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100% for Unlimited projects and Unlimited tasks.

Why choose Tracup?

Tracup Inc is a fully-remote globalized company with teams in cities across multiple continents.

With numerous brilliant features, Tracup promises our users unlimited remote experience and forever free feature access.

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Our Adventure

Tracup Inc is a fully-remote globalized company with team in cities across multiple continents. It was established in 2014. Facing the tidal wave of the digital era then, we had a strong sense of urgency to develop a simple and efficient project management platform to assist Internet companies and teams to address various business needs in a convenient and flexible way.

Given this restriction, we were determined to design our own project management tool and make all task and project management features accessible to anyone for free forever. The spirit of Internet is Openness, equality, cooperation and sharing. We found that the pricing of some big companies like Monday, Asana, and Clickup were rather out of line with their services. There are restrictions on access to some essential features such as the number gusts visiting, main views, customization and storage. And customers have to walk into their expensive paid plans to get full complete version of service.

To solve this problem, Tracup offers a solution with flexible configurations for different service scenarios and makes it unlimited in service and free in price. Our price plan will give SMEs easier access to more affordable finance up against challenges. Part of the reason is that we want to make every dollar you contribute count and hope every team can achieve the best performance at the best price.

Why we stick a free deal with you?

People may be wondering:“ How does your company make money with free paid plan? What’s the secret?”

Unlike other companies, we offer unlimited features to free users, including based features and main views. We prefer to keep up this part to our users. We offer you a free all-in-one platform totally free to manage your project, task, docs, file, code and process with silky pleasure anytime. For non-essential features and advanced services, professional teams only need to pay for a small part. But still, 80% of our advanced features are totally free.

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. So our best service is usually accompanied by a hidden paid plan - pay for third-party service and high-cost technical support, which is necessary to protect the privacy and other stuff for our industry.

Data security is one of the uppermost things we concern about. With the value of honesty and integrity, we aim to enrich people’s communication and life. Under this simple version, we provide secure online services to make sure your data won’t be disclosed to any parties outside the authorized user groups.

Except for short-term paying subscriber growth, great user experience and a large number of loyal users for free is valuable for any brand or software. Tracup always follows this value and devote to bringing a good experience to every user:

100% Free Version

Tracup Free version is unlimited in essential features and easy to get started use. If you have any problem, please contact us via email.

Professional (on its way)

For professional teams and large companies, we provide more non-essential but advanced and professional services(such as unlimited integration, advanced dashboard features, security and support).

This pattern makes our task management accessible to everyone and customizable for every need. Tracup releases this price solution for you based on our version that enriches people’s communication and life in a safe way.

Start ahead with Tracup and enjoy your trip. Click the blue bottom at the right corner and let us know how we did. We’re always here to help you get started.



100% for Free

100% for Unlimited projects and Unlimited tasks.

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