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5 Whys Root Cause Analysis

Use this 5 whys' stucture template to helps identify the root of a problem, understands how a single procedure can result in a number of problems, demonstrates the relationships between several primary causes, and create highly effective without complex methods.
The five whys method of problem-solving focuses on the root causes and consequences of particular problems. The primary goal is to determine the root cause of a problem or fault by continuously asking "Why?" Anecdotal data suggests that it usually takes five tries to get the answer to the question "why," which is why the number five is included in this phrase.
Think carefullly about all the causes and consequences of your problem. What are they potential reasons that would impact your work, life, or family. By collecting every piece of 5 whys, you will be able to come up the root cause of your problem, and solve it!

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