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Advanced Employee Handbook

Not your standard employee handbook, this one. This template not only offers thorough, blank-text material, but it also offers advice on how to add a little personality!

Communicate your expectations for termination and off-boarding in this area. Your staff members should comprehend the off-boarding procedure after reading this section of the handbook.

You can use this employee handbook to introduce your company's policies and information. Please feel free to edit, add, or remove pages throughout this document!

Simple employee manuals are dull. Even before they browse past the first page, your new hires will be dozing off. Make it entertaining, include visuals, and add emojis to liven it up and hold their attention till the very last page.

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Advanced Employee Handbook

Company Story

Team Policies

Standard of Conduct

Office Environment Policies

Communication Policies

Performance Reviews



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Ireland Business Setup

Starting a business in Ireland can often seem daunting at first. However, setting up and registering your company is relatively straightforward, with a helpful company formation process that incorporates many of the essential elements of setting up a business. In this post, we’ll take a look at the key steps for getting started with the essential template for setting up a business in Ireland.

1. Choose a Business Structure: It’s important to choose the right business structure for your venture as it will determine how you go about setting up your business in Ireland. The most common types of legal structure include sole trader, limited company, or a co-operative. Research each business type thoroughly and decide on one that best meets your needs.

2. Name Your Company: This gives your business an identity by which it is known, registered, and distinguished from others. Make sure you do your research to check your desired company name is not already taken.

3. Get Advice on Business Structuring: You may wish to consider working with an accountant or legal professional to ensure you choose the most suitable business structure for you.

4. File for Company Creation: To officially register your business, you will need to file for company creation with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland.

5. Create a Business Plan: This is an essential element of your business setup and should outline the aims, objectives, and direction of your business. It can also be used to attract potential investors.

6. Secure Funding: Funding is essential for setting up and maintaining a successful business. Consider investment from banks, crowdfunding, or angel investors.

7. Set Up Administration: To ensure your business operates efficiently and complies with the law, you will need to register for taxes, get insurance, open a business bank account, and set up an accounting system.

This template provides essential information on setting up a business in Ireland, including registration, permits, taxes and more. Learn what to do to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently. By following the essential steps outlined in this post, you can begin the process of setting up a successful business in Ireland. Good luck and happy founding!

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