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Account Tracking Template

This template is suitable for Customer Success teams seeking for a simple approach to monitor accounts and action items.

Template Configuration

Task status


Test Systems

Test Inc.

Test Corporation




Task type

At Risk

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Template Details

This template is suitable for Customer Success teams seeking for a simple approach to monitor accounts and action items.

Effective account management entails not just developing your accounts, but also preserving the possibilities that currently exist.

Account planning brings the focus on the consumer into the process of developing advertising. The Account Planner has a role to identify and empathize with the target market. They utilize multiple types of data (primary, secondary, web, usage) to unlock insight that creates value between the consumer and brand. (“Account Planning - Wikipedia”)

Our template makes it simple to keep track of account data, notes, and action items so that everything stays in one place. You may zero in on deadlines, top accounts, or at-risk prospects using a variety of ways.

Tracup is adaptable enough for customer success teams of all sizes to assist in the creation and growth of their accounts.

Tips for using our template to manage your accounts

  • Increase cross-functional cooperation. Account growth may sometimes take a village. Make cross-functional cooperation simpler by collaborating with other coworkers on your accounts project.
  • View your accounts in a variety of ways. Our template may be viewed as a board, timeline, calendar, or list, with filters for stage, priority, type, account owner, and more.
  • Tasks help you keep track of follow-ups and notes. Traditional CRMs might make it difficult to monitor action items in conjunction with the rest of your job. Instead, you may use Tracup to keep notes and monitor follow-ups.

The Template Default

Task Status: ☹[Test Inc.]👌[Test Systems]🖐❎[Test Corporation] [Finished]
Task Type: [At Risk] [Done] [Healthy] [Onboarding] [Expansion]
Custom Field: MRR(text)
Task View: List, Board. File, Wiki
Custom Field can be shown: Create Time, Expire Date, Assignee, Type, MRR


Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

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If you have problems during the use of the template, please contact the Tracup team.


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