How Does Technology Change Our Career Life in The Process of Globalization

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In the past few years, the nature of the working environment has changed significantly, and the year 2022 has brought an acceleration to this change. More and more companies started to consider the possibilities of working remotely. Some of they have done so.

Work Remote


Data shows that 45% of global jobs have been converted to remote work in the past two and a half years, but as the epidemic improves, office occupancy rates in major cities are still below the pre-epidemic level of 50%. A significant number of business managers want to return to pre-epidemic work practices and are beginning to require employees to return to the office or meet specific “days per week” requirements. But as we have seen, resistance to such policies is often reported. According to WFH Research, more than half of employees do not want to be in the office five days a week and would consider leaving if forced to do so by their employer. Data from the LinkedIn platform shows that as of March 2022, “remote jobs” accounted for 20 percent of new job postings on the platform, while views and new job applications for “remote jobs” rose to 30 percent and 27 percent, respectively, from 3 percent before the epidemic. This “demand exceeds supply” situation fully reflects the growing and irreversible attraction of the “remote” model to the talent pool.

Work Efficiency


Meanwhile, for employers - talent will be everywhere; For job seekers - opportunities will be everywhere.
Technology has made it possible to collaborate across borders and time zones, and the global epidemic has accelerated the popularization of these technologies, leading employees and employers to embrace this remote working mode with unprecedented enthusiasm.
Global business will increasingly rely on the success of cross-cultural remote teams.
Admittedly, at present, there are inevitable obstacles to the flow of many key elements, including talents. In addition to the objective factors caused by the epidemic, employment discrimination, cultural differences, trust crisis, and other factors have also brought restrictions or obstacles to some extent - these restrictions exist in both virtual (digital platform) and physical space.

A Tool for Globalized Work Collaboration

Tracup, an online project management collaboration software, helps countless users and their teams, customers, and partners work together in depth. Here, you can create countless projects and invite anyone you want to invite.

In Tracup, you can create various types of tasks, set up priorities, assignees, and deadlines, or create your suitable custom fields to classify your missions.插入图3

Asynchronous work

When project milestones and success aren’t dependent on numerous meetings or the need for prompt message answers, asynchronous work flourishes. However, many asynchronous workspaces just replicate the ethos of the traditional workplace in a virtual setting, eliminating any possible advantages.

These meetings must be redesigned, along with how staff members convey critical information, for async work to be effective. Implementing tools and frameworks like task boards can aid in promoting open communication and transparency.

Instead of sifting through lengthy email threads, staff members may see project status updates and communicate asynchronously.

In Tracup, we built this asynchronous work system to achieve an efficient work process through hundreds of commands. You can check every edit history of your members, and see their specific operations via comment space.

Simply click on the task description version in blue font to see detailed changes. You can restore a version at any time. Tracup will record everything on our server to make sure you get what you want all the time.


Workflow Management

The process of developing and improving processes helps teams coordinate their efforts with the ultimate goal of increasing team productivity.

As a series of tasks, a process (or a portion of a process) is represented by a workflow. And one or more roles carry out those duties in order to create results and so accomplish a goal, such as meeting a project milestone.

In terms of a project management methodology, workflow management visually resembles a diagram or a flowchart.

In Tracup, users can choose different views to observe and manage all tasks. The Dashboard view will be extremely helpful with tons of diagrams, graphs, statistics, etc.



With thousands of premade template in Tracup, anyone with any purpose will find a template that meets their requirements. Here are some examples of our templates:

For personal use, we have a Family Chore Chart template, Job Family Matrix template, Wedding Preparation Management template,

Weight Loss Tracker template, and hundreds more,


Tracup has three big categories of templates: Project, Document, and Whiteboard.

Project template: start with a list view, in a board, table, calendar, and some other kinds of views, to show a giant and detailed project timeline, milestone, and description. Or you can use Gantt View to create movable bars and task dependencies.

Document template: use this type of template to build some formal/informal documentary files, checklist, surveys, questionnaires. You can either edit on Tracup or print out those forms.

Whiteboard template: this unique whiteboard space allows users to draw any shapes or patterns in a free, open, wild canvas. This is the space where you will maximize your ideas and put to use.



Tracup and Globalized Work


We have carefully designed a straightforward and effective project management solution to assist Internet businesses and teams in working more comfortably and without regionalization. Lightweight project management, a convenient real-time project progress reporting system, and the ideal blend of project management and teamwork. Let doing activities in life and at business become enjoyable in an artistic way.

Tracup offers more nerdy working techniques, connects popular code archives, and integrates issues with versions. Additionally, the open API interface gives you more options for flexible use. a tool with many application possibilities.

Tracup is a cloud-based solution for globalized work. Your team members can be located all around the world, Japan, the US, Europe, Australia, South Africa. No matter where you are, as long as you hold your email address and passcode, everyone should be able to visit the same materials and see others’ work right away. We give our goods’ security extra thought. To avoid catastrophes, every bit of data has been rigorously secured and backed up in several different ways. To make data more safe in the cloud, restore lost data as soon as possible. We have worked harder on the product’s specifics, continuously improved the product experience, simplified the operating method, and assured technological implementation.

This is Tracup, a tool to communicate the world; a tool to gather talent people to work on the same project; a tool that perfectly manage work efficiency, work effort, work esthetics, and work creativities!

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