The new plan starts from Tracup.

Know who, when, what, and how it will develop at any time!

How to use Tracup to successfully plan events.

Create a project for the event.

In order to enable members to focus on the activity, create a designated project for the activity and add a description, so that the members have a unified understanding of the activity.

Plan anytime, anywhere.

With Tracup you can start and adjust your plan anytime, anywhere, so that everything is planned and implemented.

Set deadline.

Set deadlines for as many plans as possible, so that members can clarify these nodes, which is helpful to plan quality and quantity execution.

Relevant personnel are involved.

Invite any event person, assign tasks to the person in charge, add followers, everyone knows what needs to be done and when.

The project is clear and simple.

Set priority, type, etc. for tasks, so that members can easily understand task status and attributes, without knowing all tasks.

Track more information.

Using Tracup, you can add more information that affects activities, or even set them as tasks directly, and assign execution.

Planning team solutions.

An excellent plan requires suitable tools to support the team's planning and deployment. Use Tracup to schedule and track everything to ensure that the plan can be carried out effectively.

Control Every Detail

Know who is in charge of what, and set time nodes for important matters without missing any details.

View Details For Insight

Use the most appropriate view to understand the complete planning work, understand the plan details, and ensure that everything is carried out in an orderly manner according to the plan.

Adjust in time to make the most optimal choice.

You can adjust the plan anytime, anywhere, and communicate with the members in the plan in real time. The dynamics of the plan adjustment will be recorded for easy retrospection.

Use Tracup for new planning work.

Save time, enjoy life or chase higher requirements.