Tracup the Bug in the most elegant way

Simple, efficient tracking Bug. lightweight, convenient project management. free, unlimited space to use.

A platform to meet more features

Whether you are modifying bugs or adding a feature, we can provide you with the best working cloud platform. Convenient teamwork, lightweight project management, complete problem system, high-capacity file storage, are designed to make you more elegant and efficient.

Issues system

Flexible and diversified to manage the problem. Multiple status, type, priority and other attributes more direct link problem. Add comments and track the progress of the problem anytime, anywhere.

Project management

Lightweight project management, only one mailbox can be used to create projects on the platform and manage the project. Statistics, dynamic, members, the problem will be clear, different colors for the project management to add a few colors.


A good chart is the focus of most projects, but also managers and users of the project the most intuitive understanding of the progress. Common statistics allow you to view the status and status of the problem at a glance.

Bug manage

Project management

File sharing

Plugin system


File sharing

Unlimited file sharing is our benefit to all users. High-speed upload, no space constraints, give your project enough space for file sharing, view files on the cloud, allowing you to access the file everytime, everywhere.

Plugin system

Smaller plugin, greater use. We've created a problematic plugin for different browsers, screenshots directly on the page, and we'll create screenshots as problems directly in your account.


Cloud collaboration to solve the collaborative office, off-site office of the big trouble. Efficient communication and real-time tracking of the project, so that members of the ends of the earth can seamlessly cooperate, more convenient and efficient way of working.

Expand more possibilities

We offer more geeks work, links to commonly used code repositories, and combines problems and versions. The open API interface also gives you the possibility of more flexible use. A platform that expands unlimited use possible.

Project Warehouse

We support Github and Bitbucket projects in Tracup synchronization version control, and can get to the Issues notification and Webhook related settings.

Open API

Use Tracup API to do more. We have opened the API for each user system, the user can directly call our interface to the flexible use.

API Docs

Security, ease of use

Based on the cloud platform services, we pay more attention to product safety performance. Each of the data has done a strict encryption and a variety of scenes of the backup, high anti-crisis occurred. Data in the cloud is more secure


Cloud disk data reliability is not less than 99.99%, automatic downtime migration, automatic multi-line backup, data recovery safe and convenient.


Data transmission and storage are strictly encrypted. High anti-server, Web firewall, anti-violent crack technology to ensure data security.


We huarantee that data will be kept permanently and will continue to provide a complete storage and security solution for business development and the problem will be restored in a short time.

Fine casting quality

We do more in the product details and continuously optimize the product eperience, more easily operating. We are demanding from the details of the product to each user.

Simple and convenient

Zero technical threshold, easy to use to help you remove the cumbersome, we only for the more simple.

Cloud operation

No need to deploy, all operations and projects are in the clouds. Join Tracup without knowing the technology.

Online Answers

You can ask any questions when you ues Tracup. And we will promotly answers for you.

Dealing with bug in the most elegant way, start using now.

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