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Project Portfolio Management

A high-level summary of all your ongoing, finished, and upcoming projects. Use the Gantt view to view the schedule of all your projects, designate a project manager, and determine your project's timeline.

Template Configuration

Task status


Upcoming projects

Current Projects

Closed projects




Task type


Custom field

Project Manager

Timeline - Start

Project Budget

Project Request Board

Template Details

Complex projects must be planned, monitored, and managed across numerous teams and departments. Get a high-level perspective of your complete portfolio and streamline job requests.

Project portfolio management (PPM) is the centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers. The objectives of PPM are to determine the optimal resource mix for delivery and to schedule activities to best achieve an organization’s operational and financial goals. Standards for Portfolio Management include Project Management Institute’s framework for project portfolio management.

What advantages does utilizing this project management goals template offer?

  • control several projects at once

    Follow several projects from beginning to end. Easily keep track of changes, prioritize your work, and monitor deadlines.

  • simplify requests

    Receive new requests immediately and control your whole portfolio in one location.

  • Maintain a tight budget.

    Keep your spending in check while assisting your team in completing successful tasks.

  • Determine success

    High-level dashboards make it simple to monitor project progress, empowering your team to make an impact and move projects forward more quickly.

Why do we adore this project portfolio?

It has never been simpler to accomplish all of your centralized management goals and objectives. Manage your team’s procedures, team members, strategic goals, PPM tools, and individual projects with our user-friendly advanced project management template. This will help your team to advance potential clients.
Bring together all of your management and project resources for your project team or external stakeholders—whether it be case studies, resource allocation, risk management, or sales presentations and email templates—in one, unified process.

Detail of this Project Portfolio Template

Follow real-time updates on the latest project statuses, meeting minutes, action items, and significant client or customer remarks.
Create an information bank that both new and seasoned employees and stakeholders can use to prevent wasting time and streamline communication with all parties involved. Immediately share any sort of content, including white papers, photos, and produce reports.

This template was created to elegantly contain any project portfolio management tools that will aid in client acquisition and business growth for your sales force. You may also utilize Tracup Docs to immediately amend papers generated in the platform as everything is in real-time.
You may choose how to visualize your data, from high-level dashboards to Kanban boards to eye-catching pie charts or timelines.
To ensure that everyone has the most recent materials, you can easily follow all your portfolio management procedures as well as the development and approval of future initiatives. To keep everyone on the same page whenever and wherever possible, swiftly notify different teams when materials are ready or when significant modifications have been made.

Some Project Examples for Project Management

You may continue using the tools you already use and adore while working with our numerous integrations. Organize all of your workspace so that other teams inside your company may access it.
Any team member can get started right away because to the simple, visual interface, which doesn’t require any training. No matter where you are working—at the office, on the road, or from your couch—communicate with everyone. Transmit updates, feedback, and files in real time whenever possible.

The project portfolio Template Default

Task Status: ☹[Upcoming projects]👌[Current Projects]🖐[Closed projects]❎[Finished]
Task Type: [Launch] [Planning] [Closure] [Upcoming] [Execution]
Custom Field: Project Manager(text), Project Budget(text), Project Request Board(text), Timeline - Start(date)
Task View: List, Board. File, Wiki

Reminder For Project Portfolio Management Template Example:

Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

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