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Product Roadmap

This template would help users define their target output of products. They can set up goals or compare achivements in different quarters to see what is the key of progress.

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Roadmaps are fantastic visual aids that can be used to explain your company’s goal to clients and executives. That’s why we made this for you and your success.

Why use this template?

A product roadmap is a broad strategy that outlines a distinct course for your product’s progress through time. Tasks in a roadmap outline how your product will proceed from point A to point B so you may set a release schedule for features without losing sight of long-term objectives. This lets your product team to evaluate how new requests fit into the existing plan and makes it simple to get your team and stakeholders in agreement on what will be delivered when.

Make careful to outline your desired outcome in detail before you start working. What qualities, capabilities, and advantages ought your product to provide the customer?

Tips for using this template

  • Although we’ve provided quarterly parts, you should feel free to change them to reflect any other time or category division that makes sense for your company.
  • Can’t find the Custom Fields or sections you require, or do you want alternative ones? Check the Project Settings next to your project names on the left.
  • Track the priority, size, and progress of every item on your roadmap quickly and easily by using custom fields.
  • Assign a Project Administrator to make sure that the roadmap is updated regularly with pertinent information and that new opportunities are added to it.
  • Instruct all team members to replicate the included template task when they add new launches in order to maintain consistency with the content.
  • Each job in your roadmap should have a start and due date. Then, utilize Gantt View to see and adjust your roadmap’s timetable.

Tracup has already built a simple form that includes various examples. You can also add more customized reasons by using our custom fields feature.

Custom Field can be shown: Type, Priority, Start Date, Expire Date, Assignee
Task Type [Small] [Medium] [Large]
Custom Field: 0
Task View: List, Board, Gantt, Calendar


Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

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If you have problems during the use of the template, please contact the Tracup team.

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