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Eisenhower Matrix PRO

The Eisenhower Matrix PRO, also known as the time-management priority matrix, divides time into two axes and four quadrants based on its urgency and importance.

Urgency refers to the urgency of the situation to solve a problem, emphasizing the urgency of time, often a lot of need to be dealt with immediately, can not be delayed. Importance refers to the benefit or significance of solving a problem, emphasizing how important something is.

Put all of your jobs and to-dos in one of the "Eisenhower Matrix's PRO" four quadrants based on priority. Consider a chore you have to complete today. Given the competition from other tasks on your list, how do you choose when you'll finish it? Make use of the Eisenhower Matrix PRO to solve the problem. Where, when, and how long you should spend on a work depends on where you determine it belongs within a certain quadrant.

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Eisenhower Matrix PRO

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