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Remote Project Manager Jobs

How would you define yourself? Are you a boss or a worker? If you answered yes to both questions, you should think about becoming a remote project manager.

Working from home or another location is what a remote job entails. Because of the flexibility it provides, this type of work has become very popular. Many companies now provide employees with the option of working remotely.

Being a remote employee has several advantages. First and foremost, you get to choose where you work. Second, you will not have to travel long distances. Finally, you save time and energy. Fourth, you can benefit from flexible hours. Fifth, you can earn extra money.

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Tracup is a new work management tool. It is a more reliable way of keeping track, but it requires different protocols to be functional when everyone is working separately.

In the office, it might be the place to store the schedule for the next set of meetings, or to create and track project plans. But now, as everyone works from home, it has become the primary way to keep track on who did what.

Rather than sitting at desk and showing off your productivity, new employees send notifications to colleagues, or their team, over a period of time, telling them that users got the job done in Tracup. This is the true measure of productivity.


Working in a Tracup workspace, the collaboration, motivation and monitoring structure changes to get things done in a transparent and accountable way, and that’s what Tracup is really all about. The signal is clear because they’re actually showing that they’ve clicked on the task. Manager doesn’t use how long they’ve been sitting at their desk a yardstick to measure their commitment or productivity.

This is because tools, Tracup offer a shared approach that breaks down a task or project into individual steps that everyone can track.


With Tracup, users can break a large project down into different parts. Many of these parts may be cross-functional. A manager or team member can first see how all these parts fit together. But in the meantime, users can log in in the morning and you can see the exact status of the 10 steps needed to complete the project, rather than someone leaving, working for three weeks, and then coming back to complete all 10 steps.

In other words, it is better to break the work down and make different team members share it than to have someone do a job and then wait for them to finish it. But this type of team work involves more transparency and accountability because the team is now jointly responsible for getting the task done, so everyone needs to be able to see the entire picture.

When a team is working together, user, as a teammate needs to be aware that all the elements that make them successful are in place. As a person, users can make sure that nothing is left undone. What users have seen with this platform is that progress tracking and work result.

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