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Legal Case Tracking and Billing

Are you still keeping track of your cases in logbooks, post-it notes, or spreadsheets? As technology advances quickly, so too should our lawyers. To assist all attorneys, law firms, and their clients in keeping track of their cases, billing details, papers, and other important information, Tracup has created a template.

You may automate and manage all the correspondence pertaining to a case throughout its life cycle using the legal case tracking and billing application from Tracup. This correspondence includes notes, case briefs, starting dates, statuses, documentation, billings, and much more. This solution increases productivity for you and your law company and streamlines billing and case administration.

There are numerous ways for lawyers to be paid. Some companies charge a predetermined cost for each job, while others rate by the hour, the minute, or both. In every case, a bill or invoice must be produced. Clients are more confident in the company or person providing their legal services when using a professional Legal Case Tracking and Billing Template.

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Legal Case Tracking

Legal Billing Invoice Template

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