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Cross-channel ad management that is centralized allows you to leverage data and improve media and creative performance across all of your digital campaigns.

What is Ad Serving Management

The technology and service that puts adverts on Web sites, mobile Mobile Apps, and Connected TVs is referred to as ad serving. Ad serving technology businesses give software to Web sites and advertisers that allows them to serve advertisements, count them, select the ads that will generate the most money for the Web site or advertiser, and track the progress of various advertising campaigns. Publisher ad servers and advertiser (or third-party) ad servers are the two types of ad servers.(“Ad Serving - Wikipedia”)

You will mainly use:

  1. Task status: Set work flow matching for your scenario as task status.
  2. Custom field: Tracup template has been pre-added custom field for common demands, which can be added/deleted based on existing templates to fit your specific demands for recording and processing.
  3. List view: The representation of list and custom column can help you present the plentiful information in demanding form.

The Template Default

Task Status: ☹[New]👌[Streaming Media Ads]😊[Print Ads]🤔[Market Research]🤨[Outdoor Spreading] [Finished]
Task Type: [In Process] [Approval] [Hand Over] [Suspend] [Reject]
Custom Field: Marketing Plan(Text),Fiscal quarter(Text), Start Date(Date)
Task View: List, Board. File, Wiki
Custom Field can be shown: Create Time, Expire Date, Assignee, Type, Marketing Plan, Start Date


Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scene.

Ask for help:

If you have problems during the use of the template, please contact the Tracup team.


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