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Healthy Habits Challenge

Use this template to build some healthy habits in a 12-month length. Build a simple one in every month instead of a big one in a year.

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Monthly challenges might be more your style if committing to one goal for a year feels like a lot of time. You get to start over twelve times, as opposed to once a year.

Why use this Healthy Habits Challenge template?

Monthly challenges could be more your style if committing to one goal for a year feels like a lot of time. Monthly challenges are a fantastic way to kickstart healthy behaviors without overcommitting. They also enjoy the novelty benefit of getting to start over twelve times rather than just once a year.

This template offers 12 suggestions for quick, healthy behaviors that will have a big influence on your productivity and general well-being. Make it a goal to maintain each habit for a full month.

How to use this template?

The Tracup team has established some small habits from January to December. You can change any of it if you like.

January: This month, make it a habit to pick one (just one!) most important task you want to complete each day. It should be something you can complete in ~1-2 hours. Do you Most Important Task first before everything else gets in the way.

Even if the rest of your day goes off the rails, you’ll still have a guaranteed win.

February: Take stock of your to-do list, complete what you’ve accomplished and intentionally reschedule everything you didn’t get to for later. You can end the work day with the peace of mind that everything’s accounted for and you’ll start the next day with a realistic plan for getting things done.

March: It can be overwhelming to say, “Read 50 books this year.” You’ll read more books than you normally would if you set aside 20 minutes to read every day.

With the help of this daily mini goal, reestablish the habit this month. Try reading for your 20 minutes.

April: After a hard day, cleaning up is frequently the last thing you feel like doing. Set a timer and clean for only 15 minutes each day to keep clutter at bay. Allow oneself the right to leave when the 15 minutes have passed.

May: Drink 16 ounces of water as soon as you wake up to get hydrated throughout the day!

June: It has been demonstrated that walking in nature can lower stress levels, soothe the central nervous system, and improve our mood. Make it a point to go for a stroll every day this month, especially in a green area. If you leave your phone at home, more points!

July: Our waking hours are out of sync with our circadian rhythms and we experience a form of “jet lag” when our wake-up time varies drastically (such as when we stay up late and sleep in on the weekends). As a result, we often struggle to fall asleep when we need to and wake up feeling foggy.

August: In addition to many other advantages, mindfulness meditation has been demonstrated to lower stress, anxiety, and depression and enhance concentration and memory. The good news is that you can reap the rewards of mindfulness without becoming a monk.

September: Many of us spend the majority of our days slumped over keyboards while seated in the same position. Even if we have ergonomically designed workstations, the human body was not intended to remain in one position for long periods of time. Regular stretching helps keep our muscles healthy and strong.

October: Make your bed every morning for the remainder of this month, and see the affects it has on the rest of your day.

November: Make it a habit to commend someone on a daily basis this month, whether it’s a friend, a member of your family, a coworker, a person you follow on Twitter, or a complete stranger. It doesn’t have to be much; simply write them a brief message expressing your admiration for anything you saw about them or what they did.

December: Set a timer and limit your writing time this month to 15 minutes every day. Here are a few topics you might write about:

Stream of consciousness - Don’t worry about censoring yourself; just write down whatever’s on your mind!
Journaling your gratitude List three things for which you are thankful. Keep track of the sporadic ideas that cross your mind during the day (you may store them in Tracup!) then select one to write about after the day is through.
Goals journaling: reflect on your objectives and record the good and the bad from each day.
Describe what you learnt or what you read that day in a review.
Plan for the future.


Remember at the end of each month, change the type status if you continue one of those habits. We have three types: “Habit!” “Close” and “Nope.”

Custom Field can be shown: Type, Start Date, Assignee, Expire Date
Task Type [Habit!] [Close] [Nope]
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Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

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If you have problems during the use of the template, please contact the Tracup team.

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