A better sales assistant.

Build an efficient and clear sales process, let the sales team focus on winning customers' attention and reaching sales.

An excellent sales team cannot lack refined management.

Break Blockages And Silos

Develop clear standards and procedures to ensure that customer requests can be unimpeded at all process nodes.

Prioritize Key Issues

Mark the customer, determine the current status of the customer, and distinguish whether it is urgent or not. Real-time update status, orderly processing complicated sales affairs.

Keep Trying To Get Practice

You can easily set up a plan and execute it, and get the best practice and implement it uniformly through continuous attempts. Provides the possibility for continuous experimentation.

Solutions to enhance your sales business.

Excellent sales teams choose Tracup to ensure that customer needs are prioritized and will not be forgotten at any time.

Respond To Customer Requests

Create a most concise and effective process to respond to pre-sales support requests to ensure that urgent questions can be answered quickly and effectively.

New Customers Settled

Use automation to automatically initiate new customer establishment and ensure a smooth transition of customer relationships between sales and customer management teams.

Manage Customers

Provide excellent service and support to customers according to organizational plan. Real-time record customer follow-up and business status to feedback the true customer relationship health status.

Use Tracup to unlock new sales methods for the sales team.

Get in touch with us and start a new sales method immediately.