of your Customer Projects.

Customer projects are those in which the customer is directly involved in order to provide a customized solution to meet their specific needs.

Customer projects are typically long-term and require close collaboration between the customer and the service provider to ensure that the customer's specific needs are met. To ensure customer satisfaction, this type of project necessitates close communication and interaction between the customer and the service provider.

The customer will usually provide detailed project requirements and specifications, which the service provider must follow in order to complete the project successfully.

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Marketing Activities

You and your team can organize your campaign planning and execution on this board. Invite your team so you can assign owners, keep track of due dates, and see the progress of your campaigns at every stage.

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Project Portfolio Management

A high-level summary of all your ongoing, finished, and upcoming projects. Use the Gantt view to view the schedule of all your projects, designate a project manager, and determine your project's timeline.

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New Client Onboarding

Use our new client onboarding template to make a strong first impression and treat every new customer like a VIP.

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Content Plan

Use this template to create a flowchart of your content strategy, from the first brief to editing and review, client or stakeholder response, and final sign-off.

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Software Implementation Checklist

Use this template to simplify your deployment process and advance your deployment.

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Single Project

You may easily manage tasks by creating a daily task tracker template for work using a task management template.

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Task Management

You may easily manage tasks by creating a daily task tracker template for work using a task management template.

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Risk Register

This simple Risk Register template is intended for projects or tiny enterprises. With only a few fields to fill out, getting started is quick and simple.

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Product Launch Plan

Use our most recent product launch plan template to effectively manage the entire launch planning process and promote new items more swiftly.

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Agile - Roadmap

Ideal for controlling Agile Methodology. You can essentially plan and keep track of all top level milestones with the Roadmap's planned projects.

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Agile - Sprint Planning

Manage all of your sprints and iterations here to quickly link them to your Roadmap board for that top-down perspective.

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Client Directory

Building a client list is crucial for any company looking to expand. The client lists are available for download here for free!

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YouTube Video

A successful YouTube video will require assistance with video production, scriptwriting, editing, and optimization. The primary considerations are the video's goal and target audience. This will assist you in determining the type of video and format required to reach your target audience.

Use this template to become a successful YouTube video producer step by step.

In addition to this template, you may require content creation, graphic design, and analytics services. The importance of content in ensuring that your messages are seen and heard cannot be overstated. Graphics and videos can help your messages stand out and be seen by the right people. Finally, analytics can show you which content performs best and which audiences are the most engaged.

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Start a Side Hustle

Use this template to guide you through the process of starting a business, including the steps necessary to register a domain name, design a logo, and spread the word about your venture.

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Organize Your Finances

Use this template to organize your personal finances by setting up budget and making debt pay down plans.

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Digital asset management (DAM)

In order to find the precise information you require at any given time, you can use a variety of views and filters. Feel free to modify this board to suit the requirements and working methods of your team.

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Pitch List

Pitch List is an online resource directory with resources, potential investors, and other information for entrepreneurs looking for funding for their startups and projects.

This board keeps track of the companies or groups you are pitching to take part in a certain project or campaign. Tracking on a public board provides a single source of truth for more accurate work and allows everyone on all teams to see the status of participation.

Pitch List assists you in locating resources to assist you in getting started with your business, such as industry experts and potential investors. It enables you to conduct research on potential investors, track your progress, and even develop relationships with the right people. You can research and build relationships with potential investors, track your progress, and even create a pitch to present to potential investors.

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Project Assessments

After a project has begun, it can be useful to poll the project team to determine where workflow improvements can be made.

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Language Learning

Use this template to establish a goal, choose a strategy, and make learning a new language a habit.

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Class Planning

Use this template to keep your class plan organized. Be prepared for reference material, presentations, guest speakers, homework, tests, and the rest.

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Video Status

With the finest video template library in the world, make beautiful films quickly. advertisements, promotions, slideshows, social media, and more Adjust now.

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Inbound Request Form

In the end, Forms assist you in minimizing the time and effort required to handle incoming requests so that your staff can focus more time on the tasks that are important.

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Healthy Habits Challenge

Use this template to build some healthy habits in a 12-month length. Build a simple one in every month instead of a big one in a year.

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Growth Experiments

This template is made to help you push exist experiments to the next stage by repeatable process.

