Let’s Welcome Our New World Cup Legend in 2022 FIFA Qatar

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A match that will go down in history. It was undoubtedly one of the most gripping and exciting matches in the history of the World Cup finals. With a late goal from Gonzalo Montiel, we welcomed the 2022 World Champions - Argentina! So, let’s take a look back at the top eight teams of this year’s World Cup and relive the legends they have created in this year’s World Cup.

1.Team Brazil


In this World Cup, Brazil may be the team with the most regrets.
The team that is recognized as the most likely to win the World Cup, lost to Croatia, a strong competitor from Europe. The gap in the hearts of fans can be imagined. However, this is the charm of sports competitions. It is precise because the winners and losers are never judged on paper strength. That’s why every World Cup can bring so many unforgettable memories to people around the world.


2. Team Netherland


The performance of the Netherlands team in the world can be described as stable. The first game of the group stage was 2-0 Senegal, the second game was 1:1 Ecuador, and the last game was 2-0 Qatar. After the round of the group stage, the Netherlands team defeated the United States team at 3:1 in the 1/8 final, scored 8 goals, and lost 2 goals. Their average is scored 2 goals per game and lost 0.5 goals.
Step by step, although some performances (1:1 Ecuador) did not meet the expectations of the fans, the results were good, and the team completed the minimum goal of entering the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Unfortunately, they failed to defeat Argentina led by Messi. But still, their achievements in the quarter-finals were worthwhile.


3. Team England


England is one of the top-rank teams in the world. It has made good use of its excellent performance many times. In 19 times attendance of World Cups, it won third place and fourth place many times and won the championship in 1966. This team can often play a strong role in World Cup competitions and has rich combat experience, The team’s lineup in 2022 is also quite luxurious. The England national team ranked fifth in the world in the World Cup of 2022. In the match against France on December 11, England lost to France, regrettably losing 1:2. However, they were defeated by the French team, who had already entered the final game, so this defeat is not unacceptable. We hope that they can come back four years later and make further progress!


4. Team Portugal


This World Cup is a tumultuous one for Portugal. 3:2 Ghana, 2:0 Uruguay, 1:2 South Korea, 6:1 Switzerland. The ups and downs of the players’ form make the fans’ hearts restless
Portugal was eliminated in the quarterfinals 0-1 against Morocco, and the 37-year-old Ronaldo said goodbye to his fifth World Cup journey.
In this game, Morocco took the lead with a header from En Nasri. Ronaldo came on as a substitute in the 50th minute of the second half, but despite making several chances, he was unable to help his team recover from the defeat.
In this year’s tournament, Ronaldo became the first player in history to score in five consecutive tournaments when he scored from the point in the first match against Ghana, which was also his eighth goal in five tournaments.
After losing to Morocco, Portugal ended up in the quarter-final stage, and Ronaldo’s journey in Qatar came to an end.


5. Team Morocco

Fourth place

This year’s Morocco team is arguably the biggest dark horse of all. As the first African team in history to reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup, this record has been looked up to by most teams. Despite not reaching the final, Morocco’s performance at this year’s World Cup has been good enough. Before the semifinal, Morocco demonstrated one of the best performances in the World Cup, beating Belgium and Canada in the group stage, drawing with Croatia, which also reached the quarterfinals, and shutting out Spain and Portugal in the knockout stage, and conceding only one goal in five games.
The event created a “home turf” atmosphere at the stadium. Coach Reglach admitted that without the support of the fans, the team would not have reached the unattainable heights of the semifinals. With this World Cup quarterfinal experience, it is believed that more Moroccan boys will be brave and willing to embark on their dream soccer journey.
On Dec.17, Morocco lost to Croatia and got fourth place. But still, it is their best record in history.!


6. Team Croatia

Third place

Croatia is a nation with only 50,000 square kilometers, and the population is even smaller, only 4.17 million. However, such an insignificant small country is an uncompromising soccer powerhouse.
And in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Croatian team went all the way to overtime and penalty shootouts to kill the final, and finally lost to France. In the last World Cup they showed a very strong individual ability and teamwork awareness, and this World Cup, Croatian players have become more mature and stable.
While playing against Brazil. they did not panic, but rather staged a good show of winning with weakness, which proves that the Croatian soccer team has gone to its peak moment. To everyone’s surprise, the Croatian team eliminated Brazil and broke into the quarterfinals. In this game, Croatia can be said to be back from the dead, because, in overtime, they were behind Brazil, but with a goal before the end of overtime, they equalized the score and won the penalty shootout.
Unfortunately, Croatia did not beat Argentina in the semifinals and unfortunately left the field, but their wonderful performance remained in the hearts of the audience.
On Dec.17, they defeat Morocco and got third place. It may not have been their ultimate goal, but they still deserved the cheers of the crowd.


7.Team France

Second Place

This year’s French team can be said to have retained the strength of the defending champions, in the absence of several important players, but still with an unstoppable momentum to advance to the final. The much-anticipated Mbappe also lived up to his reputation by contributing a total of eight goals. Before this year’s World Cup final, Mbappe scored 5 goals and ranked first in the scorer’s list, with 25 shots and 11 shots on goal, second only to Lionel Messi’s 27 and 14. After the tournament, he was also the winner of this year’s World Cup Golden Boot Award. We have to look forward even more to what the French team led by Mbappe can bring four years later in full maturity.


8.Team Argentina


Congrats to Argentina!
Argentina won the World Cup again after 36 years. Messi slowly walked up to the Hercules Cup, stopped in his tracks, touched the cup with his right hand, and kissed it. The moment he had waited for all his life finally came. Messi had broken two World Cup records, not only becoming the first player to score at every stage from the World Cup group stage to the final but also becoming the player with the most World Cup appearances with 26 appearances.
This trophy drew a perfect end for Messi’s career life. Whether Messi will retire after this merit or continue the campaign, we do not know. God bless Messi and the Argentine team!


The End

With that, the World Cup is over. Some people hold regret exit, some people harvest applause, some people tears on the field, some people get respect.

That’s the beauty of sports. As one of the three most watched tournaments in the world, this World Cup has provided audiences with more than enough memorable meetings.

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