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How would you describe the culture of your company? What does it signify to you?

Employees' perceptions of their work environment have a direct impact on their productivity and performance. This is why businesses make significant investments in cultivating a positive corporate culture.

The first step toward forming a productive team is employee onboarding. You can ensure that new hires get off to a great start by understanding how to create a successful onboarding process.

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Users probably know someone whose first day on the job looked something like this: greetings in the lobby, reading a handbook for the next few hours, then left to onboard themselves.The template helps HR department to complete onboarding of new hires in a orderly manner.

SOPs for New Hires

Initial Setup

Edit and add your onboarding tasks to the onboarding list.


Edit the Onboarding Guide to include the instructions, information, and resources that you’d like your employee to have as they are getting started.


Basic Steps for New Hires


[Registration Sheet]

Register enrollment information and contact details by HR department.


[Sign the staff handbook]

Read over handbook and complete signing.

[Get your computer, laptop, folder, etc]

Get your office supliers such as computer, laptop, folders according to your department and position.

[Set system account for staff]

Contact system administer at administrative department, and set system account based on department and position.

[Introduction of team regulations]

Read over regulation of company under the lead of HR, and you can check this at “file”menu at this project.


[Introduction of team benefits package]

Read over benefits package at the guidence of HR, and you can check this at “file”menu at this project.

[Introduction of status quo]

The team trainer will introduce the team culture and staff construction, and you can check this at “file”menu at this project.

[Introduction of team business]

The team trainer will introduce the disired version and status quo of business, and you can check this at “file”menu at this project.

The Template Default

Task Status: [New],👌[To Do], 🖐Processed], 👁‍🗨Finished], Closed]
Task Type: [Registration], [Team Culture], [Current Status], [Office equipment], [Regulation]
Custom Field: [Time-consuming] (Text)
Task View: List, Board. File, Wiki
Custom Field can be shown: Create Time, Expire Date, Assignee, Type


How to Use

  • After editing.
  • Save the [Employee Name] Onboarding List as a list template.
  • Create a new list from your saved template for your new employee.
  • Edit the new list with the new employee name and update the role specific details in the Onboarding Guide document.
  • When USERS Are ready, share that new employee to this.

These also give users a good sense of what routines this person’s going to be responsible for.


But really right now Tracup just focused on making sure that these SOPs are accurate.

If users have their own tips about onboarding, Tracup would love to hear them.

So please do put them in the comments below and let us know.

Thanks for all of your efforts to make that onboarding process a little bit smoother and enjoy the process.

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