Sunlight Cleaning

This is a commercial clean service company in NYC that is highly rated on Yelp.

Sunlight Cleaning:

Sunlight Cleaning is representative of the best cleaning services in New York. Our professional housekeepers have vast experience and use individual approaches. That is why we receive only positive feedback from our clients.


Dave Bunting - Yelp:

Hired sunshine to clean up my 2500-square foot garage after concrete floor was poured. They did so much better than I thought was even possible; the space is immaculate now. I will ABSOLUTELY be calling on them again for future cleans, as well as recommending them to others in need of their services. The cleaners were kind, hard working, and very considerate of my requests. I consider myself difficult to please, but Sunshine Cleaning gets an A++++!!!!


Gannett W- Yelp:

The cleaning was amazing. They did a great job in general, but somehow they managed to get the stain under one of the stove burners out. I had tried to get that stain out several times back when my work life left me time to clean. I'm talking 4 or 5 times I gave it my all. I really tried. I used degreasers that would burn my hands. Somehow they got that done in-between cleaning everything else to that quality. The rest of the apartment shows that same level of care. 12/10, will be hiring again




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