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Goals & Feedback Meeting

Use this template to discuss, and summarize positive and negative moments in the past. Think and improve in the coming year.

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Involving the stakeholders is crucial when establishing team goals. People won’t succeed if they don’t comprehend, own, and believe it. Use our template to have a meaningful meeting with your team members.

Why use this Goals & Feedback Meeting template?

Perhaps the best way to approach feedback is to think about the behaviors you want the person to continue doing and the behaviors you want them to change. Whether you choose to highlight a strength or a problem, keep in mind that you are just offering your assessment of your employee’s work, not his or her character.
It is crucial for us to understand that these sincere exchanges serve as the basis for a relationship built on trust. If we don’t address performance issues as soon as they arise, there could be two additional detrimental effects. First off, by ignoring the problem, we implicitly support and reinforce the behavior. Second, unspoken frustrations grow until an employee’s minor mistake unleashes a torrent of hidden resentment. The employee won’t be able to hear our criticisms even if they are valid at that point, and all trust will be lost.

That’s why we need this goals & feedback meeting template. Find a period

How to use this template?

In this work space, we created 3 categories for your convenience: “Quarterly Review,” “Goals for Next Quarter,” and “Action Items.” It’s up to you to follow the guide or create your own template.

Write down anything important and mark them as “Think,” “Discuss,” or “Act.”

Share this template to your teammates and have a nice, thoughtful meeting.

Collect opinions and feedback, then improve in the next year!

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Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

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