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Digital Fundraising Campaign

Use this template to manage digital fundraising campaigns and make sure everything is on trunk.

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Utilize this template to guide briefs from conception to completion and execute engaging campaigns on time and under budget to more effectively meet your fundraising objectives.

To help you keep track of your team’s progress, this project template is set up in List View with sections and Custom Fields developed by Tracup. To help you get started, we’ve included some sample material in this template. However, to make this project uniquely yours, you should add tasks, alter task titles, add new Custom Fields, and edit any other information.

Use a timeline to plan out your fundraising campaign (and make changes as necessary).

There are several important connections and deadlines in fundraising efforts. Make it simple to decide what actions should happen when and in what sequence by using Timeline View to lay out your campaign calendar. This is how:

  1. Arrange tasks on the timeline by dragging and dropping them there. You may drag and drop jobs to reschedule them if you see time issues.
  2. Increase the task deadlines so the assignee has more time to devote to it before the due date.
  3. If activities need to be finished in a certain order, link them together by hovering over one task and dragging the dot to another.

2. Use custom fields to make approvals and task statuses obvious.

Campaign managers may waste time attempting to determine which assets are accepted and where their team may be experiencing difficulties. You can easily determine where each job stands and focus on work that needs permission or that might miss a deadline by adding approval and task progress custom fields.

You may add the “Type Stage” custom field to your project and enable custom field alerts to keep track of work as it progresses through the process. The approver will then receive an Inbox message when a campaign asset is “Ready to Review,” letting them know it is ready.

3. Compile donor tales and testimonials using forms

Gathering donor testimonies gives life to your nonprofit’s work and motivates others to donate to your cause. Later contact may take some time or include a lot of email back and forth. Instead, by designing a form that participants may fill out, you can quickly record their tales in the manner you want.

Once submitted, the forms become tasks that you can group according to custom fields so that you always have the appropriate quotation or piece of writing to distribute through email or social media. This is a simple method to show off your fans and gain more traction.

The Template Default

Task Status: ☹[Reviewing]👌[Outlining]
Task Type [Approved] [Considering] [Not yet started]
Custom Field: Creation Stage(text)
Task View: List, Board. File, Overview
Custom Field can be shown: Creation Stage, Expire Date, Assignee, Type, Priority


Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

Ask for help:

If you have problems during the use of the template, please contact the Tracup team.


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