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Video Status

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Video Status is an excellent tool for tracking the progress of your video production. It summarizes your project plan's details, the resources you've gathered, and the footage and software you've used in previous stages of the production process. Most importantly, start using this template right away at Tracup!

Template Configuration

Task status


Incoming video requests

In work






Task type

Sent a price quotw
Need to send a price quote
Need Client Approval
Need Manager Approval

Custom field

Video lead

Requested by



Estimated budget

Actual budget




Request date


Template Details

Manage every aspect of your video production process. Utilize forms to manage requests, contact management tools like boards, and dashboards to get a broad overview of how your production is performing.

What advantages does utilizing this Video Status Template offer?

Track video requests You may quickly filter all video requests by priority, category, or requester. Construct scalable workflows from requests.

  • In charge of all client projects

    You can immediately identify what is stalled and why when you can monitor the progress of all customer projects in one location with status updates.

  • Pre- through post-process management

    You can manage the entire process and work with everyone in one location, from organizing logistics to launching your film.

  • visual budget tracking

    Visual and user-friendly dashboards can help you stay inside your budget at every stage. In one perspective, compare the projected and actual spending.

Why do we adore this video template?

Project management for video production includes a ton of moving components, but it can be made much more efficient with Work OS.
Files, shooting schedules, video content, and management tools can all be conveniently stored and managed in one location for your team! Centralize all of your files on a platform that supports all formats with a quick drag-and-drop operation. Manage team and client permissions quickly and easily to keep everything organized in a private, secure cloud storage.

Where can we manage these all video?

Assign owners, identify production teams, and instantly distribute files and updates to the proper team members. Transmit updates, feedback, and files in real time whenever possible.
With a robust search function, you can quickly find what you’re looking for. To substantially cut down on the amount of time it takes to request assets, narrow down your search by tags, names, times, file types, and other factors.
Keep track of the most recent status updates for all of your team’s digital media assets, branded assets, and media files, as well as real-time meeting outcomes, action items, and key notes.

How to utilize this video template for you?

Use the many automation solutions available to automate tedious jobs so you can concentrate on the work that has a meaningful impact.

A status column that you may customize will let you know exactly where your team stands in relation to your milestones at any time. To keep your team on task and prepared for the intended launch date, use automatic deadline reminders.
Easily keep track of all your actions and development. To keep everyone in sync whenever and wherever possible, alert your team when something is ready. Using high-level dashboards, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and eye-catching pie charts or timelines, you may visualize your data anyway you like.
Instantly distribute any kind of reports and files to keep everyone in the loop while building a database of information you can access later to save time and streamline communication.

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