Kangaroo Moving is a full-service moving company. We are a carrier company, which means we are licensed and insured to transport household goods across the country. We have our own offices, trucks, storage facilities, drivers and moving crews. We are based in California, and operate pick up services in California, Nevada, and Arizona, and delivery services all across the United States. We aim to operate with unmatched professionalism and efficiency, and offer the highest standards of service to our customers. We have been building a name for ourselves within a competitive industry since 2014.

Scott H.- Birdeye:

I paid exactly what I was told in the beginning! I cannot thank them enough! They are not like other moving companies who give you a weird bill in the end. They were very straight forward from the beginning. It was just great. Now let’s talk about moving, the moving team did a great job. They packed everything really well and protected everything with their life. Not a single thing was damaged or even lost. They even helped us at our new place. I think I paid less because they gave me a great service! I highly recommend Kangaroo van lines to all. 2023-01-11


Minhaz R. -Birdeye:

I am sure that I will not find this kind of service anywhere! The guys from Kangaroo van lines did so much for me! They packed all my fragile items, kitchenware, art and the rest of the household items with great care. They made sure nothing got damaged and they delivered everything intact. For the first time I got a damage free move and I did not have to yell in the end about the bill. I paid the exact same amount I was quoted. They are really exceptional. I will hire them again and I shall recommend them to all! 2023-01-22




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3251 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020, USA

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