The preferred software development tool for agile teams

Through the Tracup product matrix, it adapts to the entire scene of R&D project management such as demand management, task management, defect management, and iteration management, and provides a variety of project templates such as agile, waterfall, and general task collaboration, out of the box.


Create project requirements and existing problems, plan project schedules, and arrange team assignments.


Get a comprehensive understanding of the situation, track and schedule the priority of team work in the entire environment and discuss.


Make sure that the information you have is always up-to-date, so you can be confident and sane when delivering.


Improve team performance based on intuitive real-time data that your team can use.

Security, ease of use

Based on the cloud platform services, we pay more attention to product safety performance. Each of the data has done a strict encryption and a variety of scenes of the backup, high anti-crisis occurred. Data in the cloud is more secure.


Cloud disk data reliability is not less than 99.99%, automatic downtime migration, automatic multi-line backup, data recovery safe and convenient.      


Data transmission and storage are strictly encrypted. High anti-server, Web firewall, anti-violent crack technology to ensure data security.


Data permanent preservation does not lose, sustainable for business development to provide a complete storage, security solutions, problems timely recovery.

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