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In today’s fast-paced digital economy, businesses are looking for smarter ways to help their teams collaborate and manage tasks more efficiently. Clickup is one of the most popular tools on the market right now, but it’s not the only one.

In fact, there are many great alternatives for those looking for a different collaboration and task management experience.

Choose Your Project Management Software

Tracup is one of the most popular Clickup alternatives. It offers the same organizational and project management capabilities, but with a much more intuitive design and user interface.


Tracup comes with advanced features like linking tasks across projects, assigning tasks to multiple members, attaching files, and tagging tasks with custom labels.

Plus, it offers a variety of integrations with third-party services that allow its users to use programs like Google Drive and Dropbox as well as more specialized tools like Slack.

Another popular alternative is Trello. It’s a popular project management tool that offers a simple, visual way to organize tasks into boards and lists. With Trello, users can easily create detailed cards to keep track of tasks and collaborate with teammates. The drag and drop function makes it easy to move cards along the workflow and track progress:

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Visualize Your Process - What is Clickup used for?

ClickUp is a project management and collaboration tool developed by the American software company Mango Technologies LLC. It helps teams organize projects, tasks, set deadlines and assign tasks.

It also allows users to chat, add documents and notes, set reminders, and customize their workspace. ClickUp also provides analytics to track and measure progress.


Clickup Vs. Tracup: Compare Basic Features

In the following article, we will give your more specific comparison between these two tools. We will compare their:

  • Pricing
  • Usage
  • Essentials
  • Views
  • Customization
  • Collaboration
  • Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Security
  • Support
  • Progress tracking

In the end, we will give you the final decision about which tools is better.

Here is the overview about its common feature:

Despite having comparable platforms, each tool offers unique features and capabilities that contribute to both of its benefits for project management. In the end, the tools are adaptable to diverse demands and organizational structures, thus understanding their fundamental characteristics is crucial.

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Features/ Software Clickup-Basic Version Clickup-BUSINESS PLUS($19/user) Tracup
Tasks Unlimited
Spaces 5 Spaces
List Per Space 100 400
Folders per Space 400 400
Custom Views

Essentials - Discuss The Scope Of The Project

We highlight and deconstruct each tool’s characteristics and scope of project template in this area to make it easier for you to decide which is ideal for your particular needs. Let’s see who prevails in this contest between Clickup and Tracup:

Features/ Software Clickup-Basic Version Clickup-BUSINESS PLUS($19/user) Tracup
File Storage 100 MB
IOS & Android
Privacy and Sharing
Custom Fields 100 uses
Template Everything

Views - Multiple View to Help you Manage Tasks

Features/ Software Clickup-Basic Version Clickup-BUSINESS PLUS($19/user) Tracup
Template Everything
Calendar 100 uses 100 uses
Gantt chart 100 uses
Rest for A Moment
Dashboard 100 uses
Dashboard-Workload 100 uses
Dashboard-Time in Status 100 uses
Whiteboard 3 Whiteboards

Customize your Service

Features/ Software Clickup-Basic Version Clickup-BUSINESS PLUS($19/user) Tracup
Custom Statuses
Custom Task IDs
Super Rich Editing
Multiple Assignees
Task Checklists

Collaboration - Teamwork makes the dream work

Features/ Software Clickup-Basic Version Clickup-BUSINESS PLUS($19/user) Tracup
Embedded Email
Guest Visibility☞
Cloud Storage
Smart Notification
Publicly Share Everything View
In-App Video Recording
Teams Sharing
Smart Notification
Assign Comments
@ in the Comments
Subtasks in Multiple Lists 100 uses

Set Comparison For Task Reporting

Features/ Software Clickup-Basic Version Clickup-BUSINESS PLUS($19/user) Tracup
Create Target 100 uses
Time Tracking
Dashboard 100 uses
Personal Profile
Dashboard-Time Tracking Components + Billable Reports & Timesheets
Custom Exporting 5


Asana is a project management platform that uses built-in integrations to connect tasks, files, and conversations from different tools and systems into one workspace.

They have a large library of integrations available that extend their features, allowing users to customize the way they use Asana as it relates to their specific project or task.

These integrations can connect Asana to a variety of other services, such as Slack, Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, JIRA, Confluence, and more.

Through its integrations, Asana can provide additional functionality to its users, like automatic status updates, synchronization across different platforms, and automated data transfers to make collaboration and organization easier.

