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Sales Forecast Template For New Business

Are you looking for a sales forecast template for new business? If yes, then you've come to the right place. This Sales Forecast Template For New business is designed to help you create a sales forecast for your new business.

The sales forecast template for new businesses is a tool that helps you plan out your sales activities for the next quarter or year. It allows you to track your sales performance over time and identify areas where you can improve.

This sales forecast template for new companies is a great way to start tracking your sales activities. It provides you with a detailed overview of your sales pipeline and forecasts your sales performance over time.

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The Tracup Project Template is a place of ready-to-use templates. You can access the Project Template to find a sales CRM template of your Workspace.

The more managers know about the general principles of forecast sales CRM principle, what it can and cannot do for them currently, and which tools are suited to users’ needs of the moment, the more they can achieve for a better business. Today Tracup try to explain the template of forecasting to sales managers, focusing special attention on sales forecasting. Also included is a rundown of forecasting template.

Introduction of Customer Management Template

The sales CRM template helps salesmen of sales departments from various industries to manage their clients. Through this template, salesmen can add data, information and characteristics of their clients, and continuously supplement and modify clients’ information and intentions in their communication.


According to clients’ feature and requirements, the sales CRM template can provide corresponding services to improve the engagement of their clients, thus strengthening experience of them. In order to complete collaborative tasks, the dynamic information of customers can be synchronized to other staff members from the customer management template.


For example, users have a new prospect at xxx company which is on their target list. User can add the contact’s info as a task, but then show the first contact date, phone number and his lead status right on the list view column. If they have the phone or email listed as a custom field, they can click to call or email right away!


Kindly Tips for Users

Take Notice of Above Four Things
1. Two same custom fields are not allowed in the same work space, and are shared in the same work space
2. Maximum 30 custom fields in one work space
3. Default to show 4 custom fields on list view
4. When choosing a new project template, user has already created the same customer field and they cannot share the same name in Tracup. Tracup project template will set these two same fields by default. If users have set some special setup in this custom field, Tracup will generate the same name and add label (1) behind the title in default.

Project Template Demo

This template helps salesman manage and synchronize clients’ status in real time, thus improving their sales conversion rates.


Users will mainly use:

Task status: According to the real-time follow-up status of the customer, adjust the task status and clarify the current status of the clients.
Custom fields: comprehensively record information of clients through custom fields and adjust them at any time.
Project components: Support adding sales policies, sales skills and other documents and documents to “Documents” and “Documents” for easy synchronous reference.

Template default

Task Status: ✔[Sales opportunity] , 👌[To be contacted] , 🖐[In contact], ✋[Closed [lost]], 🤝[Transaction negotiation] 👏[Deal done]
Task View: List, Board, File, Wiki
Custom Field: Custom Field, Activity(Text), Service plan(Text), Industry(Text), Loyalty(Text), Latest Touched(Date), Transaction amount(Number), Telephone(Number)
Custom Field can be shown: Create Time, Expire Date, Assignee, Activity, Industry, Loyalty, Latest Touched

Other Tips for using the template:


  1. Set up the customer docking process and customer information settings suitable for your scenario, and prepare to update in time.

  2. You can quickly locate a certain type of customers through search/screening, which is convenient for finding target clients.

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