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Design Concept Diagram

A graphic tool that aids in organizing all the design-related information or ideas that are put forth during a brainstorming session is a design ideation diagram. Each category's concept owner is also displayed.

Similar to the Ideation concept, Design Ideation involves gathering many ideas during brainstorming sessions and sorting them to choose the best and most workable approach for creating a new strategy, product, or design. The team's ideas are grouped in Design Ideation according to their owner. You are making it easy to follow and talk about each idea.

Where credit is due, credit is given. Teams are expected to give feedback and their opinions on one another's ideas. Your team may better organize and communicate their thoughts and points of view when using the Design Ideation template from us. With the toolbar on the side of the screen, this whiteboard tool offers adjustable views, various features, and a legend that instructs you on how to utilize the template.

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