Features/ Software Clickup-Basic Version Clickup-BUSINESS PLUS($19/user) Tracup
Native Integrations
Google Drive
/Slash Commands


Features/ Software Clickup-Basic Version Clickup-BUSINESS PLUS($19/user) Tracup
Google Single Sign-On(SSO)
Custom Permissions
Custom Roles 1
Default Personal Views
IP Restriction☞ n/a n/a
IP Address Login Monitoring
Private Space Management
Integration Permissions
Contract and Legal Review
Content Directory


Features/ Software Clickup-Basic Version Clickup-BUSINESS PLUS($19/user) Tracup
Live Chat Support
99.9% uptime SLA

Why seek a Clickup alternative ?

When it comes to project management, there are a lot of excellent tools out there, and two of the top contenders are Tracup and ClickUp. Both of these solutions provide an effective way to keep tasks organized and collaborate with team members, but which one is best for your organization?

Let’s take a look at the two solutions in more detail and explore how they compare.


To begin, Tracup is a lightweight, visually-oriented tool for task organization and collaboration. It is used to create boards for managing tasks, todo lists, and other organizational items.

It provides an easy-to-use kanban-style interface that allows users to quickly glance at their tasks and prioritize them. Additionally, Tracup offers excellent integration with other services, such as Google Drive and Slack, making it easy to collaborate with colleagues and share files.

Meanwhile, ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform that provides a variety of features, including task boards, Gantt charts, and resources. It also supports collaboration, with features like document annotation, task assignment, and chat.

So, which solution is better for your team?

Ultimately, it depends on your particular needs and preferences.

Both Tracup and ClickUp offer many of the same features, but Tracup has the edge in freely offering more in-depth views of projects and tasks.

The application is great for teams who want an all-in-one resource for managing their projects.

Also, Tracup’s visual-oriented layout makes it ideal for teams who prefer quick views and a less chaotic approach to task organization.

Clickup Free Alternative:


Tracup, on the other hand, takes a more thorough approach, focusing on detailed analytics and project tracking. It has a more traditional take on workflow management, allowing users to create timelines, plans and progress charts that are easy to understand and monitor.

Tracup is a 100% free task management tool alternative to with unlimited templates, views, docs and files.

Companies in the past manage their workflows in their workspace, but this will cost a lot of human resources and money and sometimes doesn’t work.

The real revolution coming with cloud-based project management tools and intensely influences several ways of companies’ project management:

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Clickup vs Tracup - Which one has Unlimited Service?

Features/ Software Clickup Tracup
Price Level Unlimited — $5 per member per month (billed annually)/ Business — $12 per member per month (billed annually)/ Business Plus — $19 per member per month (billed annually) /Enterprise — POA 100 % Free
Unlimited teams
Unlimited workspaces
Private workspaces
Unlimited users
Template center
Guests with permissions
Multiple assignees
In-app communication
Storage 100 MB
Kanban board
Advanced Dashboard Features
Unlimited Integration
Unlimited folder

Platforms available for Clickup: Web, iOS, Android

Pros and Cons

![image-20230208123636820](C:\Users\Charlotte L\AppData\Roaming\Typora\typora-user-images\image-20230208123636820.png)
Price From $5/user/month
Pros Organizing tasks/subtasks/Export to file formats/Accessibility,flexibility,modifiability of the application
Cons Frequent slow-downs during peak hours/challenging to master more complicated features/Limited integrations

Tracup can offer you different experience that you cannot get with Clickup

Our 100% FREE plan

Clickup only gives you:

  • 10 boards
  • No workspace privacy

Tracup offers you:

  • Unlimited users
  • Priceless service
  • Infinite storage
  • For Free

You save a lot of money!

Do it All with Tracup


Tracup is a great choice for teams looking for a comprehensive project management and team collaboration solution as it offers a wide range of features and integrations designed to make managing projects and workflows easy - from task assignment to integration with some of the world’s most popular apps.

Tracup also has mobile apps, so users ca吗n stay in sync while they’re on the go. It also offers great customer support and a simple user interface that make it easy to get started.

Additionally, Tracup has an excellent pricing model, offering plans that are helpful for teams.

Tracup is a free task management platform that has a colorful and user-friendly interface. Unlike and Tracup , it has an unlimited number of users and workspaces in the free plan. It also offers private boards in the free plan.

So if you are looking for a secure task management tool with advanced features and an easy-to-use interface, sign up for free Tracup and try it yourself.

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