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Under the operation of this “invisible hand“ by Adam Smith, entrepreneurs benefits a lot from free markets, but sometimes it is easy to be operated by market itself. Can entrepreneurs find any “visible hand“ to help them keep on track while thriving in the market?

Adam Smith used the invisible hand in his theorized social mechanism according to which in the free markets can benefit in economy by showing businesses, what products and services are in demand and how difficult they are bringing to the market.

How to thrive in the visible hand supported market?

Under the operation of this invisible hand, entrepreneurs get a lot benefits from free markets, but sometimes it is easy to be operated by market itself. Can entrepreneurs find any “visible hand“ to do their a favor to keep on track while thriving in the market?

Recently, demands for the online project management tools have made Tracup the focus of users’ probe.

The answer is affirmative!


Tracup launches its new CRM Template - Sales Contract Management Template to help users go from surviving to thriving.


Under Sale Contract Management template, Tracup will simplify and consolidated ownership structure of sale contract, making it more transparent to outsider clients.


The Template Default For Sales Contract Management Template


Task Status: ✔[New], 👌[Procuration Endorsement], 🖐[Signed Clients], 📝[Renewal Contract]
Task Type: [First-category Clients], [Second-category Clients], [Third-category Clients]
Custom Field: Memo(Text), Address(Text), Country(Text), Contact Details(Number), Established Month Data(Number), Next Upkeep(date), Total Sales(Number), Contract Code(Number)
Task View: List, Board, File, Wiki
Custom Field can be shown: Create Time, Expire Date, Assignee, Type, Memo, Address, Country, Next Upkeep
Modules: Yearly Upkeep, Half-year Upkeep, Monthly Upkeep


Prospects Are Brighter

In emerging economies, where there is plenty of online service and soaring demand for SaaS business, the prospects are brighter.


As one of the industry’s most contracting-prone occupations, salesman need a reliable tool to manage their sale contracts.


Without improvements in product serves, freedom from switching back and forth between different pages and free from mass contract management remains elusive to many. Tracup will not put paid to their deal or become the elusive promise with the Sales Contract Management Template.


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