Top Loom Alternatives & Competitors For 2022

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The top Loom alternatives - video recording tool, will be discussed in this post along with their salient characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

Searching for the top Loom substitutes?

With Loom, you can record videos while simultaneously capturing your screen, camera, and microphone.

It’s like Zoom with an “L,” then.

Not exactly.


Loom is used to capture and exchange video communications with your team, whereas Zoom is used for live video meetings.

It’s a great replacement for those tedious, protracted emails and those awkward, never-ending meetings.

But does it imply Loom puts an end to all of your concerns about corporate communications?


The screen recorder has few editing options, isn’t as user-friendly as you’d want, and occasionally seems sluggish.

But it’s all right. Every tool may not be suitable for you.

Similar to how not everyone like coffee.

The top Loom alternatives will be discussed in this post along with their salient characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

You’re ready? Go!

What is Loom?

With the aid of the screen recorder Loom, you can create brief video messages that you may send to your colleagues.


You may record using the Loom Chrome extension:

  • website visits

  • software instruction

  • Interviews, courses online, and much more

This makes Loom a fantastic substitute for applications like video conferencing, instant chat, and email.

Let’s try taking off our rose-colored glasses now and look at this tool objectively.

Despite being advertised as your go-to video messaging option, Loom is far from being that.


  • You may find it challenging to navigate and make your “instant” video messages because the Loom user experience isn’t particularly intuitive.
  • You must use other applications or services due to their restricted editing capabilities to edit recorded messages.
  • The maximum duration of your Loom movie in its free edition is five minutes.

What’s next?

Loom isn’t the best video recorder you could have dreamed of.

However, there are a ton of fantastic screen recorder options, so it’s all good.

Here are some of the top Loom substitutes:

Let’s explore their key features, pros, cons, and pricing:

The best-rated project management software in the world, Tracup, has a video-capturing function called video sharing.

To increase cooperation in your workspace, Tracup is all you’ll ever need to record your computer screen in real time.

  • Essentials of the video recording
    Some of the video recording’s top qualities are listed below:
  • Screen recording
    Textual explanations of certain things can fall short.

This is especially valid if your staff works remotely.

For instance, the software training that is entirely text-based is unhelpful, time-consuming, and perplexing.

From only a text document, your remote team members will struggle to understand what is what and how things function.

As an alternative, you can communicate clearly by using a pre-recorded video. The best thing is that you don’t have to be online at the same time as your audience for it to bring a more personal touch to your messaging.

It will be as easy for your audience as watching an MKBHD YouTube video!

A screen recording program like video recording makes it very simple to capture your computer’s screen and audio. Through your Chrome or Firefox browsers, you may even capture video messages from a variety of devices.

It may serve as your go-to screen recorder for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Here’s how to use video recording to capture your screen:

  • The mouse should be placed over the Workspace applications icon.

  • The Record video recording button may be found in the applications menu.

  • Choose whether to record a Chrome or Firefox tab, an app window, or the whole screen of your computer.

  • To save your screen capture, select Stop.

  • Quickly share videos.
    Your video has been produced.

All that’s left to do is distribute it across your squad!

As soon as a video recording is finished, you can download it or quickly share a link to it. Your team will be able to see the film simply and provide suggestions for improvement.

How to share a video using video recording is as follows:

  • Select… from the top right menu.

  • Choose Copy Link.

  • Message everyone in your workspace with the link.

Tracup Price for Video Sharing

Free Plan: unlimited tasks, and members for life (video recording recordings will take up storage space).


Time To video recording Out The Loom

Yes, Loom is a platform for video communications that replaces drawn-out video conversations and emails.

The screen recorder, however, has few editing options and isn’t user-friendly.

Additionally, the platform for recording videos is somewhat constrained if you’re using the free edition.

Luckily, you can produce video content and more using some Loom substitutes, like video recording by Tracup .

Additionally, Tracup allows you to do much more than just capture the desktop of your computer.

At the workspace, you may work together with your team to develop Mind Maps, list goals, set up Automations for routine tasks, and more.

Why not download Tracup for free to solve all of your screen recording issues?

The specific procedure you need to take

we need to create an account or log in to our existing account.

we choose a workspace that we want to create or at least that we want to record the page and now we need to go to the bottom side of our screen where are this little dots.


The first one is to record a video recording straight away, you will get asked if you want to

record just the entire screen window or chrome tab you can choose from.


Click on the entire screen and click share straight away as you can see, we are recording.

What we are doing, for example, we can switch between the spaces switching between the

lists, and even going into our settings, when we click on stop recording now on the left side is video recording and processing and straight away we can copy the link.


we can open the link in a new window, for example, or share it with your work colleagues share and just start straight away as you can see.


You are also recording it with a voice.


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