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Singapore Startup Entrepreneur

What are the advantages to be a Startup Entrepreneur in Singapore offshore?

An offshore company is formed when a company incorporates in a jurisdiction other than its primary place of business or where its primary investors are located.

Singapore has a strong international reputation as a good place to invest and do business. Singapore companies have no capital gains or dividend taxes, and Singapore's corporate income tax rate is 17%. Singapore offshore companies have access to a wide range of banks, fintech, and payment platforms. While many banks require an individual to be physically present in Singapore to open an account, there are also business account options that do not. Corporations are not permitted to serve as directors in Singapore (they must be natural persons).

Singapore offshore company name approval does not result in the creation of a trademark or other intellectual property protection in that name in Singapore. At least one shareholder must be present, who can be either local or foreign, and the minimum share capital is S$1. A registered address in Singapore is required for a Singapore offshore company to be incorporated.

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Singapore Startup Entrepreneur

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