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Grocery List

Use this template to record the purchase date of your groceries and expire date of them. Add expected quality guarantee period of each items.

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Goals & Feedback Meeting

Use this template to discuss, and summarize positive and negative moments in the past. Think and improve in the coming year.

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Educator Planning

This template will offer workflow advice to help you remain on top of your grading, your lesson plans, and new advancements in your profession to keep your students up to speed.

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Book Writing

Use this template to help you finish your book writing process.

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A template to collect various appointments in one place. Make sure they don't fall apart.

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Annual Review

Use this template to review things/events happened last year. Consider the challenges and goals you met last year.

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Custom Homebuilding

The Custom Home Building Proposal template is included in Proposal Packs and may be made in any design style using our proposal software.

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Project Proposal Process

Make a clear approach for responding to RFPs so that you can always send project proposals to potential clients on time.

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Deep Work

Use this template to practice setting priorities for attention and removing distractions.

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Disconnect from Tech

This template is made to prevent burnout, schedule relaxation each week and include time for self-care.

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Client Campaigns For Agencies

Are you an account manager or the owner of an agency? Use this meeting template to meet with your client's new campaign manager.

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Post-event Opportunities

A comprehensive manual on post-event report writing and content. A free post-event report template is provided in this article.

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Weekly Task List Template

This easy task list template will make creating your weekly to-do list a snap.

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Out of Office Schedule Template

Create a shared location for your team to register vacation and sick days so that tracking paid time off is simple and everyone is aware of team availability.

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Construction Schedule Gantt Chart

With this quickstart template, you can get started on your next building schedule. Maintain a high-level strategy or get into the weeds with a comprehensive project build-out.

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Become a Remote Company Fast

A easy strategy for assisting your team in becoming a remote team while working on a tight deadline.

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Invoice Tracking

The invoice tracker template lets you keep track of, manage, and store numerous invoices in a single, safe location.

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Accounting Tasks Template

Use this template to track your invoices, taxes, income, and expenses. This would help you manage your accounting stuff in an easy way.

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1 on 1 Meeting

This template here is to help you hold a 1v1 meeting with your team members to discuss about confusion and thoughts for your products.

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Advertising Campaign Template

To plan and carry out your next advertising campaign from beginning to conclusion, use our advertising campaign plan template.

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Product Backlog

Prioritize your work items in the backlog to guarantee that everyone's work is optimized and that product goals are met. Use it now!

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Conference Planning

In minutes, you can download, edit, and send this professionally designed Project Management template. Save time and money while maintaining quality.

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Event Marketing and Promotion Plan

The comprehensive event marketing guide, covering event marketing strategy, event kinds, promotional strategies, and success KPIs.

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Competitor Analysis

Use this template to make comparisons among competitors. List their advantages and disadvantages. Then find your superorities.

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Content Calendar

Use this content calendar to plan and track all of your content, from blog posts to podcasts to tweets.

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Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are remarks made by consumers about the items or services they got. These remarks demonstrate to potential buyers that the product is of high quality and that the service is dependable. Testimonials are effective because they elicit emotion and give confirmation from genuine consumers who have utilized the product. Testimonials must be honest and real in order for future consumers to take them seriously.

Customer testimonials may be used by businesses to illustrate the worth of their products or services on their websites, social media platforms, and advertising campaigns.

This is a template that you can collect all your customer reviews together in order to enhance persuasion of your product to the following business campaigns.

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User Feedback Tracker Template

Use this template to track useful feedbacks from users. Reach out your customers to get a positive change of your product.

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Blog Content Calendar Template

Everything you need to choose a content schedule for your blog articles and social media updates, including templates, tools, and more.

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Video Production Schedule

Video production can initially seem intimidating, but organization is the key to any challenging, team endeavor. This sample for a digital video product is.

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Social Media Marketing Schedule

Use this 30-day social media plan template to help you revamp your social marketing approach and increase the value you provide to your company.

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Organizational Chart

Every enterprise, company, office, or institution would need a simple way to see its organizational structure. The organizational template is made to use and adaptable to any firm.

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Marketing Schedule

A marketing timetable is a systematic way to keep track of crucial marketing deadlines and tasks.

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Social Media Strategy Plan

Utilizing social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to market your brand and increase sales of your goods or services is known as social media marketing.

