How to Use New Dashboard View to Benefit Your Team

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There is this amazing tool to help you analyze every piece of task details while using Tracup. Use our new Dashboard feature to go through your enterprise workflow management in a few clicks!

Hi guys, welcome back to Tracup blog.

Improving our customers’ work efficiency and user experience is always our prime goal of developing. This week, our IT team upgraded some features in Dashboard to help our clients hold a better view of the massive amount of tasks from time, task portion, members, task progress, and other fields of analysis.

You can choose either to watch our instruction video below or read our detailed blog. Either of them would cost the same amount of time, about 3 minutes.

So, let’s begin your trip in Tracup!

Dashboard Update

So what is Dashboard?

Dashboard was the old Overview in Tracup. Now the Tracup team has added much more statistical tools for our users to analysis their work in Tracup.


  • The whole Dashboard section can be divided into 9 sections: Feature, Efficiency, Type, Status, Priority, Module, Version, Creator, Assignee.


Some of our old clients might notice that most of them are our default custom fields. Therefore, it will be much easier and more accessible for our clients of using this new Dashboard update.

  • Each section will have 1 - 7 different statistical tools such as a Pie Chart, Timeline, Task Burndown Chart, and any other types of bars.
  • Apply any of them that is suitable for your situation.

Also, you can drag and drop any widgets:


Or change names of the widget


Or even expand or shrink the size of each widget to create specialized dashboard:


Now, let’s start to create your own customized Dashboard!


Blog Update

Our Blog webpages also have some useful updates.

First, you can share a blog on social media.

Click the icon on the left to do so.

Currently, Tracup only supports three one-click forwarding social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you want to share our blogs with more platforms, check the fourth icon to copy the link!


Don’t forget the fifth icon. Yes, you are getting the correct answer. You can now print out any blogs in our blog center!

Perhaps you want to print some of our instructional blogs out as the guidebook for your new employees who gonna join our Tracup family🤣.


Tracup will never stop working to improve our products to meet our valuable clients’ requests. If you have any opinions or encounter any bugs, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email. We will respond ASAP.


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