How To Get Work Done Faster And Improve Efficiency



How to improve work efficiency and reduce task switching?

Have you ever had this kind of trouble? When you are at work, or at the end of the day, you are tired and exhausted, but actually you do nothing at all. If you do have this kind of trouble, I will use Tracup to help you solve it.

Today we will talk about how to reduce task switching and improve work efficiency. The most common cause is that time is divided into pieces. We had to switch between different platforms and keep switching. This will continue to deplete our concentration and emotions.

At this time, we need to set a short focus time and do only one thing. Set a 25-minute deep working time, or a little shorter. Temporarily block your phone and email and go all out to do something. If you can maintain 3-4 short concentration periods in the morning, Then, there will be a considerable improvement in work efficiency.

The second is to split complex tasks and visualize the progress of work. Visual feedback can also help boost morale and enhance the sense of accomplishment of the work. Simple tasks by ticking in the list Complex tasks often take a while to complete. At this time, in addition to the Gantt chart, we can list the current projects through a piece of paper, and visualize the progress of complex work with the proportion of progress bars or pie charts. At the end of the day’s work, summarize your progress today compared with the past, and recognize your efforts and achievements,

The third is to plan for tomorrow’s work in advance, reserve blank time, prioritize the things that have not been done today, and try to set aside free time for emergencies. If it goes well, spend your free time innovating and planning, reflecting on what has already been done and what else can be improved. Instead of adding additional tasks immediately. To improve work efficiency, first of all, to improve the quality of output per unit of time, followed by quantity and finally to work hours. Maintaining work enthusiasm and emotional stability by reducing switching between tasks is key to improving work efficiency. The above is the most effective way to improve work efficiency, choosing a favorable tool for more efficient work is also a top priority. Today I would like to share with you a collaborative project management tool that I use. Tracup is a team collaboration platform that enables quick project creation in a variety ways and intuitive monitoring of projects, making it easy to get started in one minute! You only need one account to manage projects at the same time, both what you create and what you participate in. Not only the three points mentioned above it can be satisfied, but the statistics, dynamics, members and problems of the project can be seen. If you are interested, you can try it today!

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