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Digital Marketing Campaign Template

The most effective digital marketing efforts make a beneficial impact on people's lives by raising important topics.

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Campaign Contract Management Template

This template is made for hosts of a charity party, games, proms, or any other kinds of campaigns to manage any related suppliers and sponsors.

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Strategic Marketing Plan Template

Imagine climbing Mount Everest solely on on gut instinct. Without a well-thought-out strategy to lead the way, you wouldn't go very far.

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Tactical Marketing Plan Template

A marketer's blood runs with strategy. It doesn't only come easy to concentrate on your next big objective; doing so feeds your marketing fire.

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Digital Marketing Plan

Every current marketing plan includes digital marketing. This is because it’s an affordable approach to reach the people who really matter: your target audience.

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Vendor Management Template

With Tracup's vendor management template and advice, you can keep track of all your suppliers and vendors in one location.

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Job Hunt

This template is made for obtaining your desired position, preparing for your job search, and organize your interviews.

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Personal Blog

Use this template to create a successful blog to share your stories/build a business link/find freinds.

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Vacation Planning

This template is made for vacation planning. You can manage your trip in this template from preparation to activities.

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Meal Planning

In this template, you will act like a real cheif to prepare and cook meals for yourself and your family.

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Facilities Requests Template

Want to manage the work of your facilities team more effectively? To organize and take action on your requests, tasks, and other items, use this template in conjunction with a form.

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Wedding Planning Template

In this template, you would be able to manage all detailed works including: time, location, characters, finance, and more!

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Conference Agenda Template

Are you planning a conference? With this simple conference agenda form, you can plan your conference schedule and ensure that guests know where to go and when.

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Business Continuity Plan Template

The impacts of disruption of company operations and processes are identified through business continuity impact analysis.

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Moving House

This template is made for house changing preparations and after moving settle downs. Use our detailed sections to track everything you own.

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New Year's Resolution Template

This template is made for setting up goals for the next year. No matter it is small or big, think and achieve it!

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Work Out Plan

Add your favorite workouts to your daily to-do list to stay healthy. Additionally, you may create food regimens for each exercise.

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Product Launch

Keep track of everything you need to prepare before launch. Find issues before release.

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Help Center Article

Use this template to guide the creation of a help center article. To write your post, create your photos, submit your material, and publish it on the help center for your users to read.

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Starting Business Checklist Template

Starting a business may take a significant amount of effort, time, and money. Follow this approach to get your company plan off to a good start.

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Customer Feedback

Traditional methods such as surveys, as well as more current alternatives such as interactive polls and social network plugins, are available for gathering client feedback.

Furthermore, firms may employ technologies such as client forums, customer experience management software, and even contact center solutions. Furthermore, businesses may use customer input to develop customer experience maps, learning mechanisms, and customer journey analytics. Companies may find areas for improvement and provide better customer experiences by collecting and evaluating consumer feedback.

Use this project to gather and organize consumer input so that you can identify trends, arrive at wiser judgments, and iterate more quickly.

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Return to Office Plan Template

Developing a return to work strategy entails outlining how your company will move to in-person cooperation. Set customs, coordinate with stakeholders, and align on critical return to work regulations with this practical to-do list.

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QBR Meeting Agenda Template

Try using our template as a guide for your next QBR meeting to save time and set your team up for success in the future.

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Operations Project Plan Template

The project plan template streamlines project management for initiatives of any size and complexity, while also keeping stakeholders informed along the way.

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Business Strategy Plan Template

Our template will assist you in solidifying your strategy, whether you are a small firm or startup, or if you need to renew your business plan.

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All Company Meeting Template

With this all hands meeting template, you can ensure you're prepared before you present, from creating the agenda to working on the presentation.

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Product Roadmap

This template would help users define their target output of products. They can set up goals or compare achivements in different quarters to see what is the key of progress.

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Shipping Planner Template

This template keeps track of delivery requests and generates a fast checklist for the receiving and shipping teams so they can follow shipments and obtain instructions on where to place deliveries.

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Time Effort Planner

Use this template to increase efficiency by grouping various jobs into distinct timed buckets.

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In order to focus on taking action in your job and personal life, this template will help you clarify your priorities and make the greatest use of your time, energy, and attention.

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User Research

Don't allow key user research findings slip through the cracks. With our template, you can track, categorize, and act on comments to please your consumers.

