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Want to improve your sales performance? With this CRM template to create and track your sales strategy. You’ll also learn how to manage teams effectively.

Why choose online contract management

It was in the 1259 B.C that the oldest contract Egypt-Hittite Peace Treaty, also known as the Eternal Treaty or the Silver Treaty, was born. It is also the earliest known surviving peace treaty.


After about 3,000 years, human beings still adopt these kind of “Contract Text“ to manage their work and record their business.

Especially in 2022, under the shocking of COVID-19, similar transformations are under way all along sales contracting. There are no beautiful backwater place like Cesme peninsula or Aegean-coast-ash for enterprise managers making their sales contract with their clients but only online or on their computer.

Find your own template to manage your CRM contract management

Managers around the world try to find another way to make and manage their contract online but not offline.


Here writer will introduce users a powerful CRM template targets sale contract management.

How to use Sales Contract Management template

The template helps us to record the execution of our client contracts, thus improving efficiency and quality of sales team.


You will mainly use contract management template:

  1. Task status: Add signed contract status of clients to custom field of tasks status.
  2. Custom fields: According to the specific scenario, users can add corresponding custom field to meet their needs.
  3. Attachment: Remember to add contract into attachment in project.

Reminder: Custom fields, task types, task status, etc. In the template can be customized, and you can adjust them according to the corresponding scenario.

Come to the point:

According to the real-time status of interview, relevant person can set their tasks status to learn about trends of their interview

Online Contract Management

For few years, sales managers have tried to find a suitable tool for sales contract management. Fresh tools and technologies are emerging on top of industry, and a desirable rate is being charged for using these tools.


Recently, a powerful project management tool, rich in phrases about “high efficiency“, was launched its new template that allows users to manage their sale contracts. Other project management tools have been doing this for a few years, but only Tracup will give you a totally satisfied experience and free journey. Using Tracup is not merely economical but essential.


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