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Educator Planning

This template will offer workflow advice to help you remain on top of your grading, your lesson plans, and new advancements in your profession to keep your students up to speed.

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An excellent educator should not only impart knowledge to students in the classroom, but also arrange his teaching work orderly. Our educator planning template was made for this. Try it and become a respectful teacher!

Why use this disconnect from tech template?

A career in education may be immensely fulfilling. The “aha!” moments make the high levels of stress worthwhile by encouraging a love of studying and assisting pupils in understanding difficult ideas.

However, being an educator entails much more than just teaching and spending time in person (or, in modern times, through Zoom) with your pupils. It might be difficult to decide where to concentrate in order to make the largest effect when you have numerous objectives vying for your attention. How do you organize your time so that work and life can coexist?

A excellent starting step is to have a productivity system that is driven by a task manager that works just as hard as you do. Tracup steps in at this point. A dependable productivity tool can assist you in efficiently capturing, organizing, and prioritizing all you need to accomplish, whether you have an hour to calmly plan between courses or you’re on the run between busy meetings.

How to use this template?

  1. Edit the name of this project to a course name (e.g. Bus 101)
  2. Duplicate this project to have a dedicated project for each course you teach
  3. Use existing sections and add more to organize your tasks
  4. Edit the tasks in this template with real tasks
  5. Use your syllabus or course documents to add relevant tasks, dates, and deadlines to this project
  6. Add more tasks related to this course as the semester/quarter proceeds

Each category is same important for your education life.

Resources: Add any files or websites you use frequently here, such as your syllabus, term paper guidelines, or online learning platform. In addition, provide any useful websites you locate for yourself or your pupils.

Exam Dates: Add in exam dates here, including quizzes, midterms, and finals.

Assignment & Project deadlines: Add projects and assignments with due dates for both small and significant tasks to this area.

Grading Sessions: Stay ahead of grading assignments, essays, and exams.

Office Hours and Student Q&As: Here, include your office hours as well as any emails or in-class inquiries you wish to address later.

Administrative Tasks: You should add your administrative chores to this section to prevent them from slipping through the cracks, including expense reports, paperwork, staff meetings, and committee responsibilities.

Course Tasks: Add any more assignments to this area when they come up for this course.

Custom Field can be shown: Type, Priority, Assignee, Expire Date
Task Type [Class Material] [Test] [Assignment] [Besides Class]
Custom Field: 0
Task View: List, Board


Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

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