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Tracup is a popular project management tool that helps teams stay organized, collaborate effectively, and track their progress towards project goals.

In this blog, we will introduce the new features of Tracup that are designed to enhance the user experience and improve team collaboration.

New Feature - Goals in New Year

In project management, a Goal refers to a specific point in time or event that has significant importance in the project, say a product plan of your team in 2023, a test task in March.


Setting a goal can help project managers and team members track the progress of the project, ensure that the project is progressing according to plan, and also help ensure that the project achieves its goals as expected.


Here are some benefits of setting goals:

  • Clarifying project goals: Setting milestones can help project teams clarify project goals and identify key stages for achieving these goals.
  • Monitoring project progress: Goals provide a landmark event that can be used to check project progress. Team members can use goals to understand project progress and ensure that the project is progressing according to plan.
  • Improving communication: Goals can be used to facilitate better communication between team members and project stakeholders. Project managers can use milestones to report on project progress and any postential issues.
  • Risk management: Goals can help identify potential risks in the project. By setting milestones, project progress can be evaluated and potential issues can be detected early.

Now Tracup Enterprise users can use milestones to manage their goals!

Through Tracup‘s milestone setting, each major goal can be broken down into smaller goals, step by step, to record and quantify each change.

New feature: Set Doc as the default component.

Now Tracup supports to set Doc as their default component. This means that when creating a new project, Doc will automatically be selected as the primary component, streamlining the project creation process.


This new feature is especially useful for teams that rely heavily on documentation and collaboration. By having Doc set as the default component, team members can immediately start creating and sharing documents related to the project, saving time and effort in the long run.

With Tracup‘s Doc component, team members can easily collaborate on project documents in real-time. Multiple team members can work on the same document simultaneously, making edits and revisions as necessary. This not only increases productivity but also improves communication and transparency within the team.

In addition to its collaborative capabilities, Tracup‘s Doc component also includes robust document management features. Users can organize documents into folders, assign tags for easy categorization, and set permissions to control access to sensitive information.

Tracup‘s commitment to improving its platform is evident through this latest feature release. By listening to user feedback and implementing changes accordingly, Tracup continues to evolve and provide a top-notch project management tool that meets the needs of today’s modern workplace.

In conclusion, the addition of the default Doc component setting is a significant step towards improving the user experience of Tracup. By streamlining the project creation process and improving collaboration and document management capabilities, teams can work more efficiently and effectively towards achieving their project goals.

Tracup has become even more user-friendly.

  • New feature: Added a 🌍 icon after the title of documents that are publicly listed in the document list.


  • Optimization: Adjusted the entrance animation effect for some pop-up boxes.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue where the loading effect still appeared when a sub-issue was opened.


Tracup‘s new features are designed to enhance the user experience and improve team collaboration. With customizable dashboards, Kanban boards, time tracking, team collaboration features, and a mobile app, Tracup is the perfect tool for teams that want to stay organized, work efficiently, and achieve their project goals. Try Tracup today and see how it can transform your team’s workflow!

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