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Numerous features are available in project management programs like Tracup and tools like Excel. Every free feature won’t be appropriate for every project manager.

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New views are online, more views, more choices.

We may need to use multiple views to manage matters in work scenarios, each view has different focus angles, and the perspective brought to the user changes from view to view.

Tracup has launched Table View and Calendar View.


The table view focuses on the structured display of tasks, which makes it easy to adjust the information display content, display order and width. The calendar view displays the task list in the form of a calendar, thus reflecting the time planning information of tasks.


Take employee training as an example, HR can plan and arrange the order and priority of employee training on the table through the table view, and create a training process for each department; similarly, HR can also check the training time of each employee at a glance through the calendar view, and use time as the focus to determine the schedule of each person.


Drag and drop the component navigation to line up your components

If you use Tracup, you must have your most frequently used components. Please place your pointer on the left side of the component navigation with double arrows and drag and drop to place your favorite component at the top.

Add common presets to pages and support code embedding

Sometimes, a single work scenario is no longer enough to meet our work needs, we use different tools to complete the task, Tracup‘s page component extends the user’s business beyond task management, you can simply insert the URL of the web page to use these tools without clicking out of Tracup.

This update adds many popular pre-defined pages to the page component, such as Evernote and Google Drive… Also, you can add pages to your project as embedded code for management.

Embed views allow you to bring literally anything into your workplace to save time and reduce contact, switching with in embed view you can add apps and websites alongside your tasks. And even things like edit Google sheets directly.

So let’s say we want to embed something inside a Tracup. To get started just click on the plus sign at the top of your screen and under page views, and select embed choose to embed links to YouTube videos, Google sheets, calendars and more or you can embed via URL.


Go ahead and embed HTML.

We can go ahead and just paste the link right there, and click add view. We see here it adds the view inside of Tracup.


And will allow us to go ahead and edit it straight from within Tracup. Once you’ve created an embed view, click on the ellipses next to the view. If you’d like to rename it under this ellipses menu, you can also do things like make this the default view for everyone in your workplace and make it a personal view.


We’ll also be able to see if other people are collaborating because I have this open in another tab. It is easy to go ahead and collaborate with other users inside of it.

Anytime under this start menu this will allow you to switch between different favorite views, so you can come back to that embed view at any time.

Embed views are the perfect place for content, management instructional videos or even building a product roadmap.


What if your entire business could use a single project management application for nothing?

And what if the program was available for free and was one of the best project management software tools?

Introducing What if your entire business could use a single project management application for nothing?

And what if the program was available for free and was one of the best project management software tools?

Introducing Tracup to you now!

Get Free Project Management And you desire a free offer. Possible?


Remember that, “free“ isn’t the only thing that counts.

The free project management tool you choose ought to be able to handle the task. At the same time, your whole staff needs to be able to join in and make use of its benefits without even thinking about choosing the premium plan.


The worst scenario is when you eagerly start using a new project tool only to find that it is lacking in features and usefulness, forcing you to upgrade to the solution’s expensive plan.

Why not give Tracup a shot?

Compared to the other top free project management applications we listed, it offers more free features.

If you have questions about this or any other page view, feel free to reach out to us at help at Tracup.

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