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Disconnect from Tech

This template is made to prevent burnout, schedule relaxation each week and include time for self-care.

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Spend some time doing something worthwhile instead of using technology. You would have time to reflect as a result, which would also prepare you for upcoming difficulties. Using our disconnect form tech template to achieve this.

Why use this disconnect from tech template?

We seldom detach since we are all so reliant on technology. It’s difficult to avoid digital distractions when we’re working long hours in front of a computer, checking our phones, browsing the internet, or watching TV.

We all know that a digital detox only feels nice in the moment, so you may have tried going without your phone or deactivating your Facebook account.

We soon get eager to see what we’re missing. We are dependent, in other terms. The withdrawal symptoms we experience may lead us to immediately return to the digital world, where we once more feel comfortable and at ease.

Because so much of our social lives revolve around social media and instant messaging, many of us view our phones as a source of comfort. Without them, we may feel isolated and alone.

How to use this template?

In this template, we have created 6 ways to help you temporarily disconnect from tech. Also, we add some suggestions at the end of this template. Read through this whole template, and you would discover some ways that you never think before to control yourself away from the internet, or can say social media.
You don’t have to follow every guide from this template. Instead, we sincerely suggest that you should pick some of the advice and execute it.
After two to three circles of this routine, you would find that social media/cell phones are not that important anymore. And you will have more time to manage your daily life.
Good luck.

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