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Usability Testing Plan Template

You can quickly develop and replicate processes with our usability testing strategy to save time on setting up each study session.

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Design Project Plan Template

What is the key to more efficient design and creative projects? A fluid creative process.

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Creative Asset Feedback and Approvals Template

Use this template to share designs with stakeholders in order to provide context, collect feedback, and manage approvals using our recommended approvals workflow.

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Boarding Meeting Agenda

This template is made for recording important speeches, agendas, and documents from a meeting. With our created areas, you can easily edit and adjust any process you need.

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Sales Pipeline Template

This template is suitable for sales teams seeking for a simple approach to manage pipeline progress and action items on individual accounts.

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Standup Meeting Template

This template is built as a recording tool for standup meetings. In this template, you can write down the person's name, department, job role, meeting topics, and essential talkings.

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Time off Request

This template is made to track your team members day off request, whether it is approved, rejected, or on hold. Use our timeline to see how long they gona be absent!

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Employee Directory Template

Our employee directory makes it simpler than ever for them to get to know one another, discover one another, and establish connections.

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Employee well-being Template

This template would help team leaders determine the physical and mental health of every employee. We strongly suggest users to choose table views for a better experience.

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Pre-sales Deal Support Template

Using this template, you may improve responsibility and cooperation in your sales deal process.

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New Hire Checklist Template

Managers must prepare for the entrance of new staff before they begin work. This checklist assures that you are prepared—even before the first day.

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Google Ads Management

Use template to organize all types of Ads and their stats on Google. Make connection between you and Google.

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Meeting Agenda Template

Any meeting must have a clear agenda. Create an agenda for any meeting by using and adapting this template.

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Social Media Planner

This template will record every social media you used and every message you sent on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Use this template to track every footprint of yours.

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Account Tracking Template

This template is suitable for Customer Success teams seeking for a simple approach to monitor accounts and action items.

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Feature Building Template

This is a template that you can classify all features into different categories and assign to different members.

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Sprint Planning

To help your team prioritize their work and track their progress, use this template to organize sprint milestones, launch dates, and backlog items in Tracup.

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Marketing Strategy Template

Creating a marketing strategy is simple when you use a marketing strategy template as a guide. Discover how marketing strategy template can assist your team in developing a solid and foundational strategy.

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Sprint Retrospective Template

This template was made for a recall of a meeting. To review what was discussed and solved. Team members could track every detail by List View.

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Software Implementation

This template would help you manage all possible requests in 6 categories and 4 different types.

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Software & System Deployment Template

This template would help you to manage all software & system related works. Use it to create a comfortable working zone for every team member.

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Bug Tracking Template

Use this template to centrally store and manage all of your bug reports so that you can prioritize issues for your engineers and everyone is aware of what needs to be fixed when.

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Web Production

Use this template to streamline your online design process and keep your designers and developers on the same page, even if they are using different technologies.

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Web Design

Use this template to streamline your online design process and keep your designers and developers on the same page, even if they are using different technologies.

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Product Version Release

This template was made to help the R&D department organize the release and management of products clearly and efficiently.

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Team Goals and Objectives Planning

Using the approach indicated in this template, you may standardize and scale your team objectives planning.

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Digital Fundraising Campaign

Use this template to manage digital fundraising campaigns and make sure everything is on trunk.

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Work Requests Template

Use this template to standardize work requests, gather the data you want, and efficiently carry out tasks.

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Company Goals and objectives

Use this template to link work to goals and milestones so that everyone in the company knows what your priorities are and how they are progressing.

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Social Media Calendar

With our social media calendar template, you can do anything from tracking every tweet, post, and article to gaining a high-level picture of your plan.

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RFP Process Template

Prepare an RFP using our template, then gather and review the replies in one location to select the best provider for the task.

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Event Promotion Plan Template

Great events bring speakers, material, and attendees together. To enhance attendance, start with our event marketing promotion template.

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Product Marketing Launch

Don't recreate the wheel with each new launch strategy. With this template, you can keep objectives and responsibilities clear, manage timeframes, and much more.

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Work Calendar

To ensure that everyone on the team completes their task on time, every time, assign due dates and include timeframes.

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Creative Requests Template

Here's a simple creative request form template you can use to describe your idea and ask for promotion.

