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Help you complete the entire project from planning to deployment and official launch.

Use Tracup to manage R&D work.

Clear Requests

Help every team member to clearly understand the priorities of their tasks and better control the overall progress.

Clear Process

Manage and track work progress in a standardize and unified way, ensuring responsible for each project and visibility of overall progress.

Timely Deployment

Track the whole process of technical construction to ensure each work content can be assigned to relevant person in time, which greatly saves communication costs.

Solutions For R&D Teams

The R&D team needs suitable tools to support the team’s planning and deployment, as well as providing quick and effective solutions to respond to emergencies. Use Tracup to arrange and track everything to ensure the effective progress of the project.

Processing Requests

With the “calendar” function, you can check cross-project and multi-member issues based on dates, display and process all requests in a centralized manner, and easily complete work assignment and priority. You can look at the overall situation and make reasonable arrangements and supports!

R&D Deployment

From planning to construction to deployment, Tracup helps you to manage and track every step, so that everyone knows what to do and what the next!

Test Feedback

In order to ensure the problem can be totally solved, Tracup can give real-time feedback of your problem, including confirm all details to each person, templates, versions, etc. All questions will not be ignored until the online track was finished and the problem were solved.

Listen to their experience.

In order to adapt to the current rapidly evolving society and changing needs, we need to remain agile and flexible in order to react and respond quickly to the market. Tracup provides processes and structures that can help the team perform all of this.

Da Fei

E-Commerce Technology Team Leader

The work progress status can be seen intuitively, and the progress of the task can also be updated conveniently, which is very helpful for grasping the progress of the project and making adjustments.

Lei Zhang


Colleagues in the department can collaborate on it instead of switching tools back and forth, which is much more efficient. In addition, the wiki supports multi-person online collaboration, which saves us the trouble of editing Word and transferring documents!



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