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Product Version Release

This template was made to help the R&D department organize the release and management of products clearly and efficiently.

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Each release is a reward. You are giving new information to those who require what you have created. Product managers are in charge of the launch management process; you organize and plan for a successful launch.

Why use this template?

This template was made to help the R&D department organize the release and management of products clearly and efficiently.

The most successful product launches offer genuine consumer value and enjoy cross-departmental cooperation. To plan and own a release, your new product or set of features must function properly, and your team must be ready to support it.

The first step in release management is to identify key work stages. That covers all of the launch day operations in addition to feature definition, testing, and quality assurance. Your team will remain united on a consistent set of requirements for what needs to be done and when if your release management approach is effective. You can deploy software more quickly and provide your customers a better experience if releases go more smoothly and encounter fewer issues.

What you will use:

​ 1. Task status: help mark any status of social media works. Add/delete task status based on existing templates to satisfy specialized request process.

​ 2. Custom field: this template pre-added common requests of custom fields. Add/delete custom field to satisfy specialized recording requests and demanding requests.

  1. List view: list view and customize display listing allow you show abundant messages in request forms.

The Template Default

Relevant Materials Wiki, Google, Citeme, Expedia, Apple…
Task Type [Android] [IOS] [Web] [Announcement] [Mac] [Windows]
Custom Field: Relevant Materials
Task View: List, Board. Wiki, Table
Custom Field can be shown: Start Date, Assignee, Type, Relevant Materials


Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

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