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Football Scouting Report

A player's statistics are compared to those of other players at their position over a specified period of time in scouting reports. Based on how each statistic stacks up against other players, it is given a percentile ranking.

A scouting report is given to every player who has accrued a certain amount of playing time in a competition using Opta data.This simple document template for a football scouting report will assist you in summarizing your players' playing styles by asking you to identify their advantages, disadvantages, preferences, and blind spots that best describe "who they are" on the field.

As a manager or coach, you can complete it, give it to your team, and obtain feedback on what is missing, unclear, and what your players seem to think is most important. This will help you make improvements to and have an impact on your players' play-by-play.

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Football Scouting Report

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