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Ways To Improve Efficiency At Work

How can I break my poor behaviors at work? When you work from home, you tend to slack off or play video games. But as soon as you return to the office, you begin to slack off again. What are your options?

Many startups have come to recognize the value of efficiency in the workplace in recent years. This not only increases productivity but may also save firms a lot of money in the long term.

There are numerous reasons why people fail to achieve their objectives. Lack of motivation is one of them. It is critical to encourage oneself before embarking on a new endeavor. These suggestions will assist you in being more productive.

It's critical to break away from old patterns after you've resolved to modify your behavior. The last thing you want to do is revert to previous habits. This is where employing a productivity tool may help. Setting attainable daily goals can help you stay focused and motivated.

Here, we will cover various methods for increasing workplace efficiency and provide free materials that you can apply to enhance your productivity right away!

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Hello guys, for today, I’d like to highlight a Tracup shortcut slash command.

Just release the ability to apply a task template directly from the slash command.

Making this useful shortcut even better you can access the command from many different places and Tracup will give you different options depending upon what’s applicable.

I’m going to start with showing you how to apply a task template.

Just click new task and instead of typing in the task name.


Just type in a slash, you’ll see that this gives you many different options to select,

scroll down to the bottom and click apply a template


This will give you the option to apply one of already created task templates.

Everything will be in there and then I can just click create task and adjust us needed.

You can also access this feature from the description.


You’ll notice that your options do look a little different here, as well as in the comments section.

Each gives you different options that you can select right at the click of a button. Making it easier and faster to maneuver through Tracup .

Do not hesitate to use Tracup , hit on us!

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