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Help you complete the entire project from planning to deployment and official launch.

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Tracup can help product team to start a simple and efficient work of product management.

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Simplify the process to focus on more important marketing tasks.

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Team Management

Build effective roadmaps and goal setting for your teamwork.

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Build an efficient and clear sales process, focusing on winning customer attention and reaching.

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Track up the task status of assignee, due date and what’s the next!

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Customize Tracup to manage everything.

Powerful support to match different business scenarios.

Custom business

Adapt to all kinds of businesses and scenarios, and adopt a highly flexible way to customize all kinds of businesses, such as tasks, requirements, bugs, etc.

Permission structure

Flexible to define, allocate the data visibility and permissions to accommodate more team collaboration scenarios.

Multiple views

Help your team to focus on the key items in project with multiple views based on different scenarios, personal habits, board, and timeline.

Comprehensive screening

Quickly find out the target data in the tremendous database with multiple dimensions and conditions filter.

Tracup is the secret of success for many teams.

Agile and flexible responses are required to adapt to the rapidly evolving society and changing demands in the marketplace. Luckily, Tracup provides all the processes and structures that the team can achieve success.


Head of e-commerce technical team

Tracup is a optimized choice for product management. It helps us to control the procedure and reorganize the chaotic working order.


Product team leader

Everybody can work together on Tracup without switching tools frequently, which is much more efficient.



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