"Shake" to collect bug feedback In-App

1.Shake to capture a screenshot
2.draw comments on screenshot
3.Uploaded to the cloud
4.Check in tracup

Quick and convenient

  • Add only one line of code can start
  • Shake your devices and get screenshot
  • All members can feedback
  • Upgrade of the traditional test model

Direct and clear

  • Draw comments directly on screenshot of problem
  • Blurred picture, hidden part of the privacy
  • The content of the test problem can be described in detail
  • The operation is intuitive and clear, and fully expressed

Tracking and management

  • Submit the problem to the Tracup cloud just one step
  • All the information and pictures of feedback can be uploaded
  • Tracking process improvement, real-time check
  • Combining mobile test problems with bug tracking

Make easy In-App feedback