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Ad Serving Management

The template helps companies develop marketing plans annually or quarterly to make ad serving in a clearly structured mannner.

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Case Management Template

The template can help law practitioner to follow up and manage rountine cases.

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Recipients Management Template

The template can be used in managing material requisition and help your company managing single material, recording and tracking recipient and receiving state.

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Personal Plan

The template can be used in managing work-life, family-life and other agenda matters.

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Agent Rebate

Simply put, as long as it is not one of your agent's firm's own listings, any listing in New York is eligible for a reimbursement.

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Agency Collaboration Template

Using our totally free template, you can collaborate with agencies to set expectations, execute plans, and communicate from a single location.

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Facebook ads Template

You can quickly create your own successful Facebook marketing campaigns! For every ad kind, get the appropriate Facebook ad template. Click here to begin!

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Marketing plan template

This totally free template guides you through project management best practices for marketing teams so you can add daily performance, as well as screening data and making a analyze.

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Office Stock Management

The template is helpful for purchasing staff in managing the company's daily procurement.

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Campaign Tracking

Struggling to manage all your live campaigns? With this template, tracking campaigns is simple since you can keep an eye on every social media platform your team utilizes.

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Sales Contract Management Template

The template helps us to record the execution of our client contracts, thus improving efficiency and quality of sales team.

You will mainly use:
1) Task status: Add signed contract status of clients to custom field of tasks status.
2) Custom fields: According to the specific scenario, users can add corresponding custom field to meet their needs.
3) Attachment: Remember to add contract into attachment in project.

Reminder: Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. in the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

Come to the point:
According to the real-time status of interview, relevant person can set their tasks status to learn about trends of their interview.

Ask for help:
If you have problems during the use of the template, please contact the Tracup team.

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Old Clients Email Template

Users can use Sales template for virtually anything. Planning to move? There’s a CRM template for that. Need a better way to contact past clients? There’s a Past Clients Email Template for that too!

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Office Location

This is a space level template where users will be able to centralize all of their recruiting and applicant tracking processes.

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Job View

HR KPI metrics an advanced HR playbook in Tracup can help users customize their own solving plan.

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Event Planning

To keep track of all the minor details and to-dos, use this template. Keep everything organized and on schedule to ensure that every event you arrange runs smoothly.

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Employment Onboarding Template

The template helps HR department to complete onboarding of new hire in a orderly manner.

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CRM Template

Utilize this CRM template to manage contacts, follow sales funnels, and successfully gather leads. Easily create insights, anticipate sales, and choose where to concentrate your efforts.

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Candidate View

The template provide HR with step by step help to becoming onboarding at their work!

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OKR Management

Use this form to communicate your team's and organization's aims and critical results, and to chart your road to success together.

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Project Management

The template helps the R&D department of the Internet team to achieve agile development collaboration management.

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Customer Management

The template helps salesmen of sales departments from various industries to manage their clients.

Customer management is a collection of activities aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, and strengthening customer relationships. Customer data collection and analysis, customer feedback, customer relationship management, customer segmentation and targeting, customer marketing, and customer support are examples of these activities.

Customer Management's goal is to provide high-quality experiences for customers while also increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value.

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Add any project components to meet various requirements


My Task

My tasks involved are collected and presented without entering relevant project, including tasks that are created by me, assigned to me and follow by me

Calendar View

Organize projects and visualize your team's work distribution on a flexible calendar that keeps everyone on the same page. Create tasks and assign them to relevant members publicly and directly in the calendar view

Collection of More Features


Copy and Move

Copy/move tasks into any project

Incognito Mode

Only visible to relevant members of current tasks

Task Grouping

Support multi-dimensional display according to the task

Task Sequencing

Autonomous switchover arranging ways according to demands

Task Dynamic

Record of task modify and update



Notify project message to third-party OA system


Notify project message to custom URL

Access Control of Project

Customize roles and access to assign roles to team members

Task Import/Export

Export and import large batches of tasks

Project repository

Update the code in data repository/issue alteration situation

Other supports


Customize the Way and Content of Notification


Archive important project for better searching


Project and task information cannot be edit after archive the project


Integrate the third-party service of mainstream for a better collaboration

Universal Search

Search for project, tasks, files, documents and members at the same time

Use Tracup to start your high performance collaboration

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