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Brand Book Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are a collection of principles that may be used across your brand to establish standards for how you present your brand to the public. Brand Guidelines include your company name, your business, your brand logo, do's and don'ts, color mixer, and typography styles.

Using this template, you can develop a free brand identity and present your brand in a professional way. In the company section, include your brand's narrative and other pertinent information. In the mission box, state your mission and goals as they relate to your brand. In the brand logo box, put your logo that can be used in your advertisement. In the logo practice box, specify the practices you permit for your brand logo. In do's and dont's, specify the guidelines for using your brand assets. In the color mixer box, specify the color palettes that will be used for your brand. In the typography, specify the fonts that will be used for your brand.

Now that you know how to use each aspect, all you have to do is use your imagination and your brand assets to create your own Brand Guidelines. Use this Tracup Brand Book Guidelines Whiteboard Template to bring your team together and get things started!

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