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While providing teams with an all-inclusive project management solution to manage any sort of assignment is its primary goal, we at Tracup feel that providing tools to help you succeed in your role and promote professional development is equally crucial.

Introducing the New Page: What’s in It?!

Recently, Tracup released a new features with disruptive upgrades to interfaces.

The new features means more comprehensive functions, more efficient efficiency, and better coordination! Therefore, many old users are very concerned about this, and frequent messages urge us to give us a more detailed introduction…

In this issue, let’s make a comparison to see what surprises the new feature has brought to us.🖐

Growing 1% every day is one of Tracup‘s top Core Values.

New Logo, Who This?!

Introducing… Tracup’s revamped blog page! 🙌🤗

From the old and new LOGO comparison chart, it is obvious that the brand color has changed.

From the original “pure white” color matching, and change to the use of color gradient, so that the color is brighter and more lively, the new logo appears to be younger, bringing users more youthful vitality of the feeling.

Of course, this upgrade of Tracup is not just as simple as updating the Logo, but has completed a major change in a new feature discovery.


Interface Reformatting, Visual Quality New Upgrading

Interface new reformatting, more clear and intuitive vision and operation experience.


This update is not necessarily visually the most beautiful and artistic, but continues to inherit the experience of older versions.

It has to be said that the new feature gives people a clearer visual and operational experience, and the original more parsimonious interface has become more parsimonious modern.


By doing so, you can manage all your form actions within your preferred project management application rather than needing to utilize a different app.

After this annual update, Tracup has also upgraded more humanized features, bringing new content in efficiency tools and basic optimization.

Gantt Chart Optimization


In the comparison, it is easy to see that in the new feature of Tracup Gantt Chart it is no longer a monotonic red and blue display, but following the task color increases the display bars of different colors.


There is also a corresponding task name inside the display bar. This optimization provides a more intuitive view of the differences in data between tasks and tasks.

And the association between tasks in the new feature of Tracup has also improved more vividly. You simply draw lines between tasks to automatically set dependencies. To recreate, quickly cancel by clicking the cross at the end of → “.

  • The most intuitive change since the update is that the color value has increased, and it has become more simplified and modern while maintaining a consistent concise style!
  • And, many new features have been optimized: support custom field settings, and specific items can be set according to their needs.
  • Support setting task state, you can clearly see your task state.
  • Support emoji entry in tasks, making your work more vivid.
  • Support task filter search, even if more tasks can be locked one second. Compared with the old version, the interface operation is more modern and smooth.

Document Optimization


Upgrade from old version “WIKI” to new [Documentation] functionality. The new feature of Tracup provides a huge cloud storage space for each project, and members in any project can easily store and share working files.


At the same time, Tracup has a powerful editor for you, which will bring you an excellent multi-person collaborative experience.

Old Version new feature
Add the cover of Doc
Add emoji
Add text format support inserting pictures (input picture link inserts) / support inserting titles (only one type of title can be set) support setting multi-class headings/support setting text format/support inserting tables/support setting font color and background/support one-click inserting pictures/support inserting external content
Markdown Live Preview
Associated Workspace Task

View Optimization

We need different angles to examine our work in the work scenario.

Technical departments use agile project management tools, marketing teams use to-do tools, and a single view makes it difficult to transfer information between teams.

The new feature of Tracup supports tasks arranged in multiple task views, which focus on different task information and are suitable for different task scenarios.

Old Version New feature
View Categories list view/time view/ Kanban view list view/ table view/Kanban view/ Gantt view/calendar view

Task Editor Optimization

From the above comparison, it can be seen that the user in the past editor panel can complete the operation of “bolding”, “underlining” and “italics” in the shortcut bar, but this seems not fast enough.

Now, the Tracup editor has become more useful. You can select more editing styles in the editor.


Added emphasis on text, strikethrough, paragraph alignment and other features, and optimized the style of the floating edit box. This can make your task description more vivid and concrete. Input “/“ Wake up the quick operation window, select the tasks and attachments to be selected in the window, and complete their insertion. Drag an attachment to complete the insertion, and the inserted attachment is automatically saved in the attachment bar below.

Whiteboard Function Online

Efficient collaboration is not a dream! As a powerful auxiliary tool, its birth is to solve the lack of inspiration in the work, office cooperation difficulties and other problems.

The whiteboard finally came!

Tracup whiteboard is placed in Tracup ‘s productivity platform, which is the only integrated office platform with a whiteboard.

It allows you to connect seamlessly between thinking and execution, and Tracup whiteboards work with Tracup ‘s components (lists, Gantt charts, tables, calendars, etc.).


Inspired in an unsealed box. Head down is work, head up is inspiration. All members work together to really do all in one.

It enables all visual collaboration functions to be focused in one place.

These include holding a brainstorming meeting, developing a project plan, and drawing mind maps.

Tracup whiteboard can meet the drawing needs of all flow charts and will improve efficiency and truly effectively implement into practical work.

Excellent Template For You In Template Center

Wanted to be lazy? One click Get ready for excellent templates!

Using templates can help us save a lot of time and improve productivity.

A lot of repetitive work is always carried out in the work, daily work is a major feature is formalization, do table can not stop, rhythm can not be chaotic, mentality can not collapse.

But there is no possibility that we can use templates to speed up the process. Another powerful feature in the new feature of Tracup is the template center. Template centers are divided into three categories:

  • Project Template: Simplified Workflow, Out of Box.
  • Whiteboard template: mass materials and so on you use, let your work “live.”
  • Document Template: Release your hands without writing the document yourself.


When you don ‘t know which template is right for you, you can click the template you want to know and then see the description and details of the template, and see some relevant custom configurations about the template in the bottom left corner.

Of course, if you are not sure that the template is suitable for you, you can use the template first, and then check and correct the specific content of the template, including some content processes we provide you, and so on.

They’re Really Easy to Share

The new feature is powerful, user-friendly, easy to understand and easy to use.


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