The best choice for managing software development efforts

Tracup supports the team's planning and deployment management, scheduling and tracking everything, and the product responds faster to changes in demand.

Identify needs

Help each member of the team to have a clear understanding of their own task priorities. Enable the team to have a better grasp of the overall project schedule

Clear process

A unified and standardized process to manage and track work progress, so that people are truly responsible for the project and the overall progress is clearly visible

Timely deployment

Full process tracking of the technology build, each work content can be assigned to the relevant personnel in a timely manner, greatly saving communication costs

R&D Solutions

Demand Analysis

Initial assessment confirms the organization of requirements, displays all requirements for processing in a centralized manner, and easily completes the assignment of priorities, classifications, etc. You can look at the whole picture so that you can make reasonable arrangements and support and keep track of the project process.

R&D Deployment

Schedule the task requirements rationally and split them up to members. Make each member clear about the task objectives and time points. Manage the tracking of each step from planning to deployment.

Test Feedback

Real-time feedback on issues and set up details such as issue templates and versions. Online tracking of issues to ensure they are truly resolved and improve testing efficiency and quality.


With rich visual statistics charts such as "statistics of each type of problem" and "statistics of each priority level", you can better understand the team performance and continuously make improvements and enhancements.

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