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Sprint Retrospective Template

This template was made for a recall of a meeting. To review what was discussed and solved. Team members could track every detail by List View.

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Template Details

The aim of this template is to provide great products and features by continually strengthening the team’s collaboration and optimizing the tools and procedures the team employs.

Why would I use this template?

After the sprint review and before sprint planning, there is a time-boxed meeting called the sprint retrospective. Its objective is to

  1. List the positives in order of importance.

  2. Apply the same strategy to the unsuccessful endeavors.

  3. Determine areas that could be improved.

  4. Make a strategy for applying changes to the team’s work processes.

  5. Everything that has an impact on how the team creates the product—processes, tools, artifacts, environment, etc.—is up for review and improvement. It enables development teams to adjust to their unique situations.

How would I use this template?

  • Clear the cards from the “What went well,” “What didn’t go well,” and “Questions” sections before each meeting.
  • Set a timer and remind colleagues to give themselves the tasks they design. Have team members secretly add cards to the columns. Have the team go over everything in the “What went well” column aloud.
  • Have the team “like” any cards they wish to debate as a team, and then spend no more than 4 minutes discussing the most popular cards while formulating next moves.
  • Make sure every action item has a due date and a designated owner.

The Template Default

Task Type [Main Topics] [Software] [Hardware]
Task View: List, Board. Table
Custom Field: 0
Custom Field can be shown: Expire Date, Assignee, Type, Priority


Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

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