Your Event Design Management Easy Step By Step Guide

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Do you have an event coming up soon or already completed? Here’s easy step by step guide can help you plan a successful one!

Save Time with Project Management Event Planning Template

These project management event plan templates also include a variety ecological of custom fields as well which are very useful to help users keep track of any additional details that are important to their tasks, as well as achieving a better event project management.

Keep Track of Best Event Organizing

For example, users might have a due date custom field for product delivery date. If they’re waiting on a vendor to ship something project plan for for an event, they could also have an email field to keep track of contact information for a vendor or a customer.


Key Elements of Project Management Event Planning Template

And a few of the other examples that are included in this event planning project management template would be things like a label custom, to keep track of what event a task pertains to.


How to plan an event management task?

This might not be an optimal setup for users, because they need to be able to manage a larger scope of work related to a smaller number of events.


If that’s the case they may want to check out the event planning template, this one is set up a little bit differently in that it shows them how users could use a Tracup list for each event project plan that they’re overseeing or planning. So this enables users to have tasks in each list that are related specifically to just one event, so users can really create a task.

Different Stages of Event Planning Project Management

Tracup event planning template conclude five different stages of event planning process.

Here are the description of each of them:

✔[Event Planning Stage]:


The specific process, participants and materials of these activities is required by planning schemes in detail.

👌[Event Preparation Stage] :


  • Execution of Activity Planning: The specific process, participants and materials of these activities is required by planning schemes in detail.

  • Production of Online Activity Landing Page: The theme of activity should be emphasized, as well as process and content of activity should be shown in online activity landing page.

  • Script of Introduction Video

  • Follow-up the Design and Production of Offline Event Brochure: Design of brochure

  • Follow-up the Customized Activity Gifts: Contact suppliers in advance and check the quantity, category and requirements of gift.

🖐[Event Execution Stage]:


  • Daily Provide Potential Clues of Clients For Sale During Activity: For better follow-up of the salesman, clients registered during activity should be collected.
  • Online Promotional Activities on Various Platform: Operational apartment needs to promote online activity and put introduction and details on the third-party platform.
  • Offline Activity Propaganda
  • Share Activity Content Around Community During Activity

💹[Event Data Summarize]:


  • Data Summarize of Online Operation: Summarize and Sort data of online operation during activity. Summarize CTR of public account, twitter and Facebook.
  • Conversion Rate of New Users that Have Already Paid
  • Renewal Rate of Existing Users
  • Total Sales During Activity

👁‍🗨[Event Review Stage]:

  • Summarize and Review of Online Introduction
  • Review Questions During Execution Stage

The Event Planning Template Default

Task Status: ✔[Activity Planning Stage]👌[Activity Preparation Stage] 🖐[Activity Execution Stage]💹[Activity Data Summarize]👁‍🗨[Activity Review Stage]
Task Type: [Execution], [Data Summarize], [Review], [Planning], [Material Preparation]
Custom Field: Apartment, Manager
Task View: List, Board. File, Wiki
Custom Field can be shown: Create Time, Expire Date, Assignee, Type, Apartment, Manager

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