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Discover how Tracup‘s new Share feature enhances content sharing, making it easy to submit your documents directly to Google Console and Bing, while promoting your work across social media platforms.

Elevate Your Content Sharing Experience with Tracup Innovative Share Feature

Introducing Tracup Share Feature

Tracup, a leading project management tool, has recently introduced its new Share feature, designed to streamline content sharing and boost your online presence. With this feature, users can effortlessly submit their documents to Google Console and Bing, ensuring their content reaches a wider audience.

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3 Simple Steps to Submit Your Work to Google and Bing

  1. Find the Share button on the right top corner, click Share.
  2. Turn on the Public Link button to generate a URL link for sharing.
  3. Turn on Search Engine Indexing to submit your work to Google and Bing!


How Does Tracup‘s Share Feature Work?

The Share feature is incredibly user-friendly, requiring users to simply turn on the share button to submit their documents to Google Console and Bing. A shared page consists of three parts: the main body of text in the center, the author information on the right side of the main body, and the recommended related articles below the main body of text.


Upon opening a shared page, users will see the author’s name on the right part, along with updated time, article stats (word count, characters, estimated reading time). Additionally, the Share feature includes two convenient share icons for Twitter and Facebook, allowing users to share their documents on these social media platforms with just one click.


Finally, beneath the article content, users will find other related articles created by the author. Tracup‘s Share feature is perfect for promoting your products, publishing your articles, attracting clients, and more.


Empower Your Project Management with Tracup Share Feature

Tracup Share feature not only simplifies the process of sharing content but also provides valuable insights into your work, ultimately improving project management and collaboration. Here are some ways this feature can help users manage projects and work more efficiently:

  1. Track Article Stats: Gain insights into your content’s performance with article stats, including word count, characters, and estimated reading time. These metrics can help you optimize your content and ensure it meets the needs of your target audience.

  2. Promote Your Work: Share your documents on Twitter and Facebook with just one click, reaching a wider audience and increasing your online exposure. This can lead to higher engagement, more followers, and ultimately, more business opportunities.

  3. Discover Related Content: The Share feature presents other related articles created by the author, offering a unique opportunity to explore additional resources and expand your knowledge on a particular topic.

  4. Boost Your Online Presence: Submitting your documents to Google Console and Bing is a crucial step in improving your search engine rankings and visibility. Tracup‘s Share feature makes this process seamless, helping you establish a strong online presence.

  5. Improve Collaboration: The author information displayed on shared pages encourages collaboration by providing users with easy access to the author’s profile and other related content. This can lead to more effective teamwork, resulting in better project outcomes.

In Conclusion

Tracup‘s Share feature is a game-changer for content creators and project managers alike, offering a seamless way to submit documents to Google Console and Bing, share content on social media, and discover related articles. By making it easy to promote your work and gain insights into your content’s performance, Tracup‘s Share feature is an invaluable tool for boosting your online presence and improving project management. Experience the power of Tracup‘s innovative Share feature today and revolutionize the way you manage your projects and share